Janine Chang and Ella Chen Reveal Their Dieting Secrets

Even celebrities who have the most amazing physiques and flawless skin cannot escape the effects of a high definition camera, which magnifies their every pore and adds on weight to their appearance. As a result, many artistes go through intense diets to look their best on-screen. However, S.H.E member Ella Chen (陳嘉樺) and Janine Chang (張鈞甯) have figured out a way to lose weight without sacrificing their three daily meals!

Ella’s White Rice Method

When people think of dieting, they immediately assume that it is time to bid white rice a farewell. However, Ella does the opposite, making white rice a must in her meals. She usually eats it with veggies and some form of protein like chicken, pork, or fish.

In the past, Ella has tried eating salads and chicken breasts to lose weight, but her hands and feet would get cold easily, and she noticed that she would get bloated and develop skin allergies. Her Chinese medicine practitioner advised her to eat more white rice as a result. In the morning, she would prepare two rice balls with tuna and fish roe, one for breakfast and one for lunch. As for dinner, she loves to have rice with meat and veggies. Not only has this method helped her lose weight, but she is also a lot healthier.

Staying Hydrated

Aside from healthy eating, Ella also makes an effort to stay hydrated, which helps accelerate her metabolism. While she drinks around 2 liters of water each day, there is a formula to calculate how much water a person should consume daily. In the wintertime, one’s water intake should be their weight in kilograms multiplied by 30 milliliters. During the summer, the amount of water one should drink is calculated by their weight in kilograms multiplied by 40 milliliters.

Cutting Out Sweets and Cold Drinks

Though eating white rice and drinking water sound like fairly easy methods for losing weight, Ella has a few more rules that she follows. As with all diets, sacrifices need to be made to achieve great results, and for Ella, that means no sweets and cold drinks. She tries to eat fruits before 4 p.m. since they are high in sugar and considered “cooling.” At 5:30 p.m., Ella eats her last meal for the day, which is only a small portion of rice accompanied by “non-cooling” vegetables and meat.

Janine’s Inverted Triangle Method for Weight Loss

Likewise, Janine’s inverted triangle method for weight loss also involves having a small meal for dinner. The inverted triangle method simply means that she will eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch, and a pauper for dinner.

Her usual breakfast consists of rice with meat and boiled veggies, a sugar-free fruit yogurt with nuts, and a cup of black coffee. As for her lunch, she usually eats grilled fish and green vegetables with a small amount of starch. For dinner, she does not have a fixed meal plan, but she doesn’t usually eat a lot for her last meal.

A Fresh Fruit Juice Each Day

Aside from Janine’s inverted triangle diet, she also avoids consuming “cooling food” and instead chooses to make fresh fruit juice each day to supplement her nutrition. She will sometimes add in yeast powder to maintain her intestinal health. Janine also loves to have red bean and lotus seed porridge with goji berries and red dates, making this the ultimate healthy dish. In addition to her diet, Janine is also a big lover of sports, hence her slim physique and beautiful skin.

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This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com

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  1. everybody’s got their own way to stay slim. there are many roads to Rome. whatever that works will work. some ways work for others while other won’t. body adapts so always do something different.

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      A lot of it is genetics too. I have an aunt that had 5 kids, eats a lot and rarely exercises but she is still thin and has always been thin. She is in her 60s too.

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