Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma’s “Flying Tigers” To Be Aired in Weekend Time Slot

It was true that one will treat biological children more favorably. TVB was a prime example. Allotting departed artists, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and Bowie Lam’s (林保怡) series, When Heaven Burns <天與地>, in a “cannon fodder” time slot, TVB may once again treated its former artists, Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) and Joe Ma (馬德鐘), in a similar manner. Their new drama, Flying Tigers <飛虎>, will be airing in a weekend time slot, on Saturdays and Sundays [a time generally with lower ratings].

Joe Ma will be working for TVB’s rival station, City Telecom (CTI) while Jessica Hsuan did not renew her management contract and focused on filming in mainland China. Perhaps Jessica may even have a chance to collaborate with CTI in the near future. Since Jessica was one of TVB’s top former fadans and Flying Tigers featured Joe Ma the the muscular Him Law (羅仲謙) as Special Duties Unit police officers, the drama was quite appealing.

In the past, TVB will only broadcast overseas dramas in their weekend broadcasting time slot. Airing Flying Tigers during the weekend may appear to be a new strategy, while in actuality TVB was attempting to “clean out its drama stock pile.”  Since Ricky Wong’s (王維基) CTI will be launching its operations soon, TVB appeared to be unloading dramas starring artists affiliated with CTI, avoiding paving the path for its rival station.

The producer of Flying Tigers, Lam Chi Wah (林志華), denied that TVB’s broadcasting time slot for the drama was due to its cast. Producer Lam said, “This decision is unrelated to the cast members. While filming the drama last year, we decided to launch a new ‘weekend series time slot.’ This resembles how overseas television dramas focus on one case in each episode. We hope to launch a new time when our series can be viewed by the audience, giving TVB and viewers a new experience.”

It was understood that Flying Tigers will be aired during the summer. Due to the grand scale action sequences and stunts featured in Flying Tigers, the drama will likely be broadcast after the 9 PM time slot.

Excerpt from Apple Daily

Jayne: “Flying Tigers” will be interesting to watch out for. I believe the drama is only 13 episodes, thus may have less filler side plots and hopefully focus on critical character and case development instead.

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  1. I hope this drama is good, and if it’s good I hope it gets success. I am tired of seelai stuff.

  2. How is this giving them a bad time slot when they already knew that it would be shown on the weekend? It’s also 90 minutes long so it’s like a mini movie each time.

    Do Sat and Sun really have lower ratings though? Any time I read about a finale airing during a weekend, it always seems to have high ratings and some of their variety shows also seem to get high ratings.

    1. I think the local tabloids is just trashing TVB as usual lol 😛

      1. That Ricky guy is probably using a big portion of his budget to pay tabloids to trash them. haha

  3. The seires has a 2-hour long duration for each episode, so this time I believe the producer that this series is specially filmed to be the weekend prime time series. I think the series look good based on what I saw of the preview clip.

  4. 13 episodes? good! But 2 hour long, which means in the end equivalent to 26 episodes, not good!

    Bad picture! Bad picture at the top!

    1. Don’t worry Funn you will get macho scenes of Him Law, Oscar Leung and other muscle young guys chasing criminals with their toned bodies.

      1. There is a shower scene of the younger ones too to show team bonding

      2. Shower scenes of all young got guys in one space… wrong… so wrong!

      3. Funn,
        “Shower scenes of all young got guys in one space… wrong… so wrong!”

        So are you advocating for solo shower scenes of each of the actors, so full attention can be given?

        Many viewers would not mind the group shower. Maybe they can make the shower scene as part of the closing theme MV. Allegedly, the premise of the shower scene will be SDU newbie, Him Law, being bullied by other officers and Vincent Wong stands up for him.

        Shower/ topless scenes are written into every drama now to appeal to the female audience. Still remember that Raymond Wong’s topless scene in “Bottled Passion” made news headlines….

      4. “Still remember that Raymond Wong’s topless scene in “Bottled Passion” made news headlines….”

        I have no recollection of this topless scene. When did it happen? :p

      5. @Kidd Me neither LOL.

        But eh, I skipped a lot in BP. I pretty much only watched the scenes that involved the villain family, and Eric Li. ^^

      6. Masaharu,
        Wah, thanks for sharing your private photo collection of topless guys hehe.

      7. Jayne, ehh no not in my collection. I found them somewhere else after “googling” about the drama..hehe

      8. Oscar does have a nice body eh?

        I am happy for this new trend although I do think less stripping will be better. I mean better buff bodies than skinny ones. Acting skills is debatable though.

      9. “So are you advocating for solo shower scenes of each of the actors, so full attention can be given?”

        Ha ha ha!! No no no. Or maybe yes yes. I don’t know. I am confused. Let me see first then I decide!!

      10. Daniel Wu had a hot solo shower scene in one of his movies..featuring his beautiful washboard abs..beautiful man(personally for me haha)

      11. Darn..sorry for the random Daniel phase..haha “solo shower scene” reminded me of his 😛

      12. Masaharu,

        Pictures! Must supplement with pictures if not I don’t know what you are talking about!

      13. I told my nephew the other day that at his age (young teenager) he should start doing push ups for that 6 pack look in maybe 10 years’ time. Needless to say he ignored my advice. He shall regret it in 10 years’ time. I am very happy those skinny trend is going towards a bit buff trend. I can’t stand guys as skinny as girls with hair as long as girls.

      14. Funn, but a lot of tweens, teens, OLs and seelais do love those skinny long hair type. For instance, Jang Guen Suk – the Kdrama actor/Kpop singer.

      15. Or perhaps should I mention the weaker in acting(from my POV) yet prettier one; Kim Hyun Joong? Hehe

      16. @masaharu:

        Thanks for sharing that Daniel link. Haha… I was waiting for the camera to pan lower!

      17. Josie
        “Haha… I was waiting for the camera to pan lower!”

        The only mainstream HK male actor (non soft porn) that I know of that did a full frontal nude scene in a film was Sunny Chan in “Hold You Tight.” Yes, it was in a shower scene. Sunny’s performance was critically acclaimed and he won the Silver Screen Award for Best Actor at the 1998 Singapore Film Festival.

      18. Masaharu,
        Daniel reportedly lifts weights 2 hours every day to maintain his fabulous muscles. He’s had this routine for 10 odd years before he became offended that he was being typecast as a sex symbol and asked to remove his shirt in every one of his movies. That’s why he stopped weight lifting, but recently went back on the routine because he actually enjoys lifting weights.

      19. Daniel Wu has a hot face and a hot body kekeke. Apparently eye candy feasting will truly begin with Boxer King with both Raymond Wong and Kevin topless being all macho. Hmm they’re quite cute. Him is cute too, but there’s something wooden about his face that I’m meh about. Raymond has this very dopey look for some reason, maybe his eyes always wide. Kevin has a very cheeky smile. Csnt say the same for Him.

  5. What happened to Jessica’s hair??? She looked great in the Promo photo with the hair, now it’s so short.

  6. actually looking forward to this…good cast and action..

    will be like a mini movie each week

  7. This is a much ado about nothing news. Lam Chi Wah is telling the truth. They already planned the weekend time slot last year. I remember reading this info in the news article about the filming of this series.

  8. 1. TVB has nothing to do so they do somerging for fun
    2. News paper has nothing to write so they write something to fill the blank page
    3. We have nothing to kill so we comment

  9. I think Jessica should sign up with the new City Telecom. It’s in HK. I also think it’ll be better than ATV.

  10. joe ma.. i used to like him much but his scandal disgusts me. urgh.

  11. Dont like Joe Ma.
    But he was very good in Curse of the Royal Harlem.
    Hope he stick to period series.
    Jessica has a new beau yet????

    1. Err, he wasn’t in Curse was he??? Not by my recollection

      Joe, ehh never liked his acting or his face (looks too smug in a weird creepy smiley way)

      I think tabloid is being dramatic again lol

      1. Sorry made a mistake,you are right ,he was in “Relic of an Emissary” . Saw these 2 series one after another, got a little confused!! lol…..

  12. Not only Sunny Chan, who showed everything in Hong Kong movie ‘Hold You Tight’. So did Hong Kong actor Michael Lam, who showed everything in ‘Bugis Street’, as did Ron Heung and the Hong Kong National Baseball Team in ‘City Without Baseball’, Hong Kong actors Sean Li & Osman Hung in ‘Permanent Residence’, Hong Kong actor Byron Pang & Thomas Price in ‘Amphetamine’, many Hong Kong actors in ‘Love Actually… Sucks’, Chinese Singaporean actor Loo Zihan in ‘Pleasure Factory’, Chinese actors in ‘Lan Yu’ and Chinese Taiwanese in ‘Winds of September’, a Hong Kong actor in UK movie ‘Robotrix’, Chinese American actors in ‘Under One Roof’, Steve Tran in French film ‘Cold Showers’, Chinese & other Asian actors in ‘The Pillow Book’, a Chinese guy in Royston Tang’s film ’15’, Japanese guys in ‘In the Realm of the Senses’, a Japanese guy in ‘EuroTrip’ and many more…! 🙂

    1. Wai Kit,
      Wah, your list of Asian actors who have gone fully nude before the camera is quite long. I have only watched one performance on your list.

    2. I’ll add 3 more to the list.

      John Lone in ‘M. Butterfly’.
      Tony Leung in ‘Lust and Caution’

      Another trivia:

      City Without Baseball
      Permanent Residence
      Lan Yu

      All 4 the above are gay movies. Of the 4, I’ve only watch ‘Lan Yu’ which I love. It’s a movie based on a popular online gay novel called ‘Beijing Story’. Liu Ye won his first golden horse award for the role of Lan Yu.

      ‘City’, ‘Permanent’ and ‘Amphetamine’ are all produced and directed by the same director called Scud.

      1. Clap hand*. Lan Yu is a very touching movie. I did cry when Liu Ye left the house. He moved me a lot.

    3. John Lone in ‘M. Butterfly’.
      Tony Leung in ‘Lust and Caution’

      I didn’t remember Tony Leung showing full frontal nude, or even John Lone? More so John Lone since in that movie Jeremy Irons didn’t even know he was a man. He was always fully dressed in sex. By the way very good movie.

      1. In one scene John Lone was fully naked. That was after Jeremy Irons knew he was a man.

        If Tony Leung is not fully naked in ‘Lust and Caution’, I don’t know what is.

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