Jaycee Chan Reveals Father Jackie Chan has OCD and ADHD

On the mainland Chinese talk show Super Interview <超级访问>, Jackie Chan’s (成龍) son, Jaycee Chan (房祖名), revealed that his father has a “serious condition” of obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and mysophobia.

“He has a serious condition of OCD and ADHD,” exclaimed Jaycee to hosts Li Jing (李静) and Dai Jun (戴军). “He likes to use hand gestures a lot.” Asked if Jackie’s extreme personality has passed onto Jaycee himself, the 30-year-old star said, “Yes, a little bit, but I can control it better depending on the situation.”

Jaycee further revealed that Jackie Chan’s obsession with cleanliness is even more serious than his OCD and ADHD. Jaycee recalled seeing his father scrubbing the toilet at his friend’s house when they visited for dinner. “Halfway into our meal I realized my father was missing. I went to look for him and I found him in the bathroom [scrubbing the toilet]. I can’t stand this obsession of his. It’s good to be clean, but it’s seriously affecting others and I.”

Jaycee’s Compulsions

The Mulan: Rise of a Warrior <花木蘭> actor helplessly said that he inherited a little bit of his father’s OCD and ADHD, but claimed that it was “nothing too serious.” Jaycee also insisted that he does not have mysophobia like his father. “At least I don’t think I do,” he said.

What kind of minor obsessions and compulsions did Jaycee have? “My computer files have to be really organized. Actually, anything involving my computer has to be perfect, including the interface. Every file is separated into different specialized folders. Everything is very clear-cut. When I see someone with a messy desktop, I really want to detonate a bomb and explode. I feel awful when I don’t see an organized computer.”

Jaycee’s wardrobe, however, would not be as organized as his electronics. “When I need to find something, it’ll take forever. My father doesn’t really know about this yet, because my room is locked to my fingerprints.”’

Joan Lin’s Sacrifice

Jaycee also asserted that his father’s OCD indirectly pushed his mother, retired actress Joan Lin (林鳳嬌), to make a brief comeback performance in the superstar’s latest film, CZ12 <十二生肖>.

“For an entire year he begged her to make a cameo appearance in the film. My mother was basically forced to do it. It’s true. She felt a little embarrassed because she thought she was too old for something like that, but she wanted to help her husband.” Jaycee then added, “After so many years she still has to suffer and do things for him. She helped him look after his money and helped him take care of his kid. Even to the very last camera shot, he had to use Joan Lin.” Jaycee admires his mother, saying that she had sacrificed the most for her family.

Jaycee explained that his mother was the true main support behind Jackie Chan’s current business empire. “My mother spends every basic day in her life counting numbers for my father. She would have to look through all of my father’s contracts before it could be approved. It’s tiring. They say the producer for CZ12 was Jackie Chan, but it’s actually Joan Lin. My mother didn’t want her name on it, but honestly, in every single aspect of the production – including lighting, camera, crew – my mother was involved. The producer was my mother. She was the one signing many of the contracts. I can say that many of the big figures in the industry don’t like my mother because she’s very strict. Every single contract has to go through her first. My mother is so stressed about us that she is growing white hair.”

On His Lack of Involvement in “CZ12”

Though CZ12, which was promoted as Jackie Chan’s last action movie, included many cameo appearances of famous celebrities, Jaycee’s name was nowhere to be seen in the ending credits. Jaycee explained that while he did help out in the film’s post-production process, his involvement was minor.

“There’s a story to this. At the time I was really expecting myself to be involved with my father’s last major film in some shape or form. I didn’t get a chance to play a role, so I said fine, I’ll give my spot to Bolin Chen (陳柏霖). Bolin Chen then got really popular after filming CZ12, because coincidentally his television drama was airing at the same time. Honestly, I was the one who helped my father find this diamond in the rough.”

Jaycee continued, “I still participated in the film a little bit. I was involved in the film’s music. I wrote a song for my father, but in the end, because the licensing was not dealt with before the film’s premiere, my song never made it on the film when it was still playing in cinemas. I also sang a song, but that song only played after Leehom Wang’s (王力宏) ‘Chinese Zodiac’ finished playing. By then, many of the people would have left their seats. I’m actually pretty upset about that.”

Source: 3 Weekly #370 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. omg,i have the same obsession re my computer files! messy desktops and document folders make me sick!!

  2. “My father doesn’t really know about this yet, because my room is locked to my fingerprints.”’

    Damnnn fingerprints?? How high tech is his room lol!?!? I’m a messy person, and I’m fine with it actually. I guess I got that from my dad =/

    1. hahhaa, he’s mad rich~ what do u expect? a wooden door with no locks. better luck borning into a celebrity family next life xD i wonder if he is spoiled???

      1. I’m sure he is spoiled. Imagine having everything given to you without hard work? Any one would be completely mesmerized by the luxurious life. (which is also why his dad announced he won’t be giving any money to his son when he dies, most will go to charity instead)

      2. Jackie Chan is famous for being tough on JC. Hardly a coddled son at all.

      3. Jackie was abandoned & grew up dirt poor in a very strict orphanage. Jaycee was not coddled. Jackie has accomplished so much that he actually needed his family to do everything for him, except spend more quality time with them. he wanted to give them what he never had. Jaycee works hard. Most Asian homes,hotels,cars do not use keys…smarter than us 🙂 … as we spend hours looking for keys! cheers!

      4. yeah but Jackie said he regret not sending his son to the army to discipline him. I read an article somewhere saying Jaycee was incredibly spoiled by his loving mother. He didn’t do well at school too. Not to mention Jackie rarely spend time with his son because he is always busy with filming everywhere….

    2. Jackie was an absent father, Jaycee is understandably closer to his mom. Jaycee also did not bank on his father’s name to succeed, he in fact chose a different route. Jackie was and still is too harsh on a son he had no part in raising and Jaycee turned out alright, through no credit to Jackie. And I don’t believe he gave him a huge sum of trust fund to get by either. He had to work and Jackie is famously frugal, and I bet even to his own son. Imagine growing up away from your dad who does not acknowledge your mother, has affairs with many women, has an illegitimate child who he has yet to acknowledge and openly criticised by your very own father in public. Even Sammo Hung may be a better father and Timmy Hung may even disagree in that assessment!

      Give Jaycee a break.

      1. It will be nice if Jayne puts Jaycee’s photo at the top since the article is about him.

      2. Agree with Funn.
        Another thing to add – it’s good to know Jaycee is appreciative of his mother’s love and efforts.

      3. WELL SAID.

        Despite the ‘Big Brother’ to other stars, mega international stars etc status Jackie Chan commands ….
        As a dad and husband, he fails. Worse when he basically denied his ‘daughter’.

        Jackie gave hands-OFF fathering a new meaning.
        Joan was basically a single mother. Jaycee sometimes didn’t see his dad for as long as 2 years. I recall reading an article where Jackie didn’t even know his son had already moved to high school, and was at the elementary school looking for him.

        How wonderful it was to know about how your father is doing through the scandals with women that meet the newspapers.

        And IF Jackie had so much time to cavort with ladies who interested him, why couldn’t he make time for short visits back to his family??

        As for his wife, I used to feel sorry for her. But maybe she enjoys being the CFO (chief financial officer) of the Jackie empire and controlling all the purse strings …. so she feels living all her life in the shadow with an absent husband is worth that power.

  3. i also have an obesseion with cleaning and washing my hands :/ its pretty bad tooo…

  4. Poor guy shadowed by his father. Even they invited him for interview hardly asked anything about him, it’s all about his father…

    1. Yes, very tough on all children of famous parents. None of us should judge as we r not in their home.

  5. Is he so desperate for recognition that he feels the need to air his family laundry for all to see. It appears the name Jaycee Chan alone meant nothing, so to say Jaycee Chan, Jackie Chan’s son carry some weight. The interview gave me the impression he’s bitter, upset, dislike his father, while praises his mom like she’s the next best thing since slice bread. Without his mom, his dad is nothing.

    1. Behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman

    2. this was an interview & as all interviews much was left out & taken out of context. but, as we all have issues in our own families, we should not judge others. it’s hard to face the truth about people we look up to & admire. we all have our good side & bad. send blessings….. 🙂

  6. Omg my roommates always complain how I’m ‘too clean’ because everything in my room has its own place and my deskstop is like a filing cabinet! LOL

  7. nah…jaycee is nothing to be compared to jackie chan lah. it’s just a little prawn. at age of 30 but still not famous. he’s just not going far.

    1. Jaycee admits his father is incredible, but Jaycee has his own path behind the scenes which does not make him any less of a human being. He is into composing music even though of course Jackie is very strict on training his son growing up. Sometimes people find their own way later on in life. Why does Jaycee have to be famous? love them both. sending blessings.

  8. It’d be nice to have someone with OCD like Jackie Chan to come and visit. We can get free toilet cleaning 😛
    Too bad he’s rarely home. Joan can appreciate having a husband who will do a good job of cleaning up if the maids don’t measure up.

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