Selina Jen is Relieved Her Son’s Health is Improving

After S.H.E.’s Selina Jen (任家萱) divorced her husband Richard Chang (張承中) in 2016, the singer confirmed last year she was dating again. Her boyfriend is a noncelebrity known as Xiao Xu, who is seven years her junior. On September 7, Selina shared that she had safely delivered a baby boy.

Sharing a photo of herself holding her newborn boy, Selina revealed  “Little Cashew” suffered from pleural effusion, which is a buildup of fluid between the lungs and chest, and had tubes inserted down his throat to remove the fluid. Although he had to stay in an incubator to be monitored, his condition is improving and he is recovering well.

Sharing her sentiments as a first-time mother, Selina described her emotional journey so far, “Little Cashew is here. Thank you for letting your mother elegantly go through labor and deliver you into this world. From the start, you had fluid buildup between your lungs and chest, and it scared your mother to death! After a few days of living in an incubator, you were finally able to have the tubes removed. Seeing your little hands full of pinholes and bruises, it is a mark of your bravery! Holding your little hand, I was overwhelmed with an infinite love. Life is truly miraculous. It’s like how you just peed all over your dad, but we just looked at each other and smiled. As long as you’re healthy, then everything is fine. My dearest Little Cashew, welcome! Let us be together and write our life story full of love and courage!”

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