Aaron Kwok’s Has Eye on 18 Sexy Psuedo-Models

Aaron Kwok (郭富城) is still playing the field despite his many rumored romances. The 48-year-old seems to have his heart set on the young and beautiful, and has recently taken to social media to connect with more potential love interests.

After his break up with Lynn Hung (熊黛林) nearly a year ago, Aaron has been linked with successively younger starlets. Thirty-year-old Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) entered the picture soon after their split, but her gossips fizzled when 27-year-old Anna Kay (葉熙祺) took over the headlines after she was spotted at Aaron’s residential building. Despite Anna Kay’s attempts to generate more noise about their ambiguous relationship, the hype eventually died down.

Even though he wanted the attention to focus on his films, Aaron’s single status continues to attract romance gossips. Recently active on Instagram, the media noticed that he had proactively followed singer and model Rainky Wai (蔚雨芯), who is known for her youthful and sexy image. After some digging, reporters further discovered that he has connected with 18 psuedo-models from various regions, including 19-year-old Kabby Hui (許雅婷).

Although some speculated that Aaron may simply be looking for a female lead for a potential film project, others feel that he may be eyeing Kabby for something more. He recently attended the premiere of Kabby and Rainky’s film May We Chat <微交少女>, and later was spotted back stage of Kabby’s stage performance Gan Eden <伊甸>. Although she only played a minor supporting role, the model was allowed to stand next to Aaron in the center during a group photo, further fueling gossips about their relationship.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The media needs to leave this man alone! Just because he’s a billion dollar baby.. I mean, good-looking plus filthy rich bachelor … gees

  2. Honestly, Aaron Kwok is more like uncle than a bachelor.

    1. He still looks exceedingly good. Up close wrinkles and all but this man is aging too well.

  3. Dun like him anymore after his break up with Lynn Hung and also his continuous rumors related to his love life.

  4. If true, this is disturbing and gross,
    mr. Goldfishman.

    1. Haha, thank you! Your comment made me laugh! 😀 Yes, so true, something creepy about dating someone young enough to be your child…

    2. Aaron and Leon have similar taste in women. They like them young and good looking. They work hard for their $. Nothing wrong with their love life (Edison and his fungirls and porn photos everywhere)LOL the new generation LOL.

      The shallow new generation are made to break not to stand the test of time like Aaron,Leon,Andy and Jackie.

      Cliff Richard – Congratulations Aaron,Leon,Andy and Jackie

      1. LOL … yeah just andy and jackie found their true love and happily married… its just so hard nowadays to find a good relationship such as michael with his wife and felix with his wife. seems like aaron fall in young generation attitude , if theres new beauty, there he is.

  5. As he gets older, the rumored girlfriends get younger!

    1. Come on, at least AK still looks good in a way GC? He’s fifty only but I thought he looks older than Richard Gere. GC does NOT aged well but good thing he’s rich or those young things will NOT go his way.

    2. George Clooney was dumped by Stacy Keibler, who is now married (to someone younger and better looking than GC). Smart girl!!! haha 🙂


      Women should stick to their own plan (like Stacy Keibler).

  6. This article is gross, stupid, and whoever originally wrote it, has a gossipy, backward mentally. For example, the idiot said, that although Kabby Hui had a minor role in a film, she was still allowed to stand next to Aaron in the centre of the stage. Is she not good enough to stand next to him because she had a minor role. The writer is obviously looking down on Kabby and putting her in her in an inferior class, compared to Aaron.. These media fdogs are rude, backward, nosy, malicious, money hungry, ruthless and racist.

    This article just might be a bunch of crap to sell their news rags, but Aaron needs to get his act together. Stop hiding behind all the botox and laser surgeries and other procedures. Stop pretending that you are forever 21 cause you are not. Have some respect for yourself and stop chasing after your young “nieces” and “daughters”. You are pathetic.

  7. Well, he’s damn hot, damn wealthy, made a name for himself in the industry, a respectable artist, active in car racing and horse racing field… not to mention he has huge collection of luxurious cars. Tell me now, who can reject such man?

    1. On top of that, his networth is $263million! Higher than Jay Chou, Andy Lau and many more world-reowned artists. I would date him too lol

      1. A friend of mine use to work for Pepsi in China, and said Aaron work very hard and he respects all the people around him. People really admired him. I still think he is good looking. You can’t force the man in to marriage or commitment, he probably hasn’t found the one.

      2. @GinaLee.

        You might want to date Aaron, but I don’t think he will date you. unless you are in your twenties, or even 18 0r 19, like Kabby, lol.

    2. A woman who has respect for herself, a woman who is not a gold digger. A young woman who does not want to be a young- meat conquest for Aaron Kwok. That is the kind of woman who can, and will resist this cradle robbing, George Clooney wanna-be.

      Just because a man has all this, it does not mean every woman out there wants him. He might have all this, but the fact that he deliberately goes out there and intentionally looks for young women young enough to be his daughters says a lot about his character, and what it says is not good.

      There is nothing wrong with a bit of an age difference, especially when the two parties involved just happen to automatically have chemistry and fall for each other. With Aaron, he is almost like a pervert , preying and pouncing on young girls. It is like taking advantage, because he knows with his status, he will get the girl.

      1. But I mean… those are all rumors. You can’t just call it that he is THAT KIND OF MAN when all we get are baseless rumors with no evidence.

    3. Exactly, those women know what they are getting themselves into right? Like they care he’s old enough to be their dad? haha LOL..AW looks good still.

  8. @alee
    There are indeed a lot of baseless rumors out there. You are right about that. The truth is though, everyone knows that Aaron likes to prey on young females. Just like it was an open secret that Andy was with Carol, it is an open secret in the Hong Kong entertainment world that Aaron likes them young, young enough to be his daughters.

    Come on, everyone knows that, don’t tell me that you don’t. The media did not make that up about him, not this time. Aaron is who he is who he is and what he is.

    1. @Trini

      I am in my 20 in fact:)
      Well, your ‘open-secret’ about Aaron Kwok isn’t as obvious as Andy was with Carol, or Angelababy was with Huang Xiao Ming. I’ve been quite a fan of Aaron Kwok but him being a playboy hasn’t hit me yet.

  9. Well everyone knows that Aaron likes them younger as he gets older, lol. Gina/@alee, you need to wake up and smell the roses. Aaron is going through a mid life crisis and is filling the midlife void in his life by dating and sleeping with young women. It is what it is. Just because you were a fan of his like forever is not going to change that fact.

  10. AK aged well and sexy hot fit although his sexual orientation is ambiguous…

    He is the best looking among the older generation kings of pop music…

    so envious of what he got

  11. I do not think any of the netizens are jealous of what Aaron has. At least I hope not.

    As for the other three, Leon does his own thing, and does not give a crap about what Aaron does. Andy and Jackie are married to two respectable decent women and I said women, not girls, who have provided a warm family home for their children.

    Anyone who is jealous of a man heading towards half a century, whose idea of life is having flings with women who could be his daughters, anyone jealous of such a man is a straight out fool.

    Please dispurse, please dispurse, nothing to be jealous of here.

  12. if he really date guy, i am sure his standard is on par like aarif rahman type or huangxiaoming look

  13. geez, this is really disgusting if it’s true. he was already in his 30s when she was just borned. eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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