Jazz Lam Learns How To Be a Male Stripper

Jazz Lam (林子善) is possibly reconsidering his career as an actor!

Playing the role of a male stripper in the upcoming TVB drama Power Envoy <超能使者>, Jazz had to do a lot of dieting and training to prepare for his role. Appearing to set as a “rainbow knight”, Jazz took on the stage with his erotic dances. Co-star Grace Wong (王君馨) tossed money his way, and slipped thousand-dollar bills near his crotch. Jazz said, “I should just dance for a living. Why did I think about being an actor?”

It wasn’t easy to prepare for this role. In addition to strict dieting and training for three months, he also went through several wardrobe malfunctions to get the look right. “During the costume fitting, the brief broke, and the ‘bird’ just came flying out.”

Jazz shared that originally costar Joel Chan (陳山聰) was to do the scene with him, but the producer decided that the story would make more sense if Jazz completed the scene solo.

Grace joked that she should’ve recorded Jazz’s performance and send it to his wife. “Need to tell her that she’s very blessed!” she said with a laugh. Asking if she would ask her husband to perform for her, she said, “He’s rather shy. I don’t think he’s into this kind of stuff.”

A few days ago, co-star Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇) accidentally injured Jazz’s head with a broom stick while filming an action sequence. Jazz said, “It’s healed now. [Tiffany] is a very hard worker. It was an accident.”

Power Envoy also stars Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), and Sammy Sum (沈震軒).

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. very fit but something can’t be changed he a bit short on the height wise lol

    1. @vodka
      Right hahah and he’s not very good looking, dunno if he can dance for a living like he joked about

  2. He’s got the body for it, that’s all that really matters. This series looks interesting, especially with Sammy Sum, haven’t seen him in a tvb series in a while.

  3. I wonder who’s taller? Jazz, Wong Cho Lam, Alex Fong or Eric Tsang? I think his looks average better than Wong Cho Lam and Eric.

      1. @jcc10 well have you watch the drama Limelight Year the one with Linda Chung and Liza Wang I thought he looks short when he paired up with Linda or maybe it’s just me.

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