Jay Chou Already Married Since May?

Jay Chou (周杰倫) once mentioned that he hopes to marry before he turned 35 years old. Having already turned 35 in January of this year, Jay missed his deadline. At a press conference for the Golden Melody Global Music Festival in June, Jay announced that he hopes to marry his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) in early 2015.

Despite Jay’s declaration, many rumors still plagued the couple. Earlier, it was rumored that Hannah was pregnant, which Jay quickly denied. It was then reported that Jay had proposed to Hannah on August 12 – the day of Hannah’s 21st birthday. Recently, tabloids claimed that Jay and Hannah had already registered for marriage in May.

According to Jay’s neighbor, Jay and Hannah had already registered for marriage in a low profile manner three months ago. Jay and Hannah had already moved in together, and is living in the same luxury housing complex as Jay’s mother. Another neighbor claimed that they always see Jay and Hannah shopping for groceries nearby.

In another report, Jay allegedly purchased two properties in the luxury complex Yuanta ONE in Taipei, and one of those houses was said to be Jay and Hannah’s new home.  The other house is for Jay’s mother.

All of these rumors were denied by Jay’s agency. The agency clarified that the couple did not secretly get married. Jay’s agency affirmed that Jay and Hannah’s marriage would not be kept a secret, and stated once again that Jay and Hannah’s wedding will take place in January 2015.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Is it Photoshop, botox or surgery? Her face looks awfully fake for someone so young.

  1. so lucky hannah quinlivan…jay chou is getting more handsome as he matured on and have great nice body too…jay chou is indeed golden bachelor due to his richness and low profile attitude

    1. OMG am I the only one that finds Jay Chou unattractive?? handsome??? really…!!! I would be saying the girl can do better..he may have talent..but handsome i think some people are going a bit overboard here..

      1. He used to look much uglier back then. Agree with muse he is looking much better as he aged.

      2. jay is fugly imho. dude is just rich.
        girl is beautiful but the photo up there makes her look uber old.

  2. I wonder what Jay sees in her other than looks.. I remember watching her on the heisehuimeimei many years ago and she was by far the most bimbo, meanest and untalented one. But maybe she changed over the years..
    Other than that congratulations to them both and wish them joy. (:

    1. She’s still relatively young but I highly doubt that bimbo personality has disappeared. Maybe it’s just easier to date those kind of girls since that won’t threaten his authority and whatever intelligence he has. I give you that he’s a good entertainer, but man, it clearly looks like he wants a trophy wife.

  3. I’ve been hearing about marriage between Jay and Hannah all this while but I don’t ever recall Jay proposing to her yet? Jay definitively has the upperhand in the relationship with him being rich and famous but hopefully he doesn’t pressure her into marriage just for his sake. Marriage is between two people who both must be ready, it seems though that Jay is making all the calls.

    1. @LOL

      Jay is another absolute control freak, but Hannah was always ready to be by his side. What you said about marriage is so true though, about both parties being ready for such a big step in their lives.

      1. Yea Jay is definitely a control freak! Guys like him cannot handle independent and successful women like Patty or Jolin. In fact his case is similar to Jimmy Lin who ended up marrying Kelly vs. Ruby because of his ego.

  4. And they aren’t the only ones. There is a HK couple who are already married, and there is a HK/T couple who just might be married too.

    Congrats to Jay and Hannah.

  5. That is not a flattering picture of Hannah. And I still can’t believe they are really going to get married/are married. From Patty Hou to this little girl?!

    1. Yup, from a matured woman to a teen literally since she was barely 18 when they started dating right?
      He’s rich so it’s not hard since most will probably go for his MONEY if not looks. haha lol

    2. Yeahh me too, i mean from jolin to patty to little hannah. She seems a nice girl but come on, he is like 14 years older than her. But yeahh with his money and fame, we all know the answer.

  6. Wait.. so if the report is true.. Hannah will forever have to live with her busy body Mother in Law? I mean seriously 2 condos in the same complex, one for mom-in-law and another for the couple? I want to see how long will this marriage last.

  7. all those people who commented how ugly Jay is -are just jealous.

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