Selina Called “Roast Pig” by Netizens After Traumatic Burns

The actress shares how she had to deal with netizens’ vitriol targeting her appearance on top of recovery.

Taiwanese singer Selina Jen (任家萱) was the victim of a traumatic burns accident on the set of a drama she was filming in Shanghai in 2010, which caused her to suffer serious burns over 54 percent of her body. Despite having made a recovery, she still has bodily scars from the episode, which have led to nasty comments from netizens. The star, a member of the popular Taiwanese pop group S.H.E, shares her emotional journey recently on a variety show.

Going on The Egg 28 <女人28>, Selina shared that while she has managed to maintain a positive self-image and actions to-date, she still comes across rude comments from some netizens, such as those calling her “roast pig”. Co-host Jesse Tang (唐綺陽) was aghast at her revelation, while Selina could not control her tears while narrating this.

“Yes, it was true that I got burned, after that I put on weight and indeed resembled a pig,” Selina tried to inject humor into the situation while dealing with her feelings of sadness. However, she admitted that the description was hurtful in the immediate aftermath of her injury, adding, “I was saddened upon reading it.”

Nine years have since passed, and reflecting on her experience, the singer said, “I am already very brave, so I don’t know why I am crying now.” Sharing her experiences with guest influencers on the show, Selina said, “You guys must have come across these (sort of things) too. I have been in the industry for almost 20 years, actually we have the same experiences. The next time you get sarcastic comments, I just want to say you’re not alone, because Selina has also been written about the same way, even now.”

Source: Ettoday

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  1. Wow she suffered through a traumatic experience and all people focused on was calling her a roasted pig some people are just really heartless.

  2. These people are absolutely disgusting. She’s probably in better condition then more than half the people who made those comments. Her weight is fine. I wonder how they would look if they’ve been burnt all over.

  3. These people are so inhuman. If they were indifferent to what she was going through back then, just ignore articles about it. Would they be happy if she killed herself because of the awful nickname? 没有最残忍只有更残忍.

  4. there will be fans and there will be haters. unfortunately with the internet, ppl are free to stab you whenever they want. they need to have a class in acting school to train people how to get over or not care about these negative comments.

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