S.H.E’s Selina Announces Divorce on Facebook

S.H.E member Selina Jen (任家萱) has decided to divorce her husband of four years, lawyer Richard Chang (張承中). She made the announcement through her Facebook on Friday, March 4.

“Marriage requires the effort of two people,” wrote the Taiwanese pop idol in her Facebook statement. “We have to be true to each other. We also have to be true to ourselves, but we have not done enough.”

Selina said that although she has become someone’s wife, she has not played her role as wife well enough. “I continued to focus on my work after marriage, and because of that I’ve neglected everything else.”

The popular S.H.E singer then went on to say that she had a big change in her life perspective after her marriage, expressing that she no longer feels love for her close partner of more than nine years. “I no longer wholeheartedly live for love like I did before. That’s why our love has slowly disappeared.”

Selina and Richard were unhappy during their marriage. The problems they’ve had with each other before still persisted. Selina said that it was impossible to “forcibly ask each other to change for the other.”

Though romantic love no longer lingers between the longtime couple, Selina said she still loves Richard dearly as a brother. “The romance is gone, but we still love each other like family, like friends. That never disappeared.”

Selina said it took the couple “quite a while” to decide on divorce. They chose to do so because they did not want to become “strangers who are close”, but instead close friends for life.

“And for this,” she said, “Richard and I will work hard, and take responsibility of our actions.”

Selina apologized to her friends, family, and fans for breaking their hearts, but promised them in return that they would live a even better life.

Richard has posted a similar statement on his Facebook, writing, “I may have lost a wife but I have gained a sister who is closer to me than my own sister. Please do not feel sorry for us. We are happier as brother and sister.”

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. From romantic partners to siblings? Will make more sense if they said close friends. I cringed when they say brother/sister. I mean, they slept with each other before, come on! That just sounded wrong. Good friends, I’ll take that.

    1. @kaykay408 for goodness sake, after sleeping together and now they became siblings? shouldn’t it be better to say they are better as friends instead?

  2. Was she the one who got hurt in the fire?

    ” “I may have lost a wife but I have gained a sister who is closer to me than my own sister.”

    Ouch. That’s never a compliment. Like as if saying you don’t excite me anymore, I don’t feel any pleasure from you. Double ouch.

    1. @funnlim
      I think so…from that Chinese drama and the male co-star hurt himself real bad too and he helped a lot or she could have been worse or something. He probably suffered more as he looks different somehow.
      4 years only….WOW…siblings does sound weird, they can say friends if nothing else….

    2. @funnlim
      Yes,that is her and I heard that her co star for burnt even more than her but all of the attention was on her. I felt bad for her back then,however, every single time people talked to her that was all she talked about to the point that it got annoying. Her now ex husband was even more annoying because he used her incident to gain attention. They were both annoying,but I feel bad that they had to divorce. I guess maybe it is for the better. Thank goodness they do not have any kids or else the children will suffer.

  3. Theyve always been an awkward couple to me. Not how they look with each other but rather what they say to the public as a couple and how they act. Calling each other siblings is like up there on the awkward meter. But I’m sure we all get the gist.

  4. Become siblings after divorce?? Don’t he have a better describtion? You don’t sleep with your sister to begin with. Nope. Just nope. I don’t really thinks you can be siblings after divorce.

  5. all who cringe at the siblings talk…do not take it literally!
    Its just meant they are like family now. Its a way of saying, thats all

  6. Wasn’t he the limelight-seeking weirdo who always found any chance to talk on his wife’s behalf back then?

    1. @nomad822
      Yes,that is him. Everyone was so annoyed by him back then and saying how he enjoyed being married to a celeb. Sadly,it did not work out but life goes on. At least they ended on good terms. I guess that can show you can fall in love but also out of love.

      I thought they would be together always since he was there for her through her toughest time and all. I guess she just grew sick of him. That is very sad how you can grow bored of someone. What an unpleasant feeling.

  7. Surprised by this as thought she would stay with him since he was there for her when she was going some rough time with the burns on her body… but in a way, I did wonder if she would have married him if it wasn’t for what happened to her. They don’t seem to be a good match as their personality was different. oh well at least they broke up now before things turn bad between them.

  8. This guy was beside her during all her rough times when she got badly burned injuries… its weird they went back to siblings though lol

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