Ella Chen Admits Throwing Tantrums at Husband

When Ella Chen (陳嘉樺) left her record label HIM International Music Inc. after 17 years, The S.H.E. star left the management of her career in the hands of her husband Alvin Lai (賴斯翔). Integrating her work and personal life together, Ella found it difficult to draw boundaries and often found herself in arguments with Alvin.

When Ella and Alvin married in 2012, the public often gossiped how Ella was the breadwinner in the family and estimated that her annual income was 40 times more than Alvin’s income. Ella realized that Alvin always knew it would be tough to marry a celebrity, “I have a lot of heartaches for him. I felt that he was very brave to marry a celebrity. He knew when he got married that he will forever be known as ‘Ella’s husband.’ Initially, he could accept it, but when public opinion and criticism sprang up, he couldn’t hold it. He told me he knew there was going to be pressure, but he didn’t know it would be so stressful.”

Now that the two became working partners, Ella said that conflicts occurred more frequently and communications became more important. Thankfully Ella felt that she and her husband complement each other: whereas Ella is the impulsive and brave type, Alvin is the calm and thoughtful type.  Ella was honest and admitted she took her husband for granted.

Because Ella has a temper and her husband is the closest person in her life, she often vented her negative emotions on him and used him as an emotional punching bag. The host couldn’t help but suggested that Ella stop doing that to her husband. Ella agreed that she had reflected on her actions and added, “That’s why I’m treating him super well recently. “The whole room burst out in laughter, including Alvin who was watching in the audience.

Getting more emotional throughout the show, Ella spoke lovingly to her husband and said, “I don’t care for anything else but you.” Ella admitted that she had acted poorly and made her husband suffer psychologically and physically because she was not as thoughtful.  In addition, Ella felt that her husband’s health is suffering because they had been so busy and he didn’t have time to exercise. With tears, Ella said, “As his beloved, I shouldn’t give him my worst attitude.”

Sources: hket, On.cc

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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