Joe Cheng Denies Receiving Plastic Surgery

Taiwanese actor Joe Cheng (鄭元暢) became the subject of plastic surgery rumors recently, after viewers pointed out that his features looked remarkably different in his latest drama, Singles Villa <只因單身在一起>. Compared to his looks prior to serving in the military, Joe’s eyes and facial features are now more defined.

Joe addressed the gossip and said, “Losing weight is a great thing, and I have indeed lost quite a lot of weight recently.” He also added that the only part of his body he has corrected was his teeth, “I’ve put braces onto some of my teeth, so that’s why I may look different.”

In response, some of Joe’s fans spoke up for him and said, “Why are you always accusing him of plastic surgery? If you don’t like it, you can stop watching! It’s not like other celebrities are any better….”

Nevertheless, many netizens remain unconvinced and some of them have even set up a forum thread titled, “Guess which part of Joe Cheng has been surgically corrected?” Some also remarked, “Please! Why does everyone who go through plastic surgery immediately use their teeth as an excuse?!”


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  1. He look the same to me except he had lost a lot of weight.. Looks good! Glad he fixed his teeth as it makes a huge difference.. so much better!!!

    1. Me too. IF he did, I really don’t see it. While JIRO, I can see his NOSE is just totally off from what he used to look like which is even more weird b/c JIRO is much cuter and already handsome before. WTH are they doing anything at all if they are cute enough? LOL…

      1. I can no longer watch Jiro’s drama as I feel uncomfortable seeing his new face. It looks unreal. But that is only my personal opinion.

    2. It’s true… Losing weight make nose smaller, and straighter!! And defined tip! Who would have know the nose can hold so much fat!!! (Massive sacasm there if you haven’t detected it)

      Like usual excuses, losing weight, fix teeth. Whether it’s true or not (I think he fix his nose’s tip to be more define, and possibly some injection to lose the baby fat), he looks worse IMO >_< (or more like I don't see him handsome still after all that weight loss)

  2. Yea, just looks like weight loss, make-up, and different styling. Don’t think he got anything done.

  3. ” viewers pointed out that his features looked remarkably different”

    All his features look the same to me (based on the above pictures). The only difference is he in thinner in the right picture.

    1. looks plastic to me too, chin, lips, cheek and some skin tightening.

  4. I agree that he lost weight thats all. I think too much too.

  5. He looks the same in the picture but if you see him in the dramas then u could easily tell he got his nose done lol I lost nearly 30 pounds from 170 lbs, nose didn’t change too much like him lol

  6. Joe’s facial features don’t look dramatically different to me. He lost a lot of weight and ones face does change slightly when you lose weight.

  7. He definitely had something done, but it was most likely extremely minor or just cosmetically related (laser, injectables, etc.) And those who brought up Jiro…it’s beyond obvious that he has had work done. The eyelids especially. Aaron Yan has undergone a big change, too.

    “Losing weight” is always the standard celebrity response, but mind you…while the face can lose fat, it doesn’t drastically alter the physical state of one’s features.

    I’m not against cosmetic surgery (minor or major) at all, but I just think it’s stupid when people try to brush things off so easily.

  8. I don’t think he got any of his features touched up, if anything it’s injections/botox. His nose still looks pretty round to me imo. It’s weight loss.

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