Jessica Hsuan’s Beautiful Cat in “Armed Reaction 2021”

An unexpected star is lighting up Armed Reaction 2021 <陀槍師姐2021>. With her luxurious looks and beauty, Jessica Hsuan’s (宣萱) cat, Tong Yuan, is stealing the scene every time she is on camera.

In the drama, Jessica’s character is a cat lover and her house is filled with cat memorabilia. In one episode, Jessica and Moses Chan’s (陳豪) characters were sent to live in a police safe house after they were targets of a serial bomber. Jessica sneaks in her cat, who decides to relieve herself around the house, causing Moses to become extremely irritated. Tong Yuan spends the night scratching the sofa that Moses is sleeping on and in his frustration, he ends up feeding her beer in hopes that she will pass out.

Viewers praised the humorous plot and commented that Tong Yuan has even more screen time than Armed Reaction iconic character Joyce Tang (滕麗名) in the early episodes.

Usually many artistes are afraid of working with young children and animals, as they often have short attention spans leading to many retakes. However, filming with Tong Yuan was a dream for Jessica, who revealed, “I’ve never seen a cat as obedient as her! She is very cooperative and photogenic. Her head would follow the cameras as they rolled around, and many scenes were done in one shot.”

Tong Yuan makes an appearance at a press conference.

Well known for being an animal lover, Jessica had six dogs at one point. In 2018, she also adopted a middle-aged cat named Ding Ding. Unlike many owners, Jessica chose an older cat because they need the most care as they grow older.

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  1. I am a cat person. Needless to say, I was so excited when I saw Tong Yuan and all the cat merch in Epi 1 lol
    But after the first couple of episodes, Tong Yuan didn’t appear much haha

    Am enjoying this series though.

  2. The beginning was meh but I’m starting to warm up to the show. Moses is doing the annoying high pitched thing but his scenes with Benz are so good. Benz is the highlight for me so far.

    I’m also enjoying the Gloria/Him/his friend (I forget his name) storyline. I have no idea why I find Him so attractive in this show lol. Tony is yawn, boring what’s new.

    Joyce/Sam Yuen left…? Like Im quite behind so I haven’t watched all the episodes so not sure if she comes back but if she doesn’t, why bring her back. The storyline has NOTHING to do the the previous series so far.

    I’ve been watching the older series, on series 3. I wish Esther stayed on, her character was much better than Ada’s.

      1. @yuyu she came back at the end for the last few episodes. To me, armed reaction is Chan Sam Yuen and without her, it isn’t armed reaction. They should have never brought her back in the first place.

        Also I need a more recent post about this show because I want to share my thoughts lol.

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