Jay Chou and Ruby Lin Escape Kaohsiung Gas Explosion

The gas pipeline explosion in Kaohsiung, Taiwan yesterday ruptured four streets and killed at least 26 people while injuring 269 others. With many houses burned down, hundreds of people had to evacuate the city. It turns out that Taiwanese celebrities Jay Chou (周杰倫), his fiancé Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌), and Ruby Lin (林心如) were also in the city at the time of the explosion.

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Return to Taipei Safely

A few hours before the explosion, Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan were spotted shopping at the Ruifeng Night Market. Many fans worried about their safety. A day after the incident, Jay released a statement through his record label to assure the public that he is well, also revealing that he has already safely returned to Taipei. Jay gave his blessings to the victims of the explosion, “Praying for the friends in Kaohsiung who are injured and have lost their families. Wishing that their spirits and injuries will recover soon.”

Hannah’s manager stated that although her family lives in Kaohsiung, they live far away from the explosion site and are safe. Hannah has also returned to Taipei.

Ruby Lin Close to Explosion Site

Ruby Lin, who was filming a project in Kaohsiung, narrowly missed the explosion. She was filming at a hotel that was located near the outbreak. When it happened, she initially thought it was an earthquake, but it was not until after reading the news when she discovered that it was a gas pipeline explosion. “I heard the sounds of fire trucks all night. God save Kaohsiung,” she said.

Kenji Wu Sends Blessings

Singer Kenji Wu (吳克羣) immediately called his parents, who live in Kaohsiung, when he heard about the explosion.  Hearing that they are safe and sound, Kenji took to his Facebook to send his blessings, “Add oil, Kaohsiung! Add oil, my hometown!”

Kenji was shocked when he heard about the explosion and expressed that he now feels much smaller and helpless. “These disasters can happen anywhere and at any time. It can happen at the alley you used to walk through or the streets you used to walk on. Those who get injured may turn out to be your family or friends. This is really terrifying! I want to cry!”

Kenji donated 1 million NTD to the Kaohsiung social relief foundation and added, “I am thankful to the heroes of the explosion, and I will be waiting for the injured to recover soon.”

Mayday and Peter Ho Donate

As the ambassadors of the City of Kaohsiung in the last three years, Taiwanese band Mayday (五月天) immediately sent their blessings to the city. The five members of the alternative rock band donated 5 million NTD  to the social relief foundation and gave an additional 15 million NTD from the money earned in their charity concert Just Love It. Ironically, the explosion happened on the same night Mayday held their charity concert in the Taipei Arena.

“This is unbelievable,” said Mayday on their official Facebook page. “Friends of Kaohsiung, make sure to be mindful and careful. To the residents who live near the explosion, evacuate as soon as possible.”

Mayday’s junior label mate, Chinese singer Della (丁噹), also donated 969,000 NTD.

Though Peter Ho (何潤東) is currently overseas, his heart is still with Taiwan. This morning, he immediately left a sad message online and said, “Why are the Heavens always testing us… nonstop natural and man-made disasters. Please pray for the victims, as well as the four heroic firemen who sacrificed their lives to save them.” Peter immediately contacted his manager in Taiwan and donated approximately 1 million NTD to the families of the deceased firemen.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. >>>“Add oil, Kaohsiung! Add oil, my hometown!”

    Are u sure you want to add oil at this time??

    1. Add oil in chinese is Jiau You or Ka Yau which means trying hard/work hard towards a goal. It is not making a situation worse. Sound alike but not in that context.

  2. AnQue. The phrase ‘add oil’ is a literal translation is a common encouragement saying meaning either good luck, try hard, don’t give up, etc dependent on content of the situation. It doesn’t mean to really add oil to the fire.

  3. Since Jay is made of money, he should donate. 1 million is nothing to him

    1. he makes more money than all of them combined. there was an article on top earners and he was very high up on the list. if anything, it looks like those celebrities who have less actually give more. a shame on jay chou.

      1. You’re assuming he hasn’t donated. There are some who give without fanfare.

  4. 2014 is officially Annus horribilis and it is just August. Horses… what a year from the horse’s mouth!

    1. Right on….Taiwan & M’sia are on the same boat or rather riding the same eerily ominous horse.

  5. Jay is engaged? Aaaaw man! XD He outranked even Andy Lau back in 2012-ish to be the top earner in Asia entertainment circle.

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