Jaycee Chan Blames Father, Jackie Chan, for His Wayward Behavior?

Jaycee Chan (房祖名) was recently sentenced to six months of prison for marijuana use in China. Both Jaycee’s parents, Jackie Chan (成龍) and Joan Lin (林鳳嬌) were absent at the hearing on January 9. Spending a lot of time reflecting while in remand, Jaycee reportedly expressed unhappiness with Jackie for showing insufficient fatherly care, thus leading Jaycee to mix with the wrong crowd and picking up bad habits.

Turns to Drugs for Release

Allegedly, Jaycee wrote three long letters to his mother Joan, expressing his remorse. He explained that he experiment with drugs because of the bad crowd he was mixing with, and started relying on drugs to soothe himself whenever he felt upset.

Jaycee also wrote about the struggles he faced growing up in a famous family, and revealed that the expectations of fame placed a lot of pressure on him. He then expressed his unhappiness with Jackie for not showing him enough concern. Nevertheless, Jaycee was aware that both parents had gone to great lengths to help him because of his arrest, and felt both guilty and grateful. He promised Joan to turnover a new leaf.

Managers Denies Veracity of Letters

However, the veracity of the letters’s content was doubted by Jaycee’s manager, Steven, who said, “That’s impossible! Jaycee would never make such irresponsible statements. Furthermore, every single letter he writes would first have to go through his lawyer’s inspection. I can be sure that these so-called letters are not real.” On the subject of Jaycee’s upcoming press conference and whether he will hold it in Hong Kong or Beijing, Steven said he would respect Jaycee’s decision on the location and time.

Steven addressed the rumor that Jaycee would be making a comeback sometime after the Lunar New Year, and said he was not aware of such plans. Steven also asserted that Jaycee was not in a hurry to make a comeback, “I don’t even know if he wants to return to the entertainment industry full-time.”

Steven added that Jackie would not offer any assistance to Jaycee with his career. He then revealed that the consequences of Jaycee’s marijuana scandal have been fully borne by the management company, which has paid off Jaycee’s costs for breaking engagement contracts. As for whether Jaycee’s scenes would be cut from the Chen Kaige (陳凱歌) film, A Monk In a Floating World < 道士下山>, Steven said this would depend on the director.

Source: Chinayes.com

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Media always make up stories to make money. These rumuors can destroy a person or family. As for if Jaycee ever blame his dad then he hasn’t reflected enough on his wrong doings. Everybody has a choice. If you choose to go the wrong path you’re resonsible for your own actions. Dont blame someone else for your stupidity.

    1. Very true. He’s an adult, he should own up to his mistakes. Putting a blame on someone else only shows you don’t see what you did was wrong.
      OK, so maybe his dad was not involved in his life, or that he didn’t feel he was loved blah blah blah, every person shows his love for his children differently, and Jaycee is not the only one with a less involved dad, there are countless others, and they have grown up to be a positive contributors to society.

      I wonder if anyone else from his group felt unloved?

    2. But the lack of care he had growing up could lead him to relying on other things for comfort. (Like how some girls have daddy issues) Sadly for him, it’s drugs that he relied on.

      I had a teacher who once said, people always think it’s the poor ones or those who aren’t well off that does drugs, but it’s usually the rich kids.

      I don’t think it’s wrong for blaming his dad (as the reason why he started to do drugs), but in the end it is his own personal problem when he couldn’t find a better way to relieve pain. If this article is true, about how he felt guilty and grateful for his parents during the time of his arrest, then it’s a good thing that he has changed. The type that would come out as a better man, imo.

      1. I have to disagree, when you turn to ‘anything’ for comfort, it’s a choice you made, right or wrong, you’re an adult, your decisions, your mistake. Own it.

        He can’t blame his parents for neglect that pushes him towards to path he’s on. He chose to walk that path. The blaming game should stop when you are 21.

    3. He’s already 32 and old enough to know what is right and what is wrong. If he blamed his dad for his wrong-doings, then he’s behaving like a little boy who blame everyone but himself. A lot of guys his age are already fathers. Jaycee, grow up and stop hiding behind your mum!

    4. This is just pathetic!
      If he really wants to blame something, then he should blame the Chinese government for chucking him in prison for absolutely nothing.
      Jaycee, you made one very very wrong decision: you decided to live in China, a country that takes away your freedom, censors you, and favours totalitarianism when it comes to governing. I hope when you get out of prison, you move to Amsterdam and smoke pot everyday, whenever you feel like it, and realize that it’s perfectly ok for an adult man to choose to smoke pot if he so wants to…because it’s not a crime and it’s really not that big a deal.

      1. I can safely assume that you are smoking pot while writing this, hence your distorted and wrong vision to all the youngsters in the world.

        Only a like-minded person will encourage another to do the same, and in your case you must be a pot smoker.

  2. What type of father is Jackie CHan??
    Guess he only care fr himself. Poor Joan Lin & Jaycee.

    1. What type of person is Jaycee?

      Blaming the father for his own problem

      1. Because so long as Jaycee casts the blame elsewhere, he will not change.

    2. it’s jaycee’s fault. he’s an adult and should be responsible for his own actions.

    3. He may not be a good father, but this drug thing is not his fault. This is a 30 year old guy we’re talking about, not a 3 year old kid. Are people just finding it fun to hate on Jackie Chan?

  3. Didn’t Jackie buy a house for Jaycee?
    I think the media is just stirring up stuff.
    If This happened when Jaycee was young, I wouldn’t blame him but he’s like in his 30s now…

    1. Money can’t buy anything. Jackie Chan is undeniably a horrible father. A good parent would be very involved in his child’s life and not forget how old or which school his son attends. Not to mention, Jackie is also a despicable figure. He cheated on his wife (and used money to get rid of the mistress). How irresponsible is that. It’s amazing that he is still so “respected” in the industry. I wouldn’t care less to acknowledge him if I see him in person. He doesn’t deserve any fame

    2. What if he already started at the age of 15. Getting caught at 32 doesnt mean he just started.

  4. Jaycee Chan is 32. He has no physical nor mental disability, is a reasonably healthy man. He’s not a child nor a teen anymore. Stop playing the blame game! if you can’t separate from what’s right and wrong when you’re 32, it’s time to give up life (b)itch.

  5. (While the Chan father and son aren’t known for their ‘good lofugloks’ – those 2 pictures up there are sure fugly)

    Jaycee sounds like one of those “woe is me” American stories which surface when relatives of a criminal always says “but he was such a good boy”. And blaming everything, everyone every single hardship that happened in his life which shape the criminal.

    Get a good lawyer who sells the story right, and the criminal will be spending time with a state-funded psychiatrist and lifetime therapy

    C’mon. There are more screwed up childhood experience and stories … and yet those people grow up to be exemplary people/pillars of society.

  6. It does not matter if those letters were real or not. With or without them, everyone knows what type of father Jackie Chan was – stingy, irresponsible, womanizer, arrogant, selfish, egoistic, smelly-mouth plus whatever negative traits one can name. It’s just Jaycee’s bad luck to have a father like that.

    1. I like how you describe Jackie Chan. He surely is. However, Jaycee Chan is 32 now not a kid anymore. He has to take responsibility for his own action instead of going to blame his fault on someone else or his parent for neglecting him. Besides, it’s too late for Jackie Chan to discipline his son now.

      1. But in this case, I think he’s just stating how he got into drugs, not necessarily blaming them for continuously using them.

        And I don’t think it’s too late to discipline him. Although he is an adult already, it’s never too late to change for the better.

  7. Jackie is a horrible father, husband, and not the best role model for lots of things, but you have to admit that he has worked hard to get to where he is. He has been through quite a bit since his beginnings in the industry and I commend him on that. Jaycee is how old now? If he can realize his fathers wrongs, why can’t he realize his own. If you can point out another persons faults, then you shouldn’t be using those as the excuse for your own actions. You have your own life to live, stop building it around others. I’m sure Jackie provided Jaycee with everything he needed, and it’s not like his mother wasn’t there for him. He probably thought he could do anything because his father is Jackie Chan, and to be quite honest if it weren’t for that fact, I am almost certain it wouldn’t only be a 6 month sentence. And they counted all the jail time starting from the day he was appremanded by the police. He got off easy.

  8. Well whether Jackie is a horrible dad or not,Jaycee is being a dckhead for pushing the balme to his dad. Didnt he has a very supportive mother who is always by his side??? And even if Jackie not a good dad, but he sure doesnt need to worry about food on the table and proper education fees. By this alone, he is very lucky already. Doing drugs is his CHOICE. No one force him . If an adult cant make a decision, dont push the blame to others

  9. jaycee is right,his father didnt care enough about him when he was young.jacky should have given him more whiplashes and beat him more so that he knows how to behave like a men.

    1. It’s not too late… maybe Jaycee will get a few in prison instead.

  10. It is both person fault. You can’t expect your son to grow up to be a good man when you do not take any fatherly role. Not to mention child neglecting. Having kid mean more than just putting food on the table and pay for expenses. It is discipline, teaching, and handing down knowledge that can help them as a person and going through life.

    Jaycee is not innocent either. He is a grown mean that need to take responsibility of his action. But I do think Jackie have a part of shaping how Jaycee is like now.

  11. Jackie is not only an absantee father but an awful father. The mother is mia too. So jaycee had cause to believe thst but at tha end of the day he only has himself to blame and answer to. Hoping he live a decent and full life and be a better father to his future children than his father was to him.

  12. They’re using this as a publicity stunt for Jaycee’s new project/film?

  13. Yea, I think the letter is fake. I doubt he’d say that at this point.

  14. I don’t think all blames should go to the father look at Jaycee’s stepsister JChan didn’t even lay a single eyes or helping her at all she grown up decently and happily with her mother care. So what all these blaming got to do with his dad.

  15. Let me just say, at the end of the day, a person needs to be responsible for what he/she did. Putting the blame on others is not an excuse or rationale for your actions Jaycee. The Chinese govt certainly did the right thing this time.

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