Jason Chan: TVB’s Newly Promoted Face

Since last year, 34-year-old Jason Chan (陳智燊) has become heavily promoted by TVB. His performance in Be Home for Dinner <誰家灶頭無煙火> was nominated for the Most Improved Actor category in the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards. Resembling a cross between Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) and Raymond Lam (林峰), Jason was an earnest and well-mannered individual that has risen above TVB’s crowd of young male actors.

Simple Nature

Growing up in Great Britain, Jason’s parents owned a restaurant business and his elder brother was a dentist. After graduating from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, Jason worked as a hospital administrator before joining TVB in 2005, in which he hosted several variety programs. He is fluent in English,  Cantonese, Mandarin, French and even Latin. Jason was often teased by his colleagues that he abandoned a white-collar job and his comfortable life in Great Britain to join the entertainment industry.

In an interview with Ming Pao last year, TVB executive, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), pointedly mentioned that Jason Chan  was a newcomer to look out for. Ms. Tsang was often credited in developing memorable talent at TVB; she stated that artists who possessed a true passion for acting meant that they will work harder and put in greater efforts than artists who prioritized the financial gains first. Ms. Tsang felt that Jason’s earnest passion for acting distinguished him from other young actors at TVB.

Jason gave people the impression that he has a simple and pure nature, qualities which were not always a good fit for the entertainment industry. He went to Hong Kong with the intention of making strides in the entertainment industry. “I never considered making a lot of money, as long as I like the job and enjoy the process. That does not mean that money is not important, but my goal is not soley bent on buying a luxury apartment. I do want to buy a house, but I am not in a hurry.”

Jason was a practical person and did not require a high standard of living. “There is no need to wear designer brands, because I do not have the ability to maintain this lifestyle of living. If you ask whether it is necessary to have many beautiful clothes as an actor, then yes. But I cannot only buy high-quality brands, otherwise I would go bankrupt!”

Love Life

Due to Jason’s handsome looks and good background, he was rumored to be highly popular among TVB actresses. Jason has been romantically linked with 2007 Miss Chinese International winner, Sarah Song ( 宋熙年). However, Sarah denied that she was dating Jason, claiming to be only friends.

In an interview with TVB Magazine in May 2011, Jason described the qualities that he looked for in a woman. He desired a kind-hearted woman. “Perhaps this is very old-fashioned! Is the woman very beautiful? Very tall? You will get tired of these things one day. It is more important that she and I can get along and that she is a kind-hearted person. Having a kind nature means being kind to everyone and everything. I know this is not something you can find out in the first impression; it would require an extended period of time to observe.”

In the same interview, Jason admitted that he was pursuing a woman in Hong Kong, but he was not yet successful. Despite the recent criticism that local women were becoming increasingly materialistic, he admired the traditional qualities of Hong Kong women.

Rising Prominence

With his first leading role opposite Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣)  in new TVB drama, Blissful Ferris Wheel <幸福摩天輪>, Jason Chan has been pushed to the forefront. He cherished the opportunities that TVB gave him. “This is a good opportunity. Aside from partnering with Linda Chung, I will be able to work with veteran artists such as Helen Law (羅蘭) and Elliot Ngok (岳華).”

With increased exposure, Jason’s income naturally rose as well.  He has already filmed 3 advertisements year-to-date. His good looks were often cited to resemble Daniel Wu and Raymond Lam. With Jason’s healthy image, he has become popular among advertisers. Jason said, “Perhaps I grew up in Great Britain, my image is refreshing. To be honest, I am a very traditional person though!”

Jason Chan in Commercial Action!

[vsw id=”5dS4uxI3ExI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Oriental Daily, TVB Magazine

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Jayne: There is room for improvement in Jason’s acting skills. However, I can understand why TVB is heavily promoting him, due to his wholesome image and background, he is very “family friendly” and appeals to the ladies. Look forward to seeing him in Blissful Ferris Wheel.

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  1. Well, he looks good and he looks jolly. Acting skill? When has TVB ever cared about acting skills in the newbies they want to promote?

    1. Funn,
      Jason Chan has been given an incredible promotion to lead in his first series so quickly! He looks like a more rounded-out version of Raymond Lam. They can play brothers! His jolliness is part of his wholesomeness. Between Jason and Linda, I wonder who will be more wholesome in “Blissful Ferris Wheel”? Hehehe….

      1. I have no doubt Linda will be criticised for her acting. Seems like the trend. I can understand the criticisms but you have got to commend her for taking on a variety of roles from seductress to adulteress to vengeful bi*ch to bad girl to weepy nice girl. I have no doubt if TVB makes a female serial killer series, she will take the role, A series on lesbians? She will take the role. She seems to take any role opposite any actor. In a way I do respect her for that.

      2. It’s not a quick promotion. He’s already 34 years old (same age as Ruco Chan) and has been with TVB for 7 years. The likes of Bosco, Ron, Raymond got promoted even faster.

      3. Yes, he looks like LF in the year of 2004-2005 more than now. If compare them now you might not see much resembles but if comparing them during the year 2004-2005, it’s more similar.

        Linda, I personally dun consider her as a wholesome girl. TVB keeps the healthy image to her and letting her become kind of boring. Sometimes she has a moment of shining, like Miss Koo, but after that she is pale. Obedience might be Linda’s strength, but it also give her some limitation. She lacks a way of thinking.

        However, honesty I don’t find why Linda fans think it’s a downgrade of Linda to pair up with Jason :P.

      4. Fox,
        Now is a time of great change at TVB, for better or worse. Although young, Raymond, Bosco, Ron, and Kenneth have been leading series for the last 5+ years. Their popularity and recognition are well established, allowing the first three to film in mainland and movies. Only Kenneth has not entered new markets, but I suspect he will by next year, as he said he wishes to make more money.

        Whether audiences like it or not, Wayne, Moses, Kevin, Bobby, and Roger are older actors. Neither do they wish to film non-stop for TVB, so the torch must be passed.

        I do not object to giving newcomers chances, as long as they continue to improve upon their craft. However, they should not be worked to death as machines. They need to film, stop and learn from the experience. Take acting lessons, partner with veteran actor as mentor-mentee and learn.

      5. I support the change of blood :). It’s wat I’ve said for years.

        I don’t mind Jason to be the lead but I wanna see if he can be the lead forever, or not. This series is a kind of test for him.

        I blv that moment is a very important thing to an artist. Of course, talent is another important thing. But with talent but no fade, then change will be smaller. For example, LF and S4 was started during the time TVB lacked male artists (using Lawrence Ng to act 18 is an evident). This is why they were promoted faster. But after that, TVB gains a group of young (ok, let’s say so since TVB’s chacs are mostly 25-35 years old) actor. That’s why from 2000 to now, we don’t see they have plan to promote new male actors. But up to now, they once again lack male artists so it’s time for some new (just say so as they are not the frequent male leaders in TVB series for years) faces to be promoted, such as Raymond Wong, Ruco Chan, Wayne Lai, etc. and now Jason Chan.

        Uhm actually I don’t think Ron is heading to China market :). The new movie is likely to fill the gap for the change of TITS 2’s schedule more. Comparing to LF and Bosco, Ron seems to stick with TVB more. As for Ma Ming, he has just had leading roles in the recent year and get famous this year, so it isn’t good time for him to go. Uhm, in fact his fame isn’t enough for him to go by now. However, TVB must have the preparation. So it’s time of new blood.

        Whatever, good luck the new blood!

      6. Jason has more wholesome appeal since he’s still new. During “be home for dinner”, the younger cast laughed at him b/c while filming a kiss scene w/ lily Ho, he nervously asked – “director, where should I put my hand?”


        Do u think Linda has the ability to reject certain roles? I think unless u have specific clause in your management contract, tvb dictates your projects.

      7. Josie, TVB is not slavery. She can reject, as did Jessica, Maggie and the likes did for a variety of reasons. I think Linda herself likes variety and chooses roles that is different from the last. Whatever you may say about her acting, she is one of the few fadans with such varied roles.

    2. He has bad skin from makeup.
      With an attitude to match with.

  2. He looks good and he’s lucky to get this incredible promotion quickly among all the many new guys in TVB.

  3. Weak actor… If TVB ever cares about actors. Time to promote Power Chan or Eric Li is lead actors.

    1. Larry,
      “Weak actor… If TVB ever cares about actors. Time to promote Power Chan or Eric Li is lead actors.”

      I can see Jason endorsing many different types of brands and his commercial potential. There is a demand/supply for every need, and strong acting is still found in leads such as Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Adam Cheng, Liza Wang etc.

      1. Yes Power Chan..he can play both good and bad…he’s really good. apparently though i heard he have already left tvb. 🙁 tvb has big loss..

    2. If TVB ever cares about “acting” period.

      Thinks he is too tiny and no resemblance at all to Raymond Lam. Pretty good looking for a average person but not TV.

      1. I agree that he does not resemble Raymond Lam at all. He’s better looking than Raymond. :p

        I also thought he’s not that tall before. But, I change my mind after I saw a group photo of cast of Blissful Ferris Wheel. He was standing beside Linda Chung and he’s tall than Linda Chung and most of the actors standing in the same line as him.

      2. Kidd,
        When I first saw Jason Chan, he was memorable to me because he resembled a more fleshed-out version of Raymond Lam. Raymond’s weight drops quickly whenever he gets overworked. Jason looks as if he is well fed and gets good sleep; thus the secret to his youth. He is passable as a 28 year-old.

        Less experienced actors such as Jason tend to get naive characters to play, perhaps a simpler nature with less psychological movement in their scenes. Romantic comedies seem to be less demanding as well.

        He looks great with Linda, so looking forward to how they would match up in “Blissful Ferris Wheel.” If Catherine Tsang so pointedly mentioned Jason, expect him to have plenty of opportunities to prove himself.

      3. Because Jason is quite chubby on face, it makes him look shorter than he actually is.

      4. Jason looks more like Daniel Wu with tiny bit resemblance to Raymond. Maybe a well fed and healthier looking Raymond.

    3. Ooh I always thought Eric Li.wad goodlooking and very convincing as an actor. I would like him to be promoted as well.

  4. He’s already 34! Not that age is really a matter, though. Hong Kong idols are known for their maturity haha. I’ve always liked Jason though. He seems to be a sincere guy. But he’s been with TVB for a while. He just wasn’t given the opportunity to improve on his acting chops, as he was given extremely minor roles in the past.

    1. Is he 34 acting as 18? If not, then what has age got to do with it? If the role fits, then he is suitable. Maybe he excelled at some in house audition thing. There must be one, no producer just go AHA! he’s the one without at least some audition. He is untested. Hopefully his acting skills is better than his charisma even if having charisma helps.

      1. I have no problem with his age, tbh. I just pointed that out because I thought he would be younger (and he does look younger). I was disappointed to the fact that TVB’s lacking younger prominent actors. The youngest one I can think of at the moment, who has the potential star power to lead a drama, is Him Law, and he’s not even part of TVB.

  5. Acting wise I prefer Benjamin over Jason, look wise I also prefer Benjamin over Jason. So TVB should promote Benjamin : )

    1. Maybe Benjamin will also have his lead role like Jason soon, let’s be patient 🙂

      1. True i agree 2 cuz jason can be wooden sometimes

    2. Benjamin vs Jason

      Acting: Benjamin
      Looks: Equal
      Body: Benjamin
      Experience: Equal
      Promotion: Jason

  6. I remember him in Mysteries of Love. He had a small role and the acting was only okay but I found him memorable. TVB needs more artists. Good luck to him!

  7. Smart guy also. Rare in entertainment world to have a book smart guy.

    “He is fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French and even Latin.”

    WAH LAU EH!!!! Really?!

    “University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies”

    Why oriental and african studies?! Anyway London University is a rather prestigious university so from the looks of it, smart guy.

    1. Funn, oriental & African studies are what we call “bird courses” over here, because I also took Asian studies because it was easy course to pass more time to party Lolz the good old days.

      1. Bird course is a slang term meaning easy course to pass.

      2. Haha, you are pointing out a fact in UK university now. Ppl only like to choose easy course and spend time for party, especially in London – the heaven of party. In London, you can live easily without knowing a word in English :). Cantonese and Mandarin is everywhere in London. Once I went to Primark (a big shopping mall in London) and there, I can hear many different langs but not English). Funny though?

        But SOSA ranked quite high in UK list, so it’s up to which faculty Jason followed. If he follows Law or humanity (yup, humanity is a hot module in EU and UK), it’s a different story. But if he follows something like language (to research on Asian), it’s a different thing :P.

      3. According to wikipedia, SOAS was founded in 1916. If the school can survived that long, it must be pretty good.

      4. From wikipedia again.

        Chan received a bachelor’s degree on Ancient and Modern Chinese literature at the School of Oriental and African Studies, and a master’s degree on economics at the University of London.

      5. @Kidd: Surviving long isn’t equal to high ranking. In fact there are many new university but the rank soared each year. But the rank isn’t really the most effective measure to know that an university really has good education quality because it mostly bases on the number of PhD, researches and awards that the students gain each year. Furthermore, in each school there will be one or some famous faculty(ies) that required higher quality than the others. This is why it’s up to which faculty the student learns to judge.

        However, it’s good for Jason to study in SOAS. But if I have choice, I won’t follow my study in London. It’s too crowd and complicated. Majority of students there go party more than students in other provinces. London is the party heaven, but not really a good place for study :P. Oxford is just near London!

        Look at what wiki said, seem like Jason took marketing or management courses for his Postgraduated program because his BA is language, no relationship to economic. Only marketing and management dun require economic BA to follow the postgraduated program.

      6. @ Fox

        “But if I have choice, I won’t follow my study in London.”

        Do you mean you are now studying in London or have studied in London before?

      7. @Kidd: I changed my university. I followed one in London but changed it now. I don’t like the study life in London.

    2. Btw, not that I’m taking credit from him but it’s very common for people in Europe to speak more than one, two or three languages because they border with so many other countries, my cousins are from Holland and they all speak about 5 different languages, kinda of cool! Always a trip to hear Asian speaking Dutch 🙂

      1. Isn’t Dutch a mixture of French and English? I’ve heard from a Dutch that in Holland, ppl mostly learn French and English at school and Dutch is something parents will teach kids.

      2. Fox, Dutch is not a mixture of English and French. People from the Netherlands aka Holland speak Dutch, it actually sounds a bit like German to me.

      3. I think Germany is quite similar to English, especially the grammar :). As for Dutch, I’m not really sure because I only see a book of a Dutch and it has both French and English words in it :P. So it was my guest.

        BTW a country with many languages isn’t something strange in Europe. Like I’ve just went to Geneva, in there the ppl mostly use French. But in Zurich, they use English more. I heard that in Bern they also use French.

  8. Not liking him but TVB is running out of people so…

  9. He’s good looking, intelligent, sounds very grounded & realistic. It’s true TVB running out of frontline siu sangs and therefore Jason has been ‘upgraded’. People should bear in mind that veterans started out as newbies. He sounds very sincere and should be given a chance. If you have the x-factor, acting skills will improve very quickly. Forget the tall poppy syndrome for a while.

    1. I agree. He’s easy on the eyes and seems really genuine and laidback. And I do think he has a certain charisma. I’m actually excited to see to tackle a variety of roles though, not just good boy roles.

  10. He reminds me of the male version of Linda. I hope TVB doesn’t give him the pure/goodie label.

  11. they should of promoted him sooner. all you see these yrs are ron, bosco, raymond, recycle and repeat. TVB is foolish to just dote on a few guys in the past.

    jason has been with tvb for a while, he is not promoted overnight. he was a host for at least 5 yrs and played kelefe roles in various shows. TVB should of given him some supporting roles in the past, not just suddenly only when the other siu sangs are busy, they are idiots with crap management that play favoritism and ruin the company business.

    1. Aside from Jason Chan (who is 34 but looks younger), there are many actors in the same age range, competing for the same type of roles:

      Benjamin Yuen (31)
      Matthew Ko (28)
      Vincent Wong (28)
      Lai Lok Yi (31)
      William Chak (27)

      The above actors are still supporting actors, but have not made it into leading man status. Actually, Lai Lok Yi just got his first leading role, but his new status can be challenged at any time. Jason is a little older than the above actors, but looks wise, he appears to be in the same age range, thus they would be considered for similar types of roles.

      For the above actors to be offered meaty leading roles is still difficult because they would have to compete with Raymond Lam, Raymond Wong, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Ruco Chan, etc. (who are in tier 1) and likely to be considered in heavy-weight series such as “Triumph in the Skies 2” before Jason, Benjamin, etc. would be considered.

      Thus, Jason is indeed very, very lucky to be promoted at this time, since competition is quite fierce.

      1. “Jason is indeed very, very lucky to be promoted at this time” …….. Agree. He has not had too many support roles in the past and all of a sudden he is given a lead role to do. However, I must say that Jason has the “quality” for TVB’s promotion. First, he is tall and good looking. He seems to have a genuine and sincere face for good guy’s roles. Secondly, his Cantonese pronunciation is very good and articulate, a lot better than many native Hongkongers. He spent a lot of time working on his language skills: English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and some other languages.

      2. He can be quite good looking but promotion to first male lead of a series is just too quick. Like Jayne said, those guys in that list have more memorable roles than Jason so if those guys ain’t even second lead yet (some still supporting) then i think Jason should at least try and be second lead first before jumping to first lead so quickly. Especially partnered with Linda, who doesn’t really have the capacity to solely lead a series yet herself and relies heavily on the more experienced and popular male counterpart for ratings, then putting Jason with her is quite a big risk TVB is taking. Linda just can’t draw viewers and putting Jason with her shows

        Vincent Wong biggest role was in Gun Metal Grey and Wish & Switch. Vincent still hasn’t risen up to first male lead yet, still lingering in the second male lead or high supporting actor level…. And Benjamin Yuen got quite a good response with On Call 36 Hours recently…..his still supporting. I haven’t really heard of many praises or responses of this Jason dude so its kind of a bit unfair to the other actors they haven’t been given the same chance as him.

        Jason could be a surprise who knows. But for now, I don’t have high expectations of him.

        Isn’t he more of a host than an actor anyway?

      3. Then it is a good idea for TVB to exclude Bosco and Raymond from TITS2 since they can use the vacancy to promote these new faces above.

      4. I agree with you, fez. Vincent Wong should be promoted first. He had lead support roles in the past, and he is tall and handsome. and he acts well. But, we must remember that TVB is never fair to her artistes. You need good luck, connections, and favoritism to get promoted by TVB. I don’t believe that Benjamin Yuen or Him Law is better than Jason Chan. Their styles and roles are quite different. Jason’s should be smart and honest guys’ roles. He would look good with Linda Chung, same kind of personalities. I feel sorry for Vincent Wong though. He acted well in “Gun Metal Grey”, and he deserved to be promoted next.

        The same applies to Nancy Wu. She acts well and her acting is a lot better than those top fadans, but she never got a lead role to do. Even Natalie Tong, Selena Li, and maybe Aimee Chan are doing 1st lead roles, but still not Nancy Wu.

      5. Lai Lok Yi had a leading role in The Beauty of the Game, but that was a female-dominated drama. Vincent Wong was co-lead with Johnson Lee in Wish and Switch, which again, focused on the females, Myolie and Selena.

      6. Vincent Wong actually had a second male lead role in WOIL2 where Vincent has a lot of scenes with Myolie, but unfortunately it’s hard to get recognized in a series where the limelight is on the WOIL trio. The second female lead Vivien Yeo also only got criticism for her evil 3rd party character and bad accent. Besides that Vincent’s acting was also raw at that time and he was depending only on his looks. He did much better in GMG with Nancy Wu. Who didn’t love Carson? but after GMG he doesn’t have any particular standout series or character yet. I think his new series Flying Tiger Cubs with Him Law and Mandy Wong will show both his good looks and acting.

      7. Lai Lok Yi had a 1st lead role in the Four Leaf Clover series.

      8. Josie, you forgot a very important thing: He is still single :P.

        @lol: Didn’t Bosco and LF themselves quit the series but not TVB excludes them? Because I blv Tommy wanna the cast of TITS2 is as big as possible.

      9. I’m not sure if they have the privilege to choose their series. Maybe Raymond has but Bosco may not have the freedom yet.

      10. I think the new generation of males that will compete with each other are:

        Benjamin Yuen (31)
        Matthew Ko (28)
        Vincent Wong (28)
        Lai Lok Yi (31)
        William Chak (27)
        Him Law (28)
        Edwin Siu (35)
        Jason Chan (35)
        Sammy Sum (29)

      11. I like Edwin Siu best! There’s this poll on weibo on the most popular new comer. Edwin siu got the highest votes amongst the rest & this includes even male leads Ruco & Raymond Wong! I think EDWIN siu really has potential! Handsome, good voice, good acting skills!

      12. Mayee,
        “I like Edwin Siu best! There’s this poll on weibo on the most popular new comer.”

        Thanks for pointing out that Weibo has a new comer poll. I found the poll topic to be interesting, so I put up a similiar poll question at JayneStars. Edwin seems to be leading right now.

  12. He is a fresh blood, and let’s see if she can do good.

    I just feel funny that ppl will complain if there is no new blood, but also complain if a new blood is promoted quickly :P.

    BTW, some Linda fans feel it’s a downgrade of Linda to pair up with Jason. Any Linda fans here feel so?

    1. It’s not just Linda’s fans, I think diehard fans of Benjamin Yuen, Him Law and other newcomers are also complaining about Jason being personally picked by Catherine Tsang and 620.

      1. Oh, I thought these fans are busy with Mr. Lau more at this moment :P.

      2. Isn’t Him Law leading in that new series with Mandy? What’s there to complain about?

    2. How is he a downgrade? She pairs with Bobby most recently lol. If anything its an upgrade to me. As much as I love Bobby as an actor, I don’t find him attractive lol

      1. According to some I’ve heard, because it’s first time Jason has leading role and he pairs up with Linda.

        Bobby had leading roles in years.

      2. It takes much more than good looks to become a good actor…

      3. clearly a downgrade.

        If you’re talking about looks, there are many ka-le-fes who are good looking. Just pair Linda up with any of them and you still think that’s an upgrade? LOL. Even if you don’t know their name?

        TVB is clearly not promoting Linda this year. All her roles are boring, her series all clumped together broadcasted like 3-4 in the first half year, now paired with such a weak cast. I think Lin Xia Wei is the second female lead right? What are the chances that Lin Xia Wei will steal the limelight from Linda? She seems refreshing and I think she did quite a good job in that sitcom. And she’s cute and different. That’s someone to watch out for. But yeh most often you need a first line actress/actor to draw in ratings, but there isn’t any in this series.

      4. Linda is boring that’s why TVB don’t promote her this year and lump her 3-4 series within the first half. ROFL I will be laughing if Lin Xia Wei steal the limelight from Linda but I hope TVB don’t make Xia Wei to be a feisty bf stealer since I heard Linda and Xia Wei will fight for Jason.

      5. actually according to the sypnosis, Jason and Lin Xia Wei will start off as a long-term couple until he meets Linda …. then he starts to question where his heart lies. so Linda is the bf stealer – whether or not its intentional, you gotta watch it to see lol.

      6. honestly, i rather lin xia wei than linda. lin xia wei’s cute…. and her clothes look better already in the promo.

      7. Isn’t it a double standard though that when she was a newcomer and paired with Steven, no one said she was a downgrade.

        I think saying another actor is a downgrade just sounds conceited and self absorbed. I mean TVB needs new blood and the gap between Jason (as a rising star) and Linda (as a not so prominent fa dan) is a much smaller gap to close than say, Fala (who seems to have gained more tvb favour than Linda recently) and Jason.

      8. steven has been in lead roles before linda was born! (ok i exaggerated there but you know what i mean aka a long time before linda came out)

        as for the second bit, i guess if you think linda is on the same level as jason (ie. low level actors/actress) then its not a downgrade. but i think in Linda’s fans eyes, a downgrade sounds better than being paired with someone her own level right? because a downgrade means she’s still a bit superior than her male counterpart LOL

      9. Fez, that’s what I meant. He was leading for a while before VOH2, yet she was paired with hi in her first acting stint yet no one said she wasnt good enough for him. At least with Jason he has had even more substantial.experience than when Linda started out.

      10. It’s certainly very hypocritical if her fans are complaining about this pairing considering how she started in the industry. That said, Linda’s not a strong actress so this is not a good pairing. If Jason is unlucky this will flop and be a setback for his career.

    3. I’ve heard this and I can’t help but laugh because Linda still doesn’t really have a stage presence. To me, it’s not much of a downgrade. She’s still meek and it does have to do with how TVB maintains her squeaky clean image (that she likes to keep for herself too) and her lacklustre roles. The Miss Koo role started out well but then it was crying and crying and more crying. So hopefully this series will turn things around?

      1. healthy and clean image = boring.

        what’s the chances that she’ll cry in this one again? and why is she wearing the same clothes and hairstyle as Miss Koo?

      2. When she got a different character such as in DGD and HOHAV she becomes boring instantly, maybe that’s why she always cry and cry because that’s the only strong point she has.

      3. To defense Linda, roles given to her, not her choice. And not only her the one who keep one image through years. In fact Linda is given changes to try different types of role. Just that her acting isn’t too different. But once again, she isn’t the only one who has same expressions in series.

      4. she’s only good at crying. she’s given slightly different roles yet she always use the same acting in all of them. she doesn’t utilise that opportunity to understand her character so she can’t develop them. after so many years, she’s still kinda clueless. oh and same appearance. her hair is the same as she had in high school. clearly not a risk-taker. no wonder she’s always lingering below all the other girls.

      5. Haha, if taking same hairdo as a part of no improvement in acting, fez, you are saying about TY, too :P. Her short hair goes with her for several years and coincidentally, her acting stays the same in these years. Maybe the hair really relates to acting :).

        As for Linda, I think she isn’t really that good at crying but she looks beautiful when crying, it’s true. On the other hand, she can show some other expression quite well, like act sweet or act naive. She just stays in her comfort zone too much. But like I’ve said, it’s all about the roles now. If TVB gives her a special role, her acting will be praised no matter what. Just that the chance will come to her, or not.

      6. Actually, I think the roles she’s given are not bad. There is quite a lot of variety. Its just her execution is rather poor than its hard to differentiate them. She puts too much ‘Linda’ in them rather than actually interpreting them as a separate entity.

        Regardless of whether she plays a delinquent, ms Koo, or a tomboy… she still has that Linda – goody goody, girly feel …

      7. “she’s only good at crying. she’s given slightly different roles yet she always use the same acting in all of them. “

        In which other role does she has a permanent smirk on her face like in ‘House of Harmony and Vengeance’?

      8. I agree with lychii04. Linda is lucky to get variety roles but she always give Linda vibe everytime

      9. “If TVB gives her a special role, her acting will be praised no matter what. Just that the chance will come to her, or not.”

        i guess that sentence applies to any actress then. including the one you dislike hehe.

      10. “In which other role does she has a permanent smirk on her face like in ‘House of Harmony and Vengeance’?”

        Miss Koo. “House of Harmony”, she’s got a lot of ‘black faces’ in it too… just like Miss Koo. or in the “Gem of Life” as the rich snobby girl.

      11. @fez: Yes of course. It applies to everyone in TVB. Pathetic but true. Ppl only concern about roles instead of acting now.

  13. Is his acting really that bad? So many people said he’s not ready to be lead, weak actor etc. But, I don’t find it so.

    I think he gave a good performance in his short role in MOL. It was memorable to me. I’m also watching ‘Be Home For Dinner’ now and I think his acting is fine there.

    I’ll definitely support him for his first leading role.

    1. Kidd, I watched a few episodes of “Be Home for Dinner.” Sitcoms such as BHFD are a good training ground to have actors become more comfortable before the camera, get used to reacting to other actors in scenes, improve body language, etc. These skills need to be constantly practiced and the playback watched to learn to improve.

      However, sitcoms like these do not really offer opportunity for dramatic acting. It is mostly about delivering punch lines, acting happy, joking, and surprised. Timing skills are learned here, but intense emotions not able to be flexed. I feel that Jason’s BHFD character is not that difficult to play, in which most of the emotions are mid-range, much like normal people in real life.

      1. I agree. But I do think its a great indicator of potential and professionalism. For many who dont really bother with sitcoms, if an actor can put it all into sitcom roles, I think they will have a stronger foundation for dramatic roles. Michael Tse, even Linda herself, started from sitcom roles.

      2. Yep. Not sure if you remember Kindred of Spirit? And then Virtues of Harmony 1 & 2, which he was more prominent in. Honestly, he spent more time doing sitcoms than he got of drama roles I think, considering he debut 1997, and only got notices in La Femme Desperado in 2006. (wiki)

      3. Because I think if mentioning of Michael’s start, dancing class should be mentioned at first. For acting, he acted in movies before series. Uhm but Kindred of Spirit was really his first series.

      4. Since TVB stopped their acting classes, I think sitcoms are the next best thing for acting training. If you can do well in 200 episodes, I think you have a good foundation. But you are right that a sitcom cannot teach versatility but I don’t see Jason being any worse off than the random Mr/MIss HK they pick up and promote.

        I’m a bit miffed at your poll because it pits the guys (or their fans) against each other when in reality, TVB both needs and have room for all them.

      5. Advo:
        “I’m a bit miffed at your poll because it pits the guys (or their fans) against each other when in reality, TVB both needs and have room for all them.”

        The poll’s intention is not to pit the fans against each other, but to give an idea of the relative popularity of the new generation of male actors at TVB. The polls at JayneStars only represent a small sample of the overseas fan population, but it gives us some statistical idea of what fans think in addition to the qualitative comments.

        It’s also likely that many people are a fan of several actors on the list. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a large number of rabid fans who strongly support a particular actor among the new generation while bashing others. It still appears to be friendly competition at this point, in which fans are willing to accept them as long as they prove that they have talent.

        This is an interesting time because a passing of the torch is necessary and who succeeds is still anyone’s speculation.

    2. I am also watching ‘Be Home For Dinner’ now and I think his acting is fine there. His acting is very natural in this sitcom. It is a good start for him. With his limited experience in dramas, I think he has done a good job.

    3. IDK why people are complaining about his acting. I only remember him from BHFD and I quite liked him/his acting there.

  14. Wow ! good looking & very promising background.

    1. I remember when I first saw Jason on “dolce vita”, I thought he was a model. Didn’t know he has such a good background. And yes, his age definitely doesn’t match his youthful face. I think he has the gentlemanly aura that Moses used to have.

      1. I think he has the gentlemanly aura that Moses used to have

        lol. used to.. 😛

      2. You mean of Moses in Healing Hand time? I think he had gentleman aura during this time, too.

  15. Jason started in TVB in 2005 so I think he deserves to be promoted. To me, he looks more like Danie Wu than Raymond Lam.

    He has the appearance and his acting is okay so far, so it’s fine to give him a chance.

    1. I also think he looks more like Daniel Wu. His looks is his great advantage.

      He has good looks and good background, and looks intelligent. Let’s give him a chance and maybe he can follow Raymond and Bosco’ footsteps and find a bigger market for himself.

  16. The reason why people think tvb is quickly promoting him is because he hasn’t even tried being a supporting actor & now he’s jumping to first line actor. In many people’s memory he has only taken up celefare roles. I still prefer Edwin siu! In his coming shows he is taking up big supporting actor roles. I hope he rises to the lead soon!

    1. He is a supporting actor in a 158 episodes sitcom where he appeared in every episode. So, he’s not exactly a kelefe actor or lacking in experience. Too bad not everyone watch sitcom and think he’s only a kelefe actor.

    2. Edwin vs Jason

      Acting: Edwin
      Looks: Jason
      Experience: Edwin
      Promotion: Jason

    3. It’s not that fair to compare Edwin and Jason. Edwin has more than 10 years of acting under his belt.

      1. Nah! Edwin only started acting when he was 28 or older… So it’s at most 8 years of acting experience & it pars up with Jason!

      2. Yes sorry maybe about 8 years. He has already acted since Aqua Heroes but that still means Edwin has more experience acting. Jason only started in BHFD

    4. Wasn’t he 1st male lead, if not 2nd lead in “Be Home For Dinner?” I know that not a lot of people watch sitcoms, but it still counts. People can’t just neglect that fact. I thought he was good and I’m looking forward to this series.

    5. I also really like Edwin Siu. He’s really sophisticated in his interviews, and he puts a lot of thought into his characters.

      I’m glad TVB’s taking a step forward with their siu sangs. Raymond Wong, Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Him Law, and now Jason Chan… I like them all! So glad I’m not seeing the same faces over and over again.

      1. Yes! At least there is enough guys in tvb for a fresh look but for girls we keep seeing the same old people… I like how he portray every character & still remain likable amongst the audience. I love his humor & at the same time he is matured because of all that he has gone through. Furthermore he has a good voice. Plus points for that!!

  17. Jason Chan looks better in the commercial than the picture above haha

    1. The poster is a bit crowded but I like the way it is photoshoped. Look good and nice blend.

      1. Don’t you think everyone look nicely blend except Mandy?

    2. The poster seem to include every main cast that’s why it looks crowded, but smart practice because if TVB only put select few ‘new generation’, there might be complains from fans of cast who got excluded.

    3. Besides Jason Chan and Edwin Siu, every other newly promoted new generation siu sang in in this TC series lol 😀

  18. SOAS in uk is a very good university in uk for languages. Not like the ones that many TVB artist come out from that youve never heard of and claimed they have been there!!!
    The guy is good at presenting shows not sure about series though…

  19. I think that he was good in BHFD and I’m looking forward to see more of him. By the way, he’s Brittish accent is very cute 🙂

    1. awww he has a British accent? that’s hot ahaha

      1. Yup, he has! In BHFD he had a scene where he spoke English and I just thought he was so adorable!

  20. Gotta watch the series then only can make comment about his acting… but this guy has a good background to start off with..

  21. TVB promoting Jason? i thought once b4 TVB was talking bout Him Law blah blah blah… that they even arranged lisa Wang to cast side-by-side Him Law to boost his popularity? has it gotta do with the nude pic scandal?

    1. Well, its not like TVB will only promote one person to become siu sang. Cant put all their eggs in one basket. . esp if its just Him who has quite a lot of bad press from, well, day one really.

      Jason seems to be a safe and smart choice. He has a perceived cleaner background, smart and different image from the others of his crop who are mostly the typical Mr HK.

      It seems to me like Tvb is going to be promoting Him, Edwin and Jason

      1. Honestly, I dont care who TVB gonna promote, most importantly is the guy has to be handsome, tall and has good acting skill. No use if tvb to promote those who has handsome face but lack of acting skill, it will just kill the series fast.

      2. @Veejay: How about good acting but not handsome and tall?

      3. Like who for example? some ppl are execeptional.. it depends who u r talking about.. if it’s bowie then it should be okay.

      4. I don’t know who you are considering as not handsome :D. I only ask because you mentioned of 2 groups: (1) Handsome, tall, good acting and (2) Handsome, tall but not good acting. Therefore I asked for the third group: Not Handsome, tall but good acting.

        Your requirements of being handsome is out of my assumption. And I scare that if I give assumption to your taste, someone might say that I always assume :(.

      5. No worries Veejay, we all know Tvb don’t care much abt acting skills. The guys/girls they promote might not considered as handsome/beautiful by everyone however they won’t fall into the ugly category.

        Tvb don’t have much talents left and even if they did it’s of no use since most of their scripts are utterly rubbish.


        who on earth is brave enough to criticize you? It’s almost like a death wish 🙂

      6. @fox,

        Well, I don’t mind watching not so handsome actor but with good acting skill onscreen, like for eg. Bowie & bobby. Both have great acting skill.

        hahaahah, I dont think Fox is that scary at all..just don’t talk bad about LF that will do the saving hehe.

      7. You see, someone is touched :P.

        Veejay, you can talk bad about LF as much as you want, I don’t mind. But if there is any incorrect points, I’ll show them to you in reply :).

        I’m a good girl and everyone know that, just someone is in the mood of jealous, LMAO~. Ok, kidding.

        And Veejay, then you have to supplement your comment or ppl can understand that you only care for look, hehe. We both don’t hope ppl can misunderstand us, right?

      8. hehe maybe I’m not you, I dont care so much of how others will of think of me even I have missed out the “not handsome but great acting skill” since I never plan to be precise anyways and ppl here are more concern of Jason and his future with tvb. 🙂

      9. Let’s just say that if you want :D. About Jason Chan, he can have a very bright future if his role in Bliss is loved.

      10. Haha Veejay, I know already that’s why I don’t dare to make any comments with regards to prince charming even though im only pointing out facts, LOL.

        Im afraid someone will say that I think im always right and a liar 🙁

      11. Lolz, so exoidus, next time if you comment anything about prince charming blah blah, I’ll do my copy and paste work for you to see, har? You said it so you can rmb your words, dear.

        Last time’s lesson to you is: Never promise something that you can’t do, or ppl will think of you as a liar.

      12. Lol funny how I dont even find most of the new guys hot, even the Mr HK ones.

        And I agree, I would prefer strong acting skills. I mean I would rather watch Roger than … well, Ron lead lol, probably even over Kevin as well let alone these guys. But I do think Jason is cute and his acting isn’t as bad as some of the others.

      13. Yeah I will not make direct comments abt prince charming but I will still make comments abt the environment around him, LOL.

        To be fair you labelled long before that. Besides there was a clause, but you just don’t want to hear it. Even if you ignore the clause technically I still haven’t lied since there’s no time limit.

      14. @exoidus: After reading your statement, the first thing come to my mind is LMAO

    2. As long as that actor has affinity with the audience, TVB will promote him. Thank goodness it’s now Jason’s time, because he’s been around for a while. As for Him, well, he already has a huge film company backing him up, so I don’t think TVB really considers him a priority.

  22. How can we compare Jason Chan with Him Law? Jason is a well-educated, simple and down-to-earth guy while Him Law is not quite the same. Him Law has tons of love affairs, hit his ex girlfriend, and would do almost anything to make money.

    Jason has a very good and clean background. He looks very sincere and genuine.

    1. DON RELI KNOW MUCH ABOUT this jason guy but i gotta agree with u. His b’ground is still clean unlike the previous past of Him law

      1. Not only his background is clean but he’s quite loaded too, parents operating restaurant in UK and elder bro is a dentist??

        Bet he’ll be another diamond bachelor if his popularity rise from this series..

    2. Yes totally agree with u, Jason has a good background and very good education. Can’t really compare with Him Him. I still don’t like him as an actor and goodluck with his upcoming series as lead.

    3. Everyone has a past. Never say never until some inquisitive reporter digs out some unpaid taxes or broken hearts or jealous lovers, etc. Of course nothing too scandalous as compared to poor Him “Really bad luck!” Him who certainly needs a huge tub of water filled with 1st class pamelo leaves.

    4. “and would do almost anything to make money.”

      Well, maybe you should also consider that Jason’s already well-off with or without TVB, while Him Law pretty much has to rely on his career’s paycheck.

  23. In fact, I think it is a good choice to pair Jason Chan with Linda Chung. They seem to have the same kind of personality …. raised outside of Hong Kong with western culture …… and have similar simple family life background.

  24. Actually this promotion isnt quick enough! He has been around for a while already. Compare with what they tried (& fail) with Ron Ng!!!!
    Background is impt- I’m sure Jason’s will work favorably for him, now that they finally decide to promote him!
    He’s really cute & tall, hope he’ll do well!

    1. Agree with you that Jason has been in the industry for a while and only now he got promoted by tvb. And ha-ha to Ron Ng, the way you described him is really funny but I think he did quite well in L’escargot? Atleast his facial wasn’t that wooden during crying scene hehe.

    2. Ron Ng didn’t fail though. He’s still got a hell lot of loyal fans, and he was quite the “it guy” several years back. He’s falling out of favor now, yes, but I wouldn’t call him a failure.

      1. Agree that Ron Ng has a lot of die-hard fans, but his fans give him too much support no matter Ron’s acting is good or not. Instead of supporting and encouraging Ron, his fans get into trouble with other idols’ fans all the time. It will eventually ruin Ron’s relationship with other artistes.

      2. yeh like what happened to the anti-ruco protest those Ron fans carried out. it backfired and made him look sooo bad

  25. I really think Jason chan is very handsome! Forgot which drama he was in a few years back that he have a cameo role. He resembled Daniel wu to mr n doesn’t even look like Raymond lam.

  26. TVB makes so many dang series a yr, why does anyone bother to fuss when TVB gives one of several dozen roles to someone else other than what they have been used to seeing. there is more than enough 1st and supporting roles to go around. its just they have been giving and hoarding them all to only a few guys, we dont need to see the same face 5 times in a yr. Give us and the actor a break. there are ppl who have ability to rise with chance. Ron, Bosco, Raymond will never have the fanbase they have now without some significant opportunity to lead(Raymond In TOB). newbies are the ones that most often create breakthrus and turn into sensations overnight. they deliver something the others haven’t seen.

    GL to Jason, all naysayers will eat his dust when he becomes more popular than their own favs.

    1. from what I gather, the netizens are applauding the newcomers but they prefer TVB to promote more of those newcomers who have proven something such as Edwin and Benjamin, that’s why you see some are skeptical of Jason because unlike Edwin who are consistently good and likeable, and Benjamin who gain applause from the sircom and THC, Jason only has a sitcom.

      If you have noticed lately TVB has also put new leads such as Kenneth, Raymond Wong and Ruco in their series. Moses continue to have many series but Kevin, Bosco and Raymond lately are filming less TVB series and moving to mainland, movies and music.

      1. So let’s see if Jason can breakthrough and prove to Edwin and Benjamin’s supporters that he also can prove something.

      2. YES for Edwin, Him Him,Benjamin and Chris Lai. They’re so much better than Jason.

      3. “YES for Edwin, Him Him,Benjamin and Chris Lai. They’re so much better than Jason.”

        Not Chris Lai! He’s been acting for so long but still bad acting!

  27. Why Jason? JuSt have d good look but acting is no no

  28. Because he’s really handsome. And it’s about time they promote him!
    When I first saw him I was hoping they’ll promote him, he’s elegant!!!!
    Was disappointed that they dont give him meatier roles. These actors really need to practise before they can excel.
    Good Luck J !!!

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