Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma Film “Flying Tigers”

Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma Tak Chung attended the costume fitting for TVB series, Flying Tigers <飛虎>. Prior to becoming an actor, Joe worked in the police force in the G4. Since  his role as a member of the Hong Kong Police’s Special Duties Unit (nicknamed Flying Tigers Unit) was different from his former professional experience as a G4 member, Joe will have to adequately prepare for filming. Although he will keep fit for the role, Joe said that he will not be using his muscular torso as a selling point.

Since Jessica will portray a member of the Hong Kong Police’s Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB) and there will be numerous action scenes, the producer of Flying Tigers requested Jessica to exercise more. “Wah! I got scared about the exercise requirement. Normally, I do not exercise at all!” In her normal routine, the only exercise that Jessica pursued was walking her dogs. The producer also noted that Jessica did not need to cut her hair short for the role, a style change that Jessica did not mind.   Jessica was most anxious about the gun firing scenes, since it was difficult to control the facial expressions while shooting a gun.

Oscar Leung Lit Wai and Christine Kuo will portray lovers in Flying Tigers and will share intimate scenes. Oscar laughed upon reflecting on the intimate scenes. Oscar noted that prior to entering the industry, Christine’s beauty was already noteworthy. Oscar was uncertain whether his collaboration with Christine will result in rumors.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Joe Ma is playing the masculine role of police officer again, which suits him very well. I’m not sure I want to see Jessica as a police officer, brutally attacking criminals. I think it is a waste of her acting talent. I’ll rather see her in more roles with psychological depth.

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  1. Jessica has a lot of potentials. It’s unfortunate that TVB didn’t treat her well. I’m glad she found happiness outside of her career.

    Definitely a lost for viewers though.

  2. Poor Jessica because Tommy Leung always uses her for his grand production but it’s not invented so much, especially the script and the promotional events.

  3. Haha, Oscar must be very happy pairing with a Christine Kuo.

    TVB didn’t treat Jessica well? She was one of the top 5 fadans in the 90’s and very favoured. She has lots of chance to star in big productions and has lots of meaty roles that some other actresses can only dream of.

    Secondly, Jessica is a veteran actress with more than a decade of experience. We are still talking about her potentials? Shouldn’t her potential been displayed long ago already?

    1. She’s a “slow-heat” type of actress. I find her recent love life allowing her a display a new style of portrayal. It’s very different from her previous performances. So to me, this is a potential that she did not get to tap into due to the change in TVB environment.

      Although she was top 5 fadans, she never gained the same respect as fadans like Gigi Lai, Ada Choi and Flora Chan.

  4. For some reason I’ve never been particularly fond of either Joe Ma or Jessica Hsuan. I’ve never been able to see him as handsome and she’s never been a beauty to me either. I think that her face just says “aggressive” to me and that’s not appealing, personally.

    However, I think Jessica is a pretty decent actress and I might watch this series simply only for the fact that I heard it’s short.

  5. I tink Jessica is a great actress. she not e type that u tink she is pretty or good in acting at first glance. But e more u seen in her u find pretty n she will bring out e role she acting regardless of a hopless or strong women/ like in cold blood warm heart,dif iv,golden faith n a step in e past. But i seriosly still luv her to pair up witn Louis Koo. Super HAV FEEL. Wish they will pair up again. .

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