Selina Jen Shares Pregnancy Journey After Healing from Burn Injuries

Selina Jen (任家萱) appeared on the cover of magazine Mombaby for the first time since announcing her pregnancy with her boyfriend Xiao Xu (小徐). In her interview, Selina shared how she recovered from her traumatic burn accident and transition to motherhood.

At the height of Selina’s career, the singer had a fire accident while filming and burned over 54 percent of her body.  Despite the injuries, Selina found courage to stand back up and even ran a few marathons. With a mature outlook to her life, Selina explained, “There is no blueprint for happiness and there isn’t just one version of life.”

With her laidback outlook, Selina also shared her pregnancy journey, “When I met Xiao Xu, I had a sort of stable feeling. I started thinking, ‘Is it possible for me to be a mother?’ When I’m with him, I can really imagine what it is like to start a family with him. He would be a very reliable partner.”

A Tougher Pregnancy than Most Women

Selina experienced many uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms and shared, “I haven’t been comfortable. Hormones made many changes to my body. There were all kinds of gastrointestinal discomfort and flatulence. It didn’t seem to stop. People say that the first three months will be entering the stable stage but I have always been in an uncomfortable state. After I became pregnant, it was like having a dog’s nose, and my sense of smell and taste became very sensitive.”

However, as Selina sustained traumatic injuries from her accident, pregnancy was not easy. Selina’s fingertips inexplicably grew cold sores and she got hives for the first time due to her insomnia and anxiety over diabetes tests. Due to her burns, Selina’s metabolism is worse than the average pregnant woman and her thighs swelled up significantly.

In spite of uncomfortable body changes, Selina soldiered on and treated her discomfort as a daily routine. Selina explained, “Many mothers do the same, but it’s good to know how to soothe yourself and feel better.”

Selina couldn’t help but praise her boyfriend as a reliable teammate who helped dispel her anxiety. Selina said, “There is anxiety from being pregnant. In front of your significant other, you want to ask if they are ready. When I’m thinking, I ask if I am ready.”

Selina continued, “I used to think my EQ was good and I can handle any situation. Now my emotions are suddenly like a storm and would indiscriminately complain about my other half. I know he is the best teammate but I can’t control myself and act ruthlessly.”

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  1. Pregnancy is rough on the body. There’s a lot of unwelcome changes that most of the time the every day media doesn’t talk about unless you specifically look for it. Not feeling connected to your baby initially is also normal. My pregnancy went relatively smoothly (still with some of the symptoms she mentioned), but my labor was horrible, and I ended up needing an emergency C-section. I hope her labor goes smoothly and she welcomes a healthy happy baby!

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