Ella Chen Shares Bits of Her Domestic Life

By on April 10, 2020 in NEWS

Ella Chen Shares Bits of Her Domestic Life

With everything that’s been going on because of the coronavirus pandemic, S.H.E’s Ella is keeping everyone sane by providing high quality stay-at-home content.

The 38-year-old recently shared a series of home photos on social media, giving everyone a glimpse of her domestic life while she is staying quarantined at home. “Behave and work!” she wrote. “I’ll be on my 400th cup of coffee, and will continue to play Animal Crossing.”

In the photos, Ella is chilling on the floor of her couch as she plays with her Nintendo Switch. Beside her are her pet Shiba Inu, Pudding, and a cup of dalgona coffee. She’s definitely living the Instagram life!

Ella married her husband, Alvin Lai from Malaysia, in 2016. Their son was born in April 2017.

Source: 163.com

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      Friendly note: 400次咖啡 actually translates to the viral “Dalgona coffee” not the 400th coffee 😉

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