Joe Cheng Faces Gay Rumors, Manager Denies

Taiwanese actor Joe Cheng (鄭元暢), best known for his starring role in the It Started With a Kiss <惡作劇之吻> series, has become a topic of interest among gossip circles.

The 34-year-old, who is currently in Mainland China shooting a new television drama with Wang Likun (王丽坤) and Xiong Naijin (熊乃瑾), was spotted acting intimately with a male friend while out eating dinner with the cast and crew.

According to the paparazzi who spotted the crew, Joe never left his male friend’s side while they chatted with their friends. When Xiong Naijin had to leave, Joe generously escorted her to her car. Wang Likun left soon after, and hid her face behind a mask.

After his two costars left, Joe and his male friend stayed around and continued chatting. The two interacted intimately—at one point, Joe snuggled up against his friend’s shoulder, hugged his arm, and brushed his chin. Joe held onto his friend’s waist tightly when another female friend was showing them something in her phone. When his friend’s ride came, Joe gave his friend a tight hug and held his hands.

Joe’s friend, which the Taiwanese media later reported to be called Ding Yi (丁一), is an actor-model. According to the source, Ding Yi is already married and has a child.

The intimate interaction between Joe and Ding Yi has led to speculation about Joe’s sexuality. However, his manager immediately denied the gay rumor, saying, “Impossible. Those are exaggerated reports. He has had many interviews in the past where he talked about his ideal woman.”

His manager, Miss Song, explained that Joe has always been a very affectionate person, and that he is quite touchy with his close friends. “He was out with his cast and crew that night for dinner. He is usually a very affectionate guy. He likes to pat heads and hold hands. That is how he interacts. He is usually more respectful around his female friends, though.”

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Source: QQ

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  1. Joe can do what another famous Taiwanese celeb did. Not that it will matter, but, he should suddenly get married and donate some swimmers to his wife in a cup, so that she can have a baby, or two. Hmmm, I did hear that he and his long time partner had finally broken up after being on and off again for years. Looks like it has finally happened.

  2. I did question if joe is gay many years ago because he is very very effeminate out of camera. He also had male best friends whom he was very close to, snuggling and all. But there are men who are very affectionate with their BFFs who aren’t gay or may be bisexual without knowing. I think Joe is the sort that is touchy feely skinship type with his male friends, doesn’t mean he is gay.

  3. What is funny is there is this good looking thirty something year old singer, actor, host model from Taiwan who is so touchy feely and he kisses every living thing. He is more touchy feely and kissy kissy than Joe, and not once has anyone ever said he is bi or gay. Go figure eh?.

    1. @bubbletea hahaha show luo. he just doesn’t give off that hidden sexuality vibe even when he’s super effeminate and girly sometimes. he does it in a way that’s like funny and obvious that he’s doing it for fun.

      joe cheng is so low-key about his effeminateness that it’s suspicious. like is he trying to hide something?

  4. I have heard from my dad that men in Asia are more comfortable with being openly physical with each other, as opposed to Western men. He said that when he first arrived in the U.S., he was walking down a street one day with a male friend and casually put an arm around his shoulder. The friend immediately told my dad to not do that, because they might have gotten odd stares/worse from people who could have misunderstood the relationship. To sum it all up, being openly affectionate does not define a person’s sexual orientation. I don’t see an issue as long as it’s consensual.

    1. @emerald5forever I totally agree with you about what you said Many Asian dudes are very physical with each other and they are straight as an arrow. I see it when I visit the different regions of Asia. Being openly affectionate towards the same gender does not make men or women gay. I agree with that a hundred percent. However, it does not mean that we should think these celebs are above being gay. Unfortunately a lot of us see these men as the manly, sweet natured, stand up, wholesome, filial, leading men that they portray in their dramas and movies and public appearances. We see them getting to kiss and love the beautiful women in passionate love scenes. We build a fantasy telling ourselves that is their true offscreen personalities and everyday lifestyles. Several Taiwanese men in showbiz are married , some even with children and they have their same gender lovers because that is where they truly get their intimacy and pleasure. Their lovers are the true loves of their lives, not their families. They live a façade to carry on the family name and to keep rumors away. It is also a security stronghold to hold onto their fans and their rice bowl.

    2. @emerald5forever Depends on where they’re from. Korean guys are very open about their affections and bromance. Taiwanese guys are too, I think. Chinese guys tend to be more stoic. Japanese guys kinda keep to themselves. Vietnamese guys…are a mixed bag.

  5. I think he is just used to affectionate behaviour when growing up and its natural to him. And so what if he is gay? Still a good looking actor who can act.

  6. LOL, there are so many A-list celeb from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea who are gays. Lots many and have kids but they are still gays.
    It is their personal sexual preference. Gay or not, they are who they are foremost and they can delivery a good show.
    I am not surprise if Joe is gay but it does not make me like him less as a actor.

    1. @hohliu very well said. True, supportive fans support the talent of these celebs, and not their personal se*ual preference. Yes, there are many gay celebs in Asian entertainment, it is just that the fans don’t know, or choose to live in denial.

  7. I won’t be surprised if Joe was gay but it doesn’t really matter to me as I still like him as an actor. Love him in ISWAK!

    1. @happybi
      same… the very first show he was on was that idol drama which I couldn’t pass a few episodes…there was this ella girl and a really tall guy don’t know his name either was the lead and I saw this Joe guy, I already feel like that’s a gay looking face hahah…LOL..Not b/c of the long hair just the vibe is there. Just like Adam Lambert and that Clay Aiken it’s like all in their faces. Not that I care about that. As long as they are a good person, who cares what/who they are doing with in their personal lives. But being a celeb, of course that would be the talk of town.

      1. @kiki strangely i’ve never liked joe cheng either. something about him tells me he’s not my type lol. some ppl say it’s your innate gaydar, but then i’ll probably get yelled at for having observational skills that can cue into someone’s looks & behavior that indicate whether someone may be gay or not. it’s been done before and will probably be done again.

      2. @coralie and @kiki he def. have that vibe. When he is in character, I don’t see it but once he is himself, it’s definitely there. I actually like him as an actor so it doesn’t bother me.

      3. @coralie I have spent a lot of time in Taiwan and met Joe many times in friendly circles. I can say I got chance to know him. I met many of them. I like Joe, but I must say, girls aren’t his forte. If, and when he marries, he will be following in the footsteps of many Taiwanese celebrity men who have beards

      4. @coralie, when a man is dating or married to a beard, she, the beard, is a woman, a real woman. It means the dude is gay but just have the wife or girlfriend as a safe, security insurance policy. Many men in the entertainment industry have beards. Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China have many celeb men with beards. What the heck, celeb men all over the world have beards.

      5. @coralie lol. When your name is pronounced the same as a part of your anatomy, it is quite a coincidence. When you live up to that name and loves giving and receiving that part of the anatomy, it is such a stunning coincidence. Let us just say that if this person loves English, his favorite part of the subject would be dictation. Hahahahaha.

      6. @bubbletea no waaaaay. if “D,” there’s only 1 singer/actor that comes to mind with that name who is also married but no way is he gay. i don’t get that vibe from him at all. he also has a shiny bald head that’s his signature look!

      7. @coralie you totally misunderstood. The Hong Kong dude I am talking about is not married. He is currently hiding behind a beard, I mean girlfriend. Let us just say the pint sized dude likes his caffeine, wink*, wink*.

      8. @happybi there are two Taiwanese who are married with children who have beards, I mean wives. They are both singers, songwriters, producers. One is also an actor, the handsome one. One is HIV positive and skinny. After many years of marriage, and saying if he ever gets married he will not let anyone know, he finally let the world know he has a wife after there were whispers of him being HIV positive and he wanted to squash those rumors. Well, he still has to live with the truth everyday that he is not well. He may have lied to the world, but he can’t lie to himself. The other one, the handsome one is healthy.

      9. @bubbletea not familar with T ENT but the healthy one who act is probably the one who I am thinking. Honestly, I never got that vibe from him but know from some ppl who know he was gay. He is ok looking to me. Nose is too big! Not sure about the other skinny one.

      10. @happybi , lol, you crack me up. I am not calling names , but the healthy one got married because the rumors would not die down. In fact, the gay label became more persistent every year. He finally decided to get married and let wifey be inseminated to produce little ones. It did not change a thing for those who know better. The other guy, finally being photographed with his wife did not do anything for those who know better. These guys should be afraid what happened to him could also happen to them. He was asked many times on variety shows and he denied being gay. Karma is a bit……..There are so many that if I name them, the fanatics will peel me alive, lol

      11. @bubbletea Hey as long as the wife is OK with it, then what can we say. My younger sis was a fan of his.. totally shock when we told her. Just wish them luck for sure.

      12. @bubbletea ok i think they’re both married with a daughter. one is a singer with american roots and the other is a singer with HK roots. amirite? i’m also not attracted to the one with HK roots, which is why i guess it’s him haha. but i might be wrong.

        i can’t for the life of me figure out the HK one though! none of them fits. but maybe i’m not meant to know la.

      13. @coralie
        I have a feeling I know the American roots one? hahaha lol… could it be WLH? lol…..

      14. @kiki SHhhhhhhhh eheheheh but then that was the easy one.. It’s the other one and the HK one that we are having problem guessing.. I least I am!

      15. @happybi
        I was right? haha lol… my sis used to love him and still calls him cute sometimes even thou she herself is taken. lol…haha….
        I have no clue who the HK one is thou…..not even a single clue as I watched bits and pieces of HK series only. The only series I was able to finished in completion is OVER RUN OVER. I know it’s old but I loved it, I thought it was the above average TVB dramas ever. I mean, not perfection but I actually find it really entertaining. Never like watching Tracy girl, Vincent dude was awesome in there.

      16. @kiki I think so as that was my guess too. =)

        My younger sis like him.. was totally shock when we told her his preferences. She somewhat doesn’t believe us since he’s married and with children.

        I enjoyed House of Spirit.. as I enjoy watching comedy. but yes, no idea who the HK one is or the other skinny Taiwan one. ehehhe guess we’ll never know!

      17. @coralie , okay, the Taiwanese one might prove a bit difficult . Although this man is super talented, and sings like an angel, he is not handsome by society’s standards. Even before his illness, he was not the type who would stand out in a crowd.

        Come on guys, think about the clues for the HK one. I will give another clue. His last name is pronounced the same way as the English slang word for a type of poultry, and he is cheap. One more clue. He has something in common with George Clooney

      18. @bubbletea
        lol..lmao…. George Clooney? Besides old looking and overrated? Now that’s a dime a dozen how can we even guess? haha….Taiwan one then u must not mean WLM since he’s not sick? haha lol…this is hard stuff ppl…

      19. @kiki The sick Taiwanese one is hard to guess as he is not familiar at Jayne stars. I also said there were TWO Taiwanese ones, not just the sick one. The sick one’s kids are older than the handsome. One’s kids.
        Actually, here are more clues for the HK one. He looks good for his age, due to cosmetic enhancements. Yes , he and George Cooney has a dating habit that they share. You and @Coralie and @happybi or anyone else should figure out the HK one by now

      20. @bubbletea I am going to need to think about this!!! Now you got me all curious!! Don’t care of the Taiwan one! But the HK one is interesting for sure! ehhehehehe

        the clues are: He’s short.. His English name is part of a body name… and I’m assuming he like dating girls who are taller than him….

      21. @happybi , okay, his last name in Chinese, when spoken, the rhymes with the slang English word for a type of poultry. In other words, these two words both finish in K and are pronounced the same way. Put all the clues together and it is so easy. Do not print his initials or names. Use clues if you know who I mean. Think about the notorious dating habit that G Cooney is well known for, these two share it. One more clue, he has never been married, might never marry either

      22. @bubbletea
        lol…there are only 2 that I can think of who can be openly “G”.. I am coding it in International Morse Code now… haha LOL… it’s …both NEVER married but I am again not sure of the but they are not dating excessively too so these might most likely NOT it. hahahaa lol..

      23. @bubbletea no way!!!! Not who I am thinking gwahhh!!! The car lover?! Actually I have heard rumor of him. But it could be him as he enjoy dating his gf for a very long time but don’t marry them like GC. And for caffeine you refering to gf name?

      24. @happybi you live in NA, so do I. In the West, there is a slang for a man’s privates that rhymes with his last name. It is also a word used for a type of chicken.

        Now it is up to @coralie and @kiki to figure out

      25. @bubbletea ehhehehe took me a while to think of that slang word!! Got really confuse because of it. Just glad I got it right. Think I will be able to sleep tonight now. Ehheheh I will give up on the Taiwan one as don’t know them enough.

        @kiki don’t use the slang clue. Use car lover, gf clue and the pint size clue and you guys will know!

        @coralie you got it right!!

        Gotta say. This was fun!!! You got our mind going @bubbletea

      26. @happybi you know what @happybi, even if we don’t agree with someone’s preference, especially for religious reasons, we need to still show kindness and mercy. Some gay people are very loyal to their friends and generous to their friends and families. We should not stop watching their dramas etc because of their preference. I have movies, dramas, albums of Asian celebs that I know are gay, even if they are in the closet. I never get fanatical, I see these men and women as human beings with flaws and habits, likes and dislikes, urges and ever day practices like the rest of us. Show me a person’s talent, not how fat, ugly or ridiculous others think they look. You and a few more here have an appreciation for talent as I see in the comments In fact, I am listening to an album with this man who can really sing. It is called Turkey In Blue*

      27. @bubbletea
        I am lost guys..haha lol…I can’t think of any cantonese slang or whatever. I am NOT good at those…lol

      28. @coralie Yep! There were some really good clues but since we didn’t think of the words c##k, it got us confused!

        @bubbletea there are just some really crazy ppl out there. For me if the person have talent and is a good person, then I will support. Sexual preference does not bother me.

      29. @bubbletea
        lol…..TW handsome one I already guess WLH..haha
        no clue on the other TW one as I am not familiar w/TW singers besides the WLH westernized one. lol…
        OMG, hk one could it be NT’s father? hahaaa lol… Lord, that fits the bill. lol…but I don’t know if his name rhymes w/poultry? the dating is indeed similar haha lol…

      30. @bubbletea omg lmao you’re getting all of us @happybi @kiki into a mad dash trying to figure out who the two guys are!!

        And the tips are hard too hahahaa…poultry can be anything like chicken, duck, geese, and changes depending on what dialect you use @_@. I’m guessing it’s “Gai” (chicken in canto??)

        My initial guess was guy who dumped girl with last name Hung since he’s 1) never married, 2) a shortie 3) starts with K for last name, 4) is old and 5) dates around. But he doesn’t sound like a body part

      31. @coralie, a man has a c**k, which is slang for his bits and pieces, which is a part of his anatomy. A male chicken is called a roster or a c..k. you get the drift.? This man’s last name is pronounced the same.
        Now @kiki, your turn, lol.

      32. @bubbletea omgaaaah a hahahaa your word plays kill me! But they were very geeewd.

        I’m having a hard time believing it though. He has been filmed before wanting to get busy with some girl if I rmb correctly. He was traumatized from that I heard.

      33. @coralie I will go and have some food. I asked my housekeeper to prepare some chicken for me, hahahahaha
        I am waiting for my family to return from Taiwan, hence the free time, plus off work this week.
        @Happybi, I gave you and the others a darn good clue* to ID the other Taiwanese* dude. Now go Google three words*

      34. @happybi I am here listening to some good music. Have you ever heard of a song called Huang Hun?* It is touching and poignant. Check it out and check out the singer. Tell me what you think. Such a beautiful voice.

      35. @bubbletea
        Holy cra*, hahha I think I heard this song somewhere but never knew who it was cuz I am not much of a HK singers fan much less mainland? Awesome voice, love it!!! LOL …Thanks… lol…ohhh, gave up on the gay dudes. haaha I can only think of actors WH & BL. ahah lol…

      36. @kiki you are so close to the other Taiwanese singer, songwriter producer. Like I said, no names or initials. Read @happybi‘s and @Coralie‘s posts at the bottom and you will know the Hong Kong one. You are doing well. Check out the name of the Hung Hun singer and some more of his music. Does he not have the voice of an ANGEL?*******

      37. @kiki look at our clues and you will know the HK one!!! Short….car lover. Just bought a really expensive car. Gf name sound like a type of coffee…. botox face. In really good shape. Can really dance! Ehhehhehe

      38. @happybi
        lol….OMG you are practically feeding it to me which i needed. hahaha ….Really? Him? Alligator Koala? lol….
        You know, sometimes never married is just they haven’t met the right person perhaps? haha lol… I used to find him really cute but not that it matters whether or not he is. lol…

      39. @happybi
        exactly, had a huge crush on him growing up but never the hardcore kind of fan so I couldn’t care less that he is or NOT. lol

      40. @bubbletea you crack me up!!!! Ehhehehehehhe have not heard the song yet but the singer sure is skinny!!!! Ehhehehe honestly though I have no idea who he is?! Wife V sure is skinny too with two kids! So did google work? Got the right person? 😉

      41. @happybi great voice. Poetic writer and a genius in a studio.Very skinny now. You should check out images of him from before he became so skinny, it is like looking at two different men, so sad. His albums are amazing

      42. @bubbletea really have no idea who he is. Googled his before and after photos and he is a totally different person. He is all head now. Looks like a druggie actually. Said he got a bacteria stomach infection and lost all those weight. Feel bad for the guy

      43. @happybi something else made h skinny, not drugs. He was a heavy smoker and loved to drink, but due to his h..

        .. “bacteria stomach infection”*, he gave up smoking. Well, when you say one thing to the world, and live differently, karma will get you.

  8. Who ever or whatever gender Joe likes is OK for me. As long as he stay true to himself.

    What disgust me if the rumors is real is about Ding Yi, who is MARRIED with child. Saw him in Chinese cooking programme. Hope he is not gay!!

  9. The pix don’t even look gay, but who would care, at least he’s not a womanizer lol

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