Jackie Chan: “Jaycee Should Go to Prison Every Year”

After serving six months in prison for marijuana possession, Jaycee Chan (房祖名) transformed into a better man. Apologizing for his wrongdoings, Jaycee also amended his relationship with father Jackie Chan (成龍). While Jackie is not used to Jaycee’s improved behavior, the family is slowly starting to become whole again.

Father and Son Bond

Known as a strict father figure, Jackie’s busy schedule allowed little to no communication with his son over the last decade. Jackie reminisced the first time the family had dinner together after Jaycee’s release from prison, “When we were eating dinner, we didn’t have much to talk about but it felt very warm. We haven’t been like this for a long time! It was a little awkward and difficult to describe, but I asked him about his imprisonment. He said he spent time with several people and it was very cold there. However, in those six months, he didn’t hold a grudge. He even said, ‘Dad, now I have more experience than you. If you anything happens in the future, come to me!’

“I also noticed that my wife kept looking at our expressions, and serving tea and food while we chatted. She kept smiling. We kept talking and without knowing it – it was already morning.”

Jackie: “Jaycee Should Go to Jail Every Six Months”

Recalling Jaycee’s rebellious behavior before his imprisonment, Jackie said he is still not used to his son’s transformation. Jaycee now helps his mother cook and clean, and spends more time communicating with Jackie. Hoping Jaycee’s personality will remain like this from now on, Jackie joked, “I told him – why don’t you go back to prison every year for six months!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Is he out of his mind?! Since he’s so rich he could afford to build a prison and send his son to the jail every year.

  2. maybe its good idea that father and son go together in prison every six month,so that jaycee may feels the fatherly love he never felt.

    1. yup…father and son should be imprisoned together…this way, they can develop a bond.

  3. “I told him – why don’t you go back to prison every year for six months!”

    don’t encourage him, Jackie lol.

    It’s good to see it made him sit up though. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t mess up again.

    1. Next minute you know, his son goes back to jail, then jackie would wish he could eat his words back.

      1. so true. Seriously though Jackie can come off really harsh sometimes.

  4. Jackie is the most insensitive father. Yes, Jaycee may be ‘rebellious’ in whatever behaviour (which we may not be clear about…..perhaps not holding down a permanent job could be one, etc) but he still has a good heart, hasn’t really created havoc or harm anyone and he cares about his parents. Whereas as a father, Jackie has failed in many areas….he worked very hard to establish his career and earned tons of money , made so many friends in/out of the industry and am sure communicates much more with his stuntmen than he does with his son.

    For whatever reasons that Joan chose to live in Taiwan, Jackie even admitted to spending very little or no time with Jaycee during Jaycee’s childhood, etc. In a nutshell, Jaycee was ”neglected’. And with a father who’s movie career is bigger than life itself, Jaycee can’t be blamed if he felt pressured especially when Jackie was never quite there to guide him.

    Jackie….YOU need to spend time reflecting and making up those lost years with Jaycee.

    1. Actually, he spends more time making his way into the pants of actresses instead.

      1. @ Jasmine7 & Rika – Very well said!

        “Jackie’s busy schedule allowed little to no communication with his son over the last decade.”

        Why? Was he in a prison in China too? Jackie Chan is a joke using any excuse to not be seen as a bad guy.

        Sammo Hung works just as hard as Jackie Chan and yet look at his children?

    2. Everyone knows how Jackie was sent to the opera school for almost 10yrs and yes, he did cop some hard times….but so did Sammo, Yuen Biao and the rest of the gang.

      I think Jackie expects Jaycee to find his own way, create his own career just like what Jackie did himself . But times have changed Mr Chan…..you’ve already missed out your son’s childhood. Do not miss out anymore of family life…….you don’t need more money or more recognition in Hollywood.

  5. What a horrible father!!! His son has to go to jail to finally get some attention.

  6. Jackie Chan should learn to be a better father.

  7. Instead of accepting it is his responsibility as a Father who clearly failed to raise and support his son. He pushes all responsibility onto his own son for his behaviour. If Jackie Chan had spent less time sleeping and catching after young actresses and spend more time with his wife and son, this will not happen. Jackie Chan should be take a trip to Jail to reflect on himself now!!

    1. Oh please girl. You act like you haven’t done any stupid in your life. Stop finding faults on others and reflect on yourself.

  8. Lol. He should really keep his mouth shut….. no wonder his managers quit and gave up on him….

  9. What the heeeeeccckkk did I just read??!! Even a stranger would know how to give better words of support and proper encouragement. To hear your very own father telling you that you should go back to jail every year… What the ?!! Don’t care if he said it out of his own fatherly ways of showing love or support or said it as a joke, that’s just real messed up. No jackie, why don’t you go to jail with him every year then to show your son what real parental support looks and feels like.

  10. As I had said in earlier posts, Jackie Chan has lost all credibility. No one believes a single word he says and very soon no one will even bother with anything he says. He’s simply trash.

  11. Clearly a case of more money than sense. Yes his son needs to own up to his problems, but Jackie needs to take his head out of his backside. All the evidence suggests he is a terrible father that doesn’t take the effort to actually fulfill his parental duties. Who the hell wishes their son to go to jail? Its not even something that should be joked about. He obviously outsourced his responsibilities as a father long ago.

    He reminds me of some parents who shove their kids in private schools and then expect the school to raise the kid for them, but then also have the hide to ask why the school is’t dealing with it if the kid stuffs up

  12. Jackie should just shut his mouth for the time being .

  13. Uncle Jackie no matter what other critics and said bad things about you, don’t give up. You’re still the best father for a good son!

  14. Its never to late then to be sorry I do hope Jackie realize family matters more then anything!!! Sometimes I guest ppl forget to cherish the things around them and when they figure it out its too..too late…

  15. What kind of father would say that? Jackie Chan: “Jaycee Should Go to Prison Every Year”. Jackie Chan is a terrible father.

    1. Agree. A father like him, who needs it. What does he expect? He was hardly ever in his son’s life. Even through Jaycee did a bad thing, I still feel sorry for him for having Jacky for a father.

  16. An idiot who speaks without filtering. He should have used more positive phrases as encouragement. You should go to jail every 6 months, jackie

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