Janine Chang’s Father Defends Her Moral Character

Janine Chang (張鈞甯) and Roy Chiu’s (邱澤) rumored romance received little support because of Roy’s previous cheating rumors. Even before speculations about whether Janine is truly dating Roy subsided, she was said to have been secretly seeing a wealthy business executive.

Janine is allegedly being pursued by Charles, a lingerie company executive who offered the actress a spokesperson contract worth 7 million Chinese yuan. According to the reports, Janine sent Charles hand-written cards, requested to have dinner at high-end restaurants, and asked for expensive gifts.

Highly offended by the claims which painted her as a materialistic social climber, Janine clarified on social media. She wrote, “Mr. Charles and I only have a work-related relationship. I have not received any gifts, nor did he have dinner at expensive restaurants with my family. I have not gone home with him, and we have not done anything that’s considered intimate. The card that the reporters found was a card that I sent to all my working partners last year. I feel extremely misunderstood and upset that they could use this to make up false allegations.”

Coming to her defense was director Chen Weiling (陳慧翎), who previously worked with Janine on movie, A Minute More <只要一分鐘>. Calling out the media for crossing the line, Chen Weiling revealed that she has also previously received a personal card from Janine.

Janine’s father, Zhang Zhiming (張志銘), who previously served as a professor at National Taiwan University, was also unable to stay quiet. Having complete trust in Janine’s moral character, Zhang Zhiming stressed that his family didn’t go to expensive restaurants or receive nice presents.

Source: Yahoo HK

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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