Janice Man and Zhang Ming-en’s “Nice to Meet You”

Sister production to 2017’s Because of You <因为遇见你>, Chinese TV drama Nice to Meet You <只为遇见你> follows the journey of a young and established jewelry designer who has to choose between his family and his dreams. Directed by Wong Tsz-ming (王子鳴) and Huang Tien-jen (黃天仁), the drama stars Janice Man (文詠珊), Zhang Ming-en (张铭恩), Shawn Wei (魏千翔), Melody Tang (汤梦佳), and Ji Xiaobing (季肖冰).

With the dream of being a jewelry designer, college graduate Gao Jie (Janice Man) takes up an internship in South America to observe a mining factory. When she returns home, she takes up a job at Sheng Feng, a premier company that specializes in making traditional Chinese jewelry. With the public’s increasing interest on western style jewelry, Sheng Feng is faced with the prospect of losing business. To stay competitive, Sheng Feng’s heir Yu Zhi (Zhang Ming-en) breaks company tradition by setting up a team devoted to creating western jewelry. Through working at Sheng Feng, Gao Jie learns to appreciate the beauty of traditional jewelry, and proposes to the company of creating new pieces that fuses eastern and western influences.

Gao Jie and Yu Zhi had been lovers, but because Gao Jie’s second aunt is Yu Zhi’s stepmother, they had to separate for the sake of their families. When his stepmother becomes chairman and eventually takes over Shengfeng, Yu Zhi and Gao Jie are faced with not only roadblocks in love, but also in their careers.

Nice to Meet You premiered on Hunan TV on March 10, 2019.

Source: Qianlong

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