G.E.M.’s Financial Success

Though 28-year-old G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) has only been in the industry for 11 years, she has attained great popularity across the Greater China Region and many Asian countries. According to the 2015 Forbes China Celebrity 100 list, G.E.M. was ranked 11th and her annual income was close to $70 million Hong Kong dollars. Since then, it was projected G.E.M. earned HK$200 million in the following three years.

Working 11 years in the industry, G.E.M. was under Hummingbird Music Limited and managed by her agent, Tan Cheung (張丹). However due to disputes in which G.E.M. claimed that the company had violated her contractual rights on numerous occasions, she chose to end her contract early last year. As both sides could not reach an agreement, the case was brought to court. G.E.M. said, “I believe in justice, so I will face this problem with courage.”

Despite encountering legal headaches after her relationship with Hummingbird Music soured, G.E.M. now has greater creative freedom in her career. Her latest album City Zoo <摩天動物園>, which was produced by G.E.M. and Terence Ma, received critical acclaim and was considered to be a breakthrough in her music direction.

With her financial success, G.E.M. owns two luxury homes in the Tseun Wan area. Her 2000-square-foot home, which was purchased in 2013, is now estimated to be worth HK$23 million. In 2018, G.E.M. bought another property in the Tseun Wan area for HK$22 million, and there were rumors that this property will be G.E.M. and her boyfriend Mark Ngai’s future love nest.  

Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Ever since she debuted, I thought she was an amazing singer. Her career was murky at one point because of all her negative rumors. I was scared for her because her voice was really amazing and it sucked that her market in HK was drying up. Thank God she took her career to the mainland.

    Similar good singers like Jade Kwan, Janice Vidal, Ella Koon have seen their careers fade in HK market. But IMO, they had so much potential for more.

    1. @coralie Her bad press was due to the manager’s competence. With talent like her she deserves a market as big as China.

      Jade n Ella are now focused on their families, though I would love for them to make a comeback. They deserve much more recognition.

      1. @bubbles23 true, but even before families, Ella and Jade weren’t promoted very much. Their popularity and talent was suppressed by the media or maybe MGMT company. They deserve to hit it big somewhere, too.

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