Jay Chou Wants to Get Married Before January 2015

After a four-year relationship with 20-year-old model Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌), Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou (周杰倫) is ready to get married. At the Global Music Festival yesterday, Jay expressed the desire to tie the knot before January 2015.

“The most ideal time would be before January next year, before I turn 36. I also hope to have children very soon,” Jay explained. However, despite his wish in wanting to have a child in the near future, he denied Hannah’s pregnancy rumors, and said timing is still not right for this matter yet.

Consistently topping the list as one of the wealthiest Chinese celebrities, Jay lives a fairly simple lifestyle. While many celebrities prefer maximum privacy and often wear facemasks, Jay prefers to act more naturally in public by simply being himself. This easygoing lifestyle is reflected in Jay’s relationship with Hannah. Despite his intentions to get married within half a year, Jay has yet to buy an engagement ring.

The couple often takes international vacations together with Jay’s mother. With their relationship becoming bolder, it is speculated that Jay wants to slowly test the waters and see the public’s reaction towards his marriage plans.

Hannah’s manager responded that Hannah will have a very busy schedule for the rest of the year and is unclear about the marriage rumors.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wonder if she really loves him or his bank account. It’s obvious but possible could be a little bit of loving in there 😛
    It sucks because Jay listens to his mama for every little thing. This Hannah girl has to please her Mother In Law and Husband at the same time. Imagine living with your MIL..YIKES! Some people are blessed with a good MIL but what are the chances?

  2. well good luck.. but the age differences doesn’t bold well…

    1. Hi ???,
      Age gap doesn’t really matter. The most important thing here is both of you can click despite the age gap. If both of them feel comfortable and has no communication barrier then so be it.

      1. Age does matter in this case, considering he was 32 and she was 16 when they started dating…

      2. @Irene but so glad they aren’t. 🙂 I wouldn’t want such a talent to be a creep either.

        We are in a time where age isn’t an issue as long as the communication is there, as Bloom said. So many of my guy friends actually dig older chicks.

      3. “So many of my guy friends actually dig older chicks.”

        Maybe because they are looking for more than just a baby-making machine to take full advantage of (before their brain matures).

    2. @Irene – I totally missed the 4 year relationship declaration ..

      OMGEEEEE … Kind of creepy!!!

    3. Not to mention, racial differences. If you looked around, you’d soon notice interracial marriages mostly never last.

      1. she’s half asian, so technically not 100% IR marriage. just like if Halle Berry had married a black guy, it’s technically not IR marriage, since she’s half black.

      2. Bunko, she, like many Eurasian females, have a white person’s mindset even when one parent is Asian. That’s all that matters.

        Cultural & racial differences are not that trivial after all when it comes to marriages.

  3. “After a four-year relationship with 20-year-old model Hannah Quinlivan ”

    You mean they started when she was 16? Sick!!

    1. Yep, sick indeed. Hannah better prepare for the worse by building her career/independence. Cuz, sooner or later men will stray after they’re done with the baby-making machine.

      1. Somebody (who cares about this girl) needs to make Hannah spend a week/month in a house caring for a newborn. She’s clueless. And, it doesn’t sound like she has a choice about her future with him.

      2. Hey,they can definitely afford to hire help so it is not like she will be doing it all herself.

    2. HAH! much more cause of alarm compared to Raymond and Karena’s age gap. At least he started dating her when she was 20 or 19…

      1. Trust me… a mentality of a 16 years old female and a 20 years old female is really different. Women tends to mature faster, and the 4 years difference means a great deal..

    3. I do not think it is that sick. My aunt had her first baby at 16. My uncle was in his early 20s. But then again maybe marrying young back in those days were more acceptable?

      1. Hetieshou: yeah, many people during those days married at a very young age so i think it’s more normal then now lol

  4. Yuck!!! Is that even legal to date someone as young as 16???????he should know better . What a nasty perverted man.

  5. Don’t know about Taiwan, but in HK, the age of consent is 16 if you can believe that.

  6. Hope she knows what’s shes doing. My teens and early twenties was spent discovering my independence and self. What I wanted in a man from 16 to 20 to now (27) has certainly changed and I am definitely not the same person. Hope she’s doing this for more than money.

  7. Thought she was older….gosh, marrying so much older than yourself at such a young age isn’t so smart…perspectives will change when ones older

  8. I really like the robot crystal necklace that Hannah wore. Very unique and fresh! Mr Chou has a good taste with finding the Ms Right.

  9. Whoa…that’s Jay’s infamous gf? I didn’t know she’s that young. And beautiful. Is Hannah mixed?

    1. Yes Hannah is mixed. Her mom is Taiwanese and her dad is Australian.

    2. @Hannah

      Yes, she is mixed. Her father is white and Australian, while her mother is Taiwanese. She started dating Jay a little over two years ago when she was closer to 18, and not 16as mentioned.

  10. Wow, nice catch for Jay. This way he could cherish her youth and beauty for many more years to come. Looks to be a very sweet girl as well.

    1. and after her youth and beauty fade, he can find fresher meat.

  11. 20s are your best younger years…i hope he is not pushing her to get marry, she’s still too young. i view him differently knowing he was dating her when she was only 16 years old but i guess if it was me then i couldn’t had refuse jay too lol.

  12. I thought he started dating her when she was 18?
    Wow I worry for her since she had always aspired to be a model, and now she would have to have kids once they marry which is really early for her …
    Well.. as long as they’re happy.

  13. btw – is this girl the classy model or the HK lang mo type?

  14. 4 year relationship!!! OMG he dated her when she was just 16.

  15. Wawwww,jay’s girlfriend is so young and pretty,congrats to you jay and we’re wait your good news

  16. she is so pretty. i hope she knows what she’s getting herself into.

    1. She does. It’s he doesn’t. Mr Chou had better get a good lawyer for some ironclad prenuptial agreements so he won’t end up losing his not-insignificant wealth to her. Classic.

  17. She was half his age when they started dating. ._.

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