Kabby Hui’s First Lead Drama Breaks 500 Million Views

Kabby Hui (許雅婷), a former member of the Hong Kong girl group Girls’ Sample <少女標本>, is now a rising star in the mainland.

The 25-year-old became an overnight sensation following her performance as Xiaozhao in 2019’s The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber <倚天屠龙记>. Last month, she had her lead actress debut in the historical drama The Legend of Jin Yan <凤归四时歌>, starring opposite 23-year-old rookie actor Chen Jingke (陈靖可). The drama quickly trended on Tencent Video, and as of July 3, it has reached over 500 million views, breaking not only Kabby to instant fame, but also her costar.

Also starring in the series is 19-year-old Zhou Yiran (周翊然) in his debut television drama. He is also known for his debut single “Unrequited Love” <单恋>, released in 2018.

Kabby herself now has over 2 million followers on Weibo, and is the fifth most-search celebrity, surpassing even her seniors. We are all patiently waiting for Kabby to meet her next big break!

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I love this drama “Legend of Jin Yan”, and glad Kabby Hui 1st lead breaks 500 m. The ML, Chen Jingka & Zhou Yiran also acted well. Congra!

  2. She’s pretty, acting is ok.
    The character she play is ANNOYING AS HELL though, couldn’t even stand her through the first episode.

    1. @yoyo lol I thought she looked so manly in first ep, but got better as drama progressed (due to hairstyle change)

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