Selina Jen Still Believes in Love After Divorce

S.H.E’s Selina Jen (任家萱) recently went on the Chinese talk show Meeting Mr. Right <女儿们的恋爱> to talk about relationship and love. Selina’s younger sister Lorene Jen (任容萱) and father Milton Jen (任明廷) also appeared on the show with her.

Jen described himself as a traditional parent: “I will tell them what I think, but it is up to them to decide.” As a father, he shared that he often gets anxious about his daughters, as he is worried that they’ll come across violence. “I always tell them so say no whenever it’s necessary.”

Lorane shared that her parents were actually rather strict when it came to their love lives. “I’ve only recently discovered that my parents really liked my first boyfriend.” In tears, she added, “The worst part of it all is that they would never tell me if they like the person I’m seeing. They would just say that their daughter has bad taste. I lost confidence, and I didn’t trust myself enough to continue on. That’s why we broke up in the end.”

Jen didn’t realize that he came across as a strict parent. “I didn’t know that [the breakup] was because of me. There is an obstacle with the parents of our generation—the only thing we know how to do is yell at our children. We don’t know how to show care.”

In 2016, Selina announced her divorce with lawyer Richard Chang (張承中), her husband of five years. When her father asked if Selina still has the courage to accept love, Selina smiled. She drank and entire glass of wine before answering.

“I do, because there is you and mother. I still believe in it. There was a time when you told us that you and mother were putting us at a disadvantage.”

“Yes,” said Jen. “We only chose to let you see the positive sides of us. We’ve allowed you to go through so much harm when you were growing up, and that is my biggest regret as a father.”

Selina said, “You and mother were so good to each other. Later, you told us that you were worried that you made us believe that nothing goes wrong in romance. I actually think it’s fine. As you grow older, you start to realize what romance actually is, because you’ve read things and you’ve seen things. You will learn that not everyone has parents like ours. We should cherish it.”

Selina broke into tears as she recalled her past relationships. “I still believe in love. As for whether or not I would experience that love, that would be a different story to tell, but I do. I believe in love. Maybe that’s another kind of courage!”


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  1. Don’t understand what went wrong in her marriage. Always thought the ex-hubby loved her very much to marry her after the unfortunate incident. Alas it didn’t last. Hope she would find someone one day.

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