Selina Jen is Dating Derek Chang? “Thank You for Being in My Life”

Selina fell for Taiwanese actor, Derek Chang, who is 11 years younger than her.

Debuting in one of the Taiwan’s most popular girl bands in 2001, S.H.E., Selina Jen’s (任家萱) career was relatively smooth sailing for nearly ten years. That is, until a fire accident occurred on set while filming for I Have a Date with Spring <我和春天有个约会> in October 2010. Selina suffered third-degree burns on more than 54 percent of her body and needed to undergo skin grafting on her hands, legs, and back. Her husband, Richard Chang (張承中), whom she married a year after her accident, stood by her side and supported her during her recovery. However, Selina announced the couple’s divorce five years later in March 2016.

Remaining single and focusing on her career, the 37-year-old has kept her love life out of the limelight for the past few years. Recently, however, Selina made a bold move and announced her new romance with her Meeting Mr. Right <女兒們的戀愛> reality show co-star, Derek Chang (張軒睿). In the episode, Derek had asked whether Selina was willing to be together with him in spite of their age, social, and financial differences. Before Derek could even finish his sentence, Selina was already nodding fervently.

After the episode aired, Selina shared photos of herself with Derek on Weibo and sweetly expressed, “This has been a romantic journey. Thank you for making the effort to plan every single date. Thank you for always putting my feelings first. Thank you for remembering my favorite foods. Thank you for taking me to your secret spot. Thank you for drinking fermented grape juice when you have dinner with me. Thank you for talking to me about everything. Thank you for helping me find my romantic side. Thank you for making me like who I am now. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you, Derek.”

Derek also shared a post after the episode aired. “The most fortunate thing is that the vacation [planned on the variety show] happened at the right time. As long as you are happy, anything and everything is worth it!”

Derek’s Colorful Dating History

While many viewers caught on to their playful dynamic early on in the show and are happy to hear that they are dating, some viewers are skeptical about the authenticity of the announcement, believing that it is just a publicity stunt for the last episode to boost the show’s ratings.

Derek, who is 26 years old and 11 years Selina’s junior, debuted in 2015. With his tall stature and smooth features, Derek has garnered a large female fan base. Derek is also popular among the ladies in his personal life. Derek was first linked to Malaysian singer, Lin Min Chen (林明禎). The couple was caught flirting and displaying affection at the park. However, it was soon revealed that Derek had been dating a girl named Shiny, who is not from the entertainment industry, before his debut. With his messy love life, many fans are worried that Derek may end up hurting Selina.

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  1. Selina herself has had a divorce and is older so why everyone complaining about Derek? The things said about Derek are mostly rumors so why is everyone holding it against him? I personally would not be with a guy that much younger as they may have a higher tendency to cheat on you when they find someone younger and more their age. Not to say all guys are like that but when a guy is that much younger, it seems that they tend to favor someone younger.

  2. As a fan of S.H.E, I’m kind of worried for Selina. Maybe it’s just an infatuation. Can’t help to judge the guy by his romantic history and that he’s that much younger! Selina still has a pretty face and definitely has a lovely, bubbly personality, but she does have a lot of permanent scars all over her body from the burning incident. Most men are shallow, so I really don’t know if this young guy will look pass her flaws and be with her long-term. It’s a sad reality! It’s also too early to say that she will eventually be hurt by this guy, but of course fans will think this way.
    In the end, we will still support her if she chooses to take a chance with him.

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