Jay Chou Promises “No More Delays” in Marrying Hannah Quinlivan

Earlier, Jay Chou (周杰倫) announced that he plans to marry his 21-year-old girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) in time for his 36th birthday on January 18, 2015. However, their wedding date may come earlier than expected. At a recent event, Jay said there cannot be any more delays and hinted that he plans to move forward their wedding plans to the end of the year.

On September 14, Jay attended a press conference for the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am, one of the world’s biggest celebrity golf tournaments. As the event’s ambassador, Jay will have the chance to compete with Hollywood stars such as Nicole Kidman and Captain America star Chris Evans, who are scheduled to appear as well. Jay joked that he hopes to have the chance to see Captain America’s muscles.

A few days ago, Jay wore what resembled to be an engagement ring on his ring finger. However, he did not wear the ring at the Pro-Am event. Jay explained, “Whatever I wear to events, including accessories, are determined by my stylists. When it comes to rings, I don’t care which finger they want me to wear it on.”

Jay will be releasing his new album in December. Asked if the launch of his album will collide with his wedding date, Jay said, “I need to do something very significant in my life before I turn 36. Starting a family sounds pretty good.”

The talented singer-songwriter hinted that he plans to wed Hannah as soon as December. “I have delayed my album many times before, so that comes first. However, there can be no more delays for my wedding.”

Marriage Proposal in the Maldives

In August, it was reported that Jay had successfully proposed on a trip to the Maldives celebrating Hannah’s 21st birthday. Jay’s mother, along with ten other close friends, were present during the proposal.

Reporters contacted Hannah in Taipei about the soon-to-come wedding. Hannah responded through her manager, “There will still be some jobs lined up for me at the end of the year. When the wedding comes, the company will announce it.”

Source: Oriental Daily; Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Yup he cant wait to knock her up and call her his arm candy for the rest of her life.

    1. Sooner or later, she’ll want to make her own decisions instead of being controlled by Jay Chou. That’ll be the beginning of the end but he’ll be done with the Hannah Quinlivan baby-making machine by then. Young women who marry much older men (especially before becoming “independent”) are just asking for trouble.

    1. What the hell does she see in him. Could do a lot better. Find someone younger and a lot more handsome than this.

      1. I think she’s going for his very handsome-looking bank accounts.
        She might look like your average young white bimbo but she’s not totally dumb like her pureblooded bretherens. After all, she’s still has some recent East Asian blood as well.

      2. Erm… for starters he’s Jay Chou. He probably can have practically any chick he wants.

  2. Don’t mind the age gap, I just find weird that they’re together. Lol
    Anyways congratulations to them and hope for happiness,

  3. I find it funny that there are people hating on Jay Chou, saying he’s ugly and don’t know why Hannah would like him, etc. I bet if any of you hating on his looks (you’re obviously superficial as hell, if the only thing you consider is looks) would kiss his feet if he asked you out.

  4. She looks like a pretty plastic barbie. She can do much better with her career than get married at 21 to an ‘average’ looking guy. Weird that she’s working in the asian entertainment industry. With her looks, she can easily score jobs in other parts of the world

  5. Honestly I feel that you guys shouldn’t judge someone just based on his looks. It’s simply gross, superficial and naive.

    Not trying to side him but just think that we should be fair.

    Firstly, he’s not exactly that ugly looking. Come on. There are even worse looking people. Just compare him with them. (Shan’t state the names out as it’s not very nice). People, don’t be too extreme. He’s just moderately looking. Not that horrible.

    Secondly, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You guys might define him as ‘ugly’. But opinions varies greatly for different people. Who knows, Hannah might sees him as a good looking guy.

    Thirdly, it’s not just about looks. It’s more about the character and sometimes talent too. Character wise, he might have some negative news once in a while. But it’s undeniable that he’s indeed a very filial son. (Just watch some of the interaction between him and his mom as well as how he treats his mom) one good example will be that he doesn’t forget his mom even when he works. He wrote a song ‘听妈妈的话’ dedicated to his mom and named his album after his mom’s full name. Furthermore, regardless of how much you hate jay chou, you cannot deny that this guy do have talent. Hannah might be attracted to him cause of either of this. Or maybe his money(?) But we’ll never know till years later maybe. Just saying that we should look at the good sides too.

    There’s one friend of mine who is a great fan of jay chou (a girl). She ‘fell in love’ with him cause of his music talent(the way he sings and the songs that he composes). She describes him as charming, attractive and handsome in a unique way. Stating this example to show that there are many of his fans that might feel this way too. Which explains his immense popularity when he just started in the music industry. I just feel that, Sometimes when we don’t agree/cannot understand why people think that way or why ppl do things that way, we shouldn’t simply say that they’re wrong.

    1. Asians and Chinese in general, are very judgmental in the looks department. Being handsome or pretty is the only important attribute. Character, personality, talent, intelligence are never under consideration. Only those with fair skin and big eyes qualify as gorgeous people.

      1. …guys’re not spared either. They’ve to have a fat bank balance, have to be a doctor or his own boss, successful, etc. Same level of superficiality. More so now than ever.

    2. He’s not handsome but he is talented, successful, rich and eager to marry and have children.

      Looks for men shouldn’t matter as long as he has money and security, likewise for women, brains do not matter as long as she is slim, beautiful with a beautiful body.

      Yes these are labels but that’s the way the world works. I am sure she is a fan of his. There are many admirable qualities of Jay Chou and I am sure Jay isn’t only attracted to her personality. Quid pro quo.

    3. That’s true! I like him a lot because of his music.
      But there’s only one thing worrying me is Hannah. I don’t mind their age gap, but I always thought she wanted to be a model her having kids at this age is a bit young. I hope they’re not pressured…
      Despite his rumours / private life / negative crap I would still listen to his music

  6. Iknow he wants to marry her, considering his age and also start a family as soon as possible. But is she ready to settle down, considering her age and have babies? If she wants to, fine. If she doesn’t, isn’t he a bit selfish for pressuring her? And then end up like Isabella leong who had co many children even before she hit mid 20s?

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