Jason Zhang Finishes Concert Despite Injuries Midway

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Taking a tumble after the mid-rise platform structure he was on malfunctioned, Chinese singer Jason Zhang Jie (張杰) bore with the pain and completed the concert for his audience despite suffering back and hand injuries. Fans reacted with shock and worry when concert footage revealed the extent of his injury.

Continued Performing Till The End

On his October 15 concert, Zhang Jie was preparing to go on stage when the descending platform structure he was standing on suddenly malfunctioned, causing him to fall and land on his back. He instinctively moved to a safer platform by the side, but appeared to remain on the floor for a few moments due to the pain.

Getting up after a few minutes, the 38-year-old did not stop his performance to seek medical treatment, and only stepped offstage to bandage his injured hand after belting out two more songs as scheduled. He later went on to finish the three-hour long concert, while concerned fans rushed to the singer’s personal Weibo page and his studio’s page, to remind Zhang Jie to get his injuries thoroughly checked.

Stitches On Right Hand, 3 Months Needed for Recovery
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Updating his fans two days later on social media, Zhang Jie first apologized for making his fans worried, and revealed that he had stitches done on his hand, in addition to a “light fracture” of his lumbar traverse (a part of the vertebrae), which could be completely healed with just three months of rest, according to the doctor. Regretful about the less-than-perfect performance, Zhang Jie thanked fans for their support and concern, while the production unit blamed “continuous days of rain” for the malfunction, and acknowledged that more care should be taken in future.

Best known for songs such as “Love of the Dipper” <北斗星的愛> and “This is Love” <這就是愛>, Zhang Jie has attended international awards ceremonies such as Korea’s Mnet Asian Music Awards as well as American Music Awards.

Source: ETToday

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