Untouched Photos of Celebrities Show Their Flaws

Celebrities like to thank their team of stylists when it comes to looking picture perfect, but in the modern world of 2018, a lot of their perfect smiles are all thanks to professional photo editors. Here are some untouched photos of celebrities that couldn’t get their flaws covered.

Cheng Xiao (程瀟) — at only 19 years old, the Cosmic Girls (宇宙少女) member has good skin, but in this photo, the thick makeup is apparent.

Nana Ou-yang (歐陽娜娜) — niece of legendary Taiwanese pop singer Feifei Ou-yang (歐陽菲菲), Nana is only 17 years old. This untouched photo shows that Nana truly has that youthful, flawless skin!

Laure Shang (尚雯婕) — the talented Chinese singer-songwriter is definitely showing her age in this untouched photo.

Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) — the Taiwanese pop diva is so skinny that she’s starting to have sunken cheeks.

Hebe Tien (田馥甄) — we don’t know if it’s the strange mic position or the strange angle, but the S.H.E member definitely looks a lot shorter than we think she is.

Zhou Bichang (周筆暢) — Bibi’s face is much bigger compared to her touched-up photos.

G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) — the youthful Hong Kong singer looks like she’s reaching 30 in this untouched photo.

Source: Sina.com.cn

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Some of these are kind of unfair comparisons.

    For example, I think GEM looks more mature in the photos because that’s how she wants to be presented. She wants to look older so she can be taken seriously.

    Everyone know Hebe is short. There’s no masking that.

    Jolin’s cheeks in here do not look sunken; it even looks like it’s just the shadow from her hair/makeup.

    I don’t even know who Cheng Xiao is, but since they brought her up – ok, the makeup does look a little thick, but that could be the effect of the makeup and not necessarily because she wore like 9 layers of foundation. I’m sure all of us ladies at some point have worn poor foundation choices that seem to put a mask over us even when we only apply one layer.

    The only one that’s possibly unnerving is the photo of Laure Shang, but that’s because she’s ghastly white and in stark contrast to her hair.

    1. @m0m0 I updated the photos to zoom in more on the flaws. It was hard to seem them before if you didn’t click to enlarge the photos.

      I was most shocked by Cheng Xiao’s photo. In “Idol Producer”, she looked like she had a flawless, porcelain complexion. But in this photo, her skin is not good and she wore too much foundation.

      1. @jayne good thing you update the photos because when I first read it I couldn’t get the article lol! So some of the sentence were sarcasm lol

      2. @jayne
        now i can see better but w/ these super high pixel and clarity camera, it’s a ton of pressure to look perfect all the time. even for someone with perfect skin to start out w/, after a while with makeup on, days and nights, it will eventually deterioriate their skin. my friend had a make-up artist aunt years back for korean pop artists, the aunt said they have beautiful features but they all have bad skin.

      3. @m0m0
        You said just what my late parents told me for many years. Make up ruins your skin if you wear it everyday but most do not believe me since they wear make up all the time.

  2. So many snarky comments on their ‘flaws’. no wonder females feel insecure and pressured to have plastic surgery.

  3. Why do we make such big deal about “flaws”? Celebs are human like us. Go up close to a se xy girl dowm your block, they’ll have as thick foundation and many bumps as these celebs.

    @jayne Are you gonna post one on men too? Surely they’re not as hunky nor flawless just like these women.

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