Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan’s Fairy Tale Wedding in England

Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) held their wedding ceremony in England yesterday. The reception took place on the lavish grounds of Castle Howard, with 50 family and friends in attendance.

The couple shared wedding photos that they took in Europe in October, and announced that they had already registered their marriage secretly at the end of last year.

Although the wedding date was previously announced to be January 18, the ceremony actually took place one day earlier. Sharing her happiness on Instagram, Hannah wrote, “Thank you for everyone’s blessings. The ceremony was a day before and it’s finally completed!”

Fairy Tale Wedding

Wanting Hannah to experience a romantic wedding, Jay rented 300-year-old palace, Castle Howard, in England. The wedding is estimated to cost more than $2.5 million HKD.

Hiring a professional photography crew, Jay and Hannah toured Europe to take their wedding photos in October. Besides England, the pair flew to Germany, Czech Republic, and France to capture the scenic local backdrop for their photos. Appearing in beautiful gowns and outfits, Jay and Hannah posed as if they were a couple in a fairy tale wedding.

Although Jay and Hannah’s relationship was initially put in a negative light due to their large age gap, the two proved the strength of their relationship after four years of dating. Although raised in a single parent family, Jay hopes to also experience fatherhood soon. Jay said, “My greatest dream is to have a happy family.”

The couple will follow up with a wedding banquet in Taiwan in February or March, primarily to include relatives and friends who could attend yesterday’s ceremony in England.

Jay Chou wedding 3  Jay Chou wedding 2

Source: On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Good to see the younger generation of celebrities not hiding their love lives!!

  2. Her wedding dress definitely went along with the fairly tale theme. A lil bit 80’s for me. Next, is the baby!

    1. A tad “80s” for me too.

      Out of 3 pictures posted, I like #1 and #3. Worth the travel, backdrop and ‘costumes’ = all gelled well together.

      #2 with the horse was a tad much. So was the wedding pageantry.

      But that’s just my own 0.02 – to each their own.

      Congraz to the newlyweds. May they have an enduring journey filled with beautiful m’ries together.

    2. Her wedding gown is beautiful….with a heart shape cut out…marrying in January,,,probably a baby end of this year if jay’s wish comes true.

      1. Taste is personal.

        I actually disliked the contrived heart cut out, and found it somewhat cheesy and fussy.

        Naturally fluid would have been preferable, with more focus on the intricacy lace or beading. Or just go au naturel bare – she has the youth to flaunt it and her train was so elaborate, it would have staged it well.

        Again, to each their own.

  3. Obviously, money is no object for them but I do find touring for wedding pictures rather bizarre. It’s all rather… staged. I guess everything had to be perfect for President Chou.

    But of course, congrats to them.

    1. ” Perfectionism” in this case is subjective.

      Taiwanese do like lavish Baroque-ish gowns though – I recall a couple of Taiwan classmates having to fly back to Taiwan for their rather (imo) ‘wayang’-staged lavish pictures with elaborate somewhat OTT gowns. As opposed tasteful, natural and meaningful simplicity or focus on good cuts, and detailing in beautiful beading, details or texture.

      Again, to each their own. Anyhow I also come lacking insight on the many cheesy ways to spend money or the ostentatious display of price tags; when a whole line up of other better needy causes await.
      Coco Lee inclusive(she’s also hails from Taiwan).

      1. I think the cut of the dress is nice and fits the bride great.

        Aslo, if I had the money I would want to have (what I consider) the best wedding too. You only live once and (hopefully) marry once too. It’s his money and he worked for it, so.

    2. It depend on the place where you live.
      In the country where I live, pre wedding picture is a normal thing. Everyone do it. The rich pay to go to abroad to take picture, the middle class go to local tourism place and so on.

      1. I DO understand the culture-mindset behind it. It’s less crazy where I now live (Canada) and where everything’s cheaper.
        In Singapore $2000 per hotel table for 10 guests was the average norm. And since normally people had at least 200-300 guests that’s 40K on dinner banquet circus-show costs alone. Not counting yet bridal package for bride and entourage, hair and makeup artistes and day/ night sessions, exotic floral package, photography, the various catering buffets for church /lunch / tea receptions … easily already adding up to the $100k – $200 000 range with every exquisite detail escalating the budget (custom cards, takeaway gifts, special confectionery, liqour corkage etc etc etc)upwards.
        BUT step back … what really is the pt and stress?

        That same money could be spent going off to entire Europe at nice hotels, after having an intimate reception in a classy hotel with special people that really matter (less than 30)… more meaningful.
        In ONE (not multiple) custom Vera Wang gown.
        With significant left over $ to donate to a good charitable cause to commemorate this special event.

  4. That is a huge horse.

    Now this is a wedding with min fuss. They say gonna marry and they did. End of story.

    Looks like a cool wedding. His money and his bride and so their decision on how best to spend and display. I don’t think this will be either party’s only marriage but for what it is now lovely wedding.

    1. Wow got ochestra!! Her wedding dress is like Mary Antoinette type definitely all out for this wedding.

      1. haha, now that i think about it. you’re right about her wedding dress being like mary antoinette type. well, we all know what happened to that lady.

  5. happy to see positive comments on this couple despite the age gaps. wondering why ray lam and karena can’t get such blessing…?

    1. could it be Hannah keeps low profile and has more brains than karena?

    2. Maybe because they don’t try to sell snake oil (like Sugar Daddy LF and Little Sugar BB Karena)?

    3. well, i think jay chou is more successful than raymond lam. jay is like a heavenly king type, raymond is not quite there yet.

      1. jay chou is definitely more successful than Raymond, who is not fantastic as a singer nor actor.

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