S.H.E. Bonded By Living Together on a Shoestring Budget

After two months of living together, the members of S.H.E. are finally done with their projects onhand and had their dose of team spirit building.

The first night at the luxury apartment, Ella said she was not used to it, and like Hebe, she had problems sleeping the first couple of night. The optimistic Selina, however, benefited from the living arrangement. Selina was suffering from insomnia the past year, but during her time at the apartment, Selina spent much of her time chatting with Hebe and Ella. The tiring busy work schedule also helped her regain sleep. Selina’s insomnia eventually disappeared and she enjoyed night after night of good sleep.

Ella is Becoming Selina?

After many years with S.H.E, fans have witnessed the trio mature. They are still living up to their squeaky clean images, especially Ella, who has become more graceful and feminine after she got married. Rumor has it that nowadays Ella and Selina’s habits became so similar, that during their time living together, they almost wore each other’s undergarments by mistake.

Living on a Tiny Budget

When they began their career, the Ella, Selina, and Hebe shared a mini-apartment that cost approximately $10,000 TWD a month to rent. This time around, the three spent over 10 times more, or $100,000 TWD a month for a luxury apartment with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Not only have they matured, their living habits and behaviors also become more sophisticated and extravagant.

Eleven years ago, the three were still in early twenties and left their homes for the first time. Their apartment, or dormitory, was a huge mess, and their daily lives were nothing but chaotic. Hebe joked, “Back then our agency found us a makeup artist to teach us how to put on makeup. None of us knew how to do eyeliners or put on fake lashes, but we didn’t want to waste our company’s money on extra lessons, so we practiced at night after work. After we ‘colored’ our faces, we critiqued each other’s makeup. Every time I think about the poor job we did, I just crack up.”

Hebe also mentioned that when they first started, they lived on a tiny budget. Hebe disclosed, “The three of us had to share a bottle of body lotion. After showering, we only applied tiny drops of lotion. The bottle lasted us for about 3 months! Talk about how money-saving savvy we were!”

Source: Sohu.com

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    1. hahaa do u mean Ella? she is certainly not a looker but surprisingly she has the most taiwan series, dont know HTH that happens but she gets more series deals than the other 2.

      1. I think Ella looks the least attractive compared to the other 2. However, it is more than looks and I bet she has a lot more than looks which is why she gets more series deals than the other 2. It is so touching to see such sweet friendship in the circle and even in real life… True friendship is so hard to find these days…

      2. maybe it’s connection, ella knows how to sell herself better than the other two, her manager doing a lot of work.. but those three don’t look like super stars at all haha especially with thosefiery mops on their heads

      3. maybe it’s connection, ella knows how to sell herself better than the other two, her manager doing a lot of work.. but those three don’t look like superstars at all haha, especially with those fiery mops on their heads

      4. don’t know why the taiwanese like to follow the japanese in fashion, anyhow went to japan this year, not many ppl dye their hair, mostly black and natural colored hair

    2. Haha, that’s just a bad picture of Ella. But it’s probably true that short hair suits her more.

  1. I just noticed the stupid $ sign and TWD used simultaneously again!

      1. The name is Taiwan, New Dollar but officially shortened to TWD. TW$ can also be used especially as a prefix to the monetary value. eg TW$1,000. Otherwise use TWD 1,000 or 1,000 TWD.

        Not $1,000 in TWD

  2. wow, no cat fights between them while they were staying together? they must be hiding something? no?

    1. Even if they did have cat fights, they are not going to talk about it…

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