Jackie Chan Doesn’t Know When Jaycee Chan Will Be Released from Prison

Jackie Chan (成龍) visited the Salvation Army yesterday to distribute down jackets for the elderly. Currently busy with the Southeast Asian promotions for his new action film Dragon Blade <天將雄獅>, which also costars John Cusack, Adrien Brody, and Choi Siwon (崔始源), Jackie has been working on overdrive with barely enough time to sleep in the last few weeks. He disclosed that he will be spending Lunar New Year in Mainland China, promoting the film.

With Valentine’s Day in one week, Jackie was asked if he had prepared anything for his wife, Joan Lin (林鳳嬌). Jackie laughed and said, “No. If I give her a present this year, I’m going to have to give her one every year. We should treat every single day as our Valentine’s Day and birthday.”

Jackie’s son Jaycee Chan (房祖名), who was sentenced to six months in prison for marijuana, will be released in one week. Asked if Jackie will go to Beijing to pick up his son when the time comes, Jackie shook his head and said, “No, I won’t. I don’t even know when he’s going to be released. [The media] knows more about it than I do. I didn’t even go visit him.”

Jackie said Jaycee is a grown man and he should learn how to handle everything on his own, “I don’t want him to live in my shadows,” he said.

Asked how long it has been since he last saw Jaycee, Jackie said, “Sometimes we wouldn’t see each other for two years! Honestly, I am very relieved. [Prison] has matured him a lot, and I hope when he comes out, he’ll know how to face his future. I will not speak for him, but Joan and I will always be there to be his backup.”

As to whether a press conference will be held for his son’s release, Jackie said, “I want [Jaycee] to decide for himself.”

Showing clips of Jaycee in court, reporters remarked that Jaycee has been looking more handsome than before. Jackie then said, “Then he should stay [in jail] longer, punish him some more!”

Jaycee will be released before the Lunar New Year, in time to spend the holiday with his family, but Jackie said he will not be around, as he has to work on his new film.

Source: On.cc
This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. (1) He’s either just pretending and playing alongso the Jaycee can get a peaceful, media-free release to spend time with the family.

    (2) Or he’s really mad and outraged that his son brought what he deems as ‘disgrace’ upon him (anti drug ambassador) and the family, and this is
    his traditional way of dealing with it.

    Jackie Chan was just conferred ‘Datuk’ title in Malaysia. These things are meaningless, really. Everyone gets one eventually.

  2. How can u back him up and be there for him when u don’t even show up once after your son in in jail?
    Your son is relying on media in order to hear from you on how you think of him.
    You as a parent need to approach to your child regardless of the age and speak to him directly so he can feel you still do care for him.

    YOU always complained about busy with your job etc.
    Money can’t buy love or family. When time is gone..it’s gone!
    You such mean to your family!!!!

  3. Jackie is right that Jaycee should grow up, handle his own problems and stop living in daddy’s shadows!

    What has Jaycee accomplished? He is a total failure compared to his successful dad.

  4. Seems that Jackie not only does not know when Jaycee will be released, but he also seems not to know that Jaycee exists. I feel sorry for Jaycee now. Drugs was wrong, but he has gotten his punishment already. Yet both his parents shun him like a disease!

    1. Maybe he is just following the HongKong saying Pong Lei Mou Pong Chan.

  5. more like communication breakdown. one need sit down, talk over cuppa, foster close relationship. relationship don’t exist by just knowing a father exist but no physical contact, no words (Jackie said they don’t meet 2 years and it’s normal). Jackie even seem proud talking about it. It’s always whatever Jackie say, do, he’s always right, righteous. Doesn’t care about others feelings.

    Which busy businessman act like him, not even multi-billionaire Facebook CEO (who even have time learn Mandarin), Apple CEO (outrageous profit ever iphone6, iphone6+)?

    Jackie talk like he’s busiest man on earth, can’t even fly back have CNY reunion dinner in his own private jet.

    If it’s beautiful, young starlet, he’ll have time, any day. If his son is a daughter who has voice pitch like Lin Chi-ling, maybe Jackie spare some time.

    Poor Jaycee, just accept fact, no matter what happen, nothing can change man like Jackie. Staunch womaniser think, act differently from normal dad, in normal happy family.

    Jaycee need be like Nicholas Tse, find his own love, build his own family, lead new life, like the way he wanted. Hoping his father will change one bit is impossible. Better for Jaycee to change himself. Faster effect.

  6. He doesnt need to live in your shadows, very true but jackie he needs to live in your love. I nominate you father of the decade for showing all fathers how fathers shouldnt be. At least hes honest.

    1. he may never have taste the love from his dad that should be but jayce is 32 now and the time for papie love is over. intead he should learn how to survive on his own and show to his father that he can be succesful even without his love.

  7. Jackie, please go watch Korea KBS The Return of Superman. Those newbie dads are marvellous, they hands-on, really do their best for their own flesh and blood children. Kudos.

    Any new, to-be parents can learn a lot from the new fathers? Nothing is too much, no time, thinking kids can grow up on their own.


  8. He is the way he is. Don’t think he will change. I dont think he should be blame for what happen to his son. I see lots of irresponsible dad but their Son and daughter turn out successful. In Jaycee case is his own doing, he is 32, he doesn’t need father love anymore, most men by this age already a father themselves. It is all come down to one’s personality. Some like to complain and think whole world owed them. Just my 2 cents.

  9. Jackie is such a BIG hypocrite, BIG TIME womanizer, BIG TIME stingy *******. Any good he is doing, past, present & future, it’s just for the general public perception of him. Seriously, this guy is a failure as a husband and a father. I felt sorry for his wife and son plus that daughter too….

  10. If I were in jail , I would love to have my family to give a visit to me ,showing me they will support me to mend my mistake & still love me even the whole is against me ,no matter how old I am

  11. Well Jackie it’s time to find out when he is released then.

  12. I support Jackie Chan’s decision and action. He wanted his son to learn and repent. As he
    Jaycee has to know the deep meaning of “Once bitten twice shy”.

  13. What the heck does he know about his son? He didn’t know which school Jaycee attended or anything. He will fail a sudden quiz about his family because he rarely gave them enough time or attention. I would hate him if he was my father

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