Janet Chow and Timmy Hung’s Baby Boy Arrives!

After releasing exuberantly blissful maternity photos last week, Janet Chow (周家蔚) and Timmy Hung’s (洪天明) baby boy, TJ, arrived on January 28, 2013! The baby weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces and resembles grandpa, Sammo Hung (洪金寶), who proudly said, “I’m so handsome; it’s great that the baby resembles me.”

On Monday morning, Sammo, Timmy’s mother, and Janet’s mother accompanied the expectant parents to St. Teresa’s Hospital. Janet dressed warmly to avoid the chills and appeared to be calm despite the big moment ahead.

Janet Chow babyA Cesarean section was performed and when Timmy heard his son’s first shrill cry, he held back his tears. “It sounded like a goose calling in the park. Parents will understand my feelings,” Timmy said. Since Timmy had a slight cough, only Janet kissed TJ in the delivery room. The hospital staff snapped a photo of the happy family together.

Sammo was extremely happy to meet his grandson, laughing that he is willing to give him his life. Sammo had already given everything to Timmy, who will now have to pass it on to his son. Sammo also praised Janet for her strength. The baby’s name will be decided by Sammo and Timmy.

Janet and Timmy knew ahead of time that they were expecting a boy. Earlier sonograms had revealed that the boy’s genitals were very large, in which good friend, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) joked, “Be careful that he may be a black boy!” Fortunately, the baby was born with creamy white skin.

Timmy said, “The baby is very healthy; I’m very grateful.”

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. Congratulations! Baby does look like Grandpa! Such happy photos!

  2. The mom looks so unbelievably pretty after birth?? hahahaa…some looks very very tired and not their best but she looks awesome up there. wow, TJ interesting name, from both parents names i suppose but i wonder what the TJ stands for? I know someone who is Thomas Jones which is so typically boring hahaha….

    1. I believe from the past news that TJ stood for Timmy and Janet. It’s cute 🙂

    2. Lol, that’s because she had a scheduled C-section. She’s in and out in less than 30 minutes. Women that have to go through hours of labor will not look their best.

      1. LOL I laughed even harder at “fortunately, the baby had creamy white skin”… LOOOOOL

      1. Pandamao,
        Not sure how Timmy and Kevin became friends. Timmy is a very social guy and has a lot of friends at TVB, so it is not surprising that Kevin is one of them.

      2. Not sure when they started being friends but they were both in the series “home troopers”. Timmy played the athletics teacher who liked Mandy wong, Kevin’s younger sister.

    1. I cracked up at Kevin’s comments too… he is really funny but does not sound like Kevin since he is usually very shy. It seems like he is more open now which is good…

      Congrats to Timmy and Janet. Yea, their baby does look like grandpa Sammo…

  3. Janet looks very beautiful! I’m assuming she has no make up on since she just had a surgery/c-sec

  4. I’m always surprised when celebrities are willing to pose for pictures right after they give birth, or without makeup while still in the hospital.

  5. Congratulations to Timmy and Janet, the proud parents of TJ. I think the reason for the initials is original and cute, very nice. TJ seems to have strong, definite features like his grandpa.

  6. congratulations to Timmy and Janet….the baby boy looks like grandpa, btw TJ name same as my son name 🙂

  7. All newborn babies look alike ……. with eyes closed.

    Congratulations, Janet and Timmy.

  8. Congratulations to Timmy and Janet, well done. This baby boy is indeed very lucky to be the grandson of legendary Sammo.

    Although Timmy commented that he had a ‘tough’ childhood right into his teens (spending much time in studios, learning martial arts from instructors, etc), he should remember that’s when Sammo (together with JC & YB) were carving names for themselves through their movies, stunts, action choreography…many of these are now classics. There’s always sacrifices to be made but luckily Sammo is still a family man and his relationships with his sons have always been good. Timmy should feel so lucky as he has a chance to learn first class martial arts and I’m sure has many famous kf actors/actresses as ‘uncles and aunties’ {in a respective manner} 🙂

    This baby should grow up learning Wing Chun too and who better to teach than Grandpa cum GrandMaster Sammo **

  9. Grandparents always try to see some resemblance in the grandchildren. It’s pretty funny to say it about a newborn because a child’s face is going to change while growing up.

  10. Omg congrats to Janet and Timmy!! Im so happy for them. Perfect family.

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