Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng Reminsce “It Started with a Kiss” 10th Anniversary

It has been ten years since the broadcast of popular Taiwanese idol drama, It Started With a Kiss <惡作劇之吻>. Earlier this week, Joe Cheng (鄭元暢), who played the male lead role in the drama, acknowledged the tenth anniversary of the drama by posting on his Weibo, “On this day ten years ago, what were you doing?”

Ariel Lin (林依晨), who played the female lead in the drama, immediately caught Joe’s drift and commented, “I was trying to pursue a very handsome but difficult person…” In response, Joe wrote, “I was also being pursued by a very cute girl!”

Joe then posted the same question to a WhatsApp group consisting of cast and crew from It Started With a Kiss, and uploaded screenshots of the conversation thread to his Weibo. In the WhatsApp conversation, a particularly touching comment was made by Cyndi Chaw (趙詠華), who played joe’s mother in the drama, “We were being a family…we will forever be a family. Thank you everyone for all your love.”

The screenshots were appended with an emotional reflection written by Joe, “Today is a very special day. Ten years ago today, It Started With a Kiss premiered on television. I just asked the It Started With a Kiss family what everyone was doing on this day ten years ago. This kicked off a very nostalgic exchange, where everyone shared all the things they found memorable. Perhaps everyone has certain special memories that they hold dear. For me, I would recall the scene where both sets of families sat down together for a meal and the two fathers were bickering with each other, while Zhi Shu [Joe’s character in the drama] could not stop himself from bursting out in laughter and everyone else was also trying to suppress a smile.”

Joe posted the same reflection on his Facebook, prompting Action Tang (唐從聖), who played Ariel’s father in the drama, to reply with another screenshot of their WhatsApp group chat. In the screenshot, Cynthia was asking, “Are we actually going to produce a film version of the drama?”

This was probably the same question hanging in the heads of all the fans, who were observing these exchanges and reminiscing over the drama that they had loved in their youth.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. awwww all of my childhood memories came from this drama! this was the first taiwanese drama that i watched in middle school and ever since, i’e been hooked!

  2. Even on the 10th anniversary, the drama is still very popular. On Dramafever, despite the show being old a lot of fans of K-dramas and veteran fans of Taiwanese dramas really love this show on Dramafever.

  3. This is a all time favorite?
    Gosh, Taiwanese and their Japanese remakes. LOL..I guess they will be forever linked to IDOL dramas?

    1. @kiki What Japanese remakes?

      I believe the Koreans and the Japanese were the ones who remake “Meteror Garden”, the original idol drama.

      As for Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng, they have nicely branched out movies and Cdrama and have not made another idol drama for at least ten years now, So I don’t what you mean by “forever linked to IDOL dramas”.

      1. @aiya
        Taiwanese loves to do Japanese remakes???
        This is also from a Japanese Manga? Same as MG among other than the Taiwanese remake into live action.
        I mean Taiwan is forever linked to IDOL dramas not your idols of the above. 🙂

      2. @kiki OK then, the word you should use is adaptation, not remake. For example, filmmakers often adapt the content of a novel and make it into a movie; they do not “remake” the novel into a movie.

        That said, I agree with you that Taiwan has been known for Idol drama productions. However, that has died down in recent years and its stars, as noted above had to branch out to other genres.

      3. @aiya
        LOL..oops, sorry I meant adaptations. Yeah, I guess Fated to Love you korean is a remake right? Got it mixed up…
        Yeah, and alot of Taiwanese idol dramas I can’t even finish cuz they are just too silly and w.o much substance but of course that’s just my opinion. I am not against anyone enjoying their idol dramas but it’s just whenever i think Taiwan series i think of IDOL dramas. lol… I think the only T/series I finished from beg to end was Autumn’s Concerto and that’s b/c I really like Vanness in there and the little kid that played the son.

  4. It is true that Ariel and Joe will forever be linked to TV dramas, especially the two Kiss dramas. Those two dramas are what made them become Alist still popular. However, some fans cannot move on from beyond that point. I still see fans complaining about they wish it was Ariel when Joe has a leading lady in a drama, and vice versa for Ariel with leading men. It would be great if they make more dramas or a movie together, but it is great for them to branch out and work with other actors. I find they both had great chemistry with other people too. Good luck j and blessings to them both in their lives.

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