“The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber” Remake Drop First Stills

Netizens were skeptical when the new The Heaven and Dragon Saber <倚天屠龙记> remake was first announced, but it appears now that they have retracted their previous statements.

The wuxia drama, which will be the eighth official remake of the Jin Yong (金庸) novel of the same name, stars Joseph Zeng (曾舜晞) as Zhang Wuji, Yukee Chen (陈钰琪) as Zhao Min, and Zhu Xudan (祝绪丹) as Zhou Zhiruo. The three young stars weren’t exactly known for their acting abilities, and they lacked the star power to carry a regular Jin Yong remake. However, when the first stills of the show dropped Monday, netizens were pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Fans of the wuxia story, which is the third and last part of Jin Yong’s Condor Trilogy <射雕三部曲>, were surprised to see that the actors looked their part. Optimistic netizens pointed out that the last Jin Yong remake, 2017’s The Legend of the Condor Heroes <射雕英雄传>, also did not receive support when its cast was first announced, but the show ended up becoming one of China’s most critically-acclaimed shows of the year. Fans are hopeful that the new Heaven remake would do just as well.

Check out the stills below!

Joseph Zeng as Zhang Wuji

Yukee Chen as Zhao Min

Zhu Xudan as Zhou Zhiruo

Cao Xiyue as Yin Li

Kabby Hui as Xiaozhao

Sun Anke as Yang Buhui

Maggie Chen as Yin Susu

Kathy Chow as Abbess Miejue

Source: Sina.cn

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I love this story but am sick of remakes but may see this due to my love of this novel. I only know Joseph Zeng and Kathy Chow from the cast, but there is more to any series rather than just the cast. I saw Joseph Zeng in a few series already and I think he will fit the character of Zhang Wu Ji just fine. I wonder how Kathy will do as Mie Jue Shi Tai? I thought they would get someone older to play that role? Let’s see…

      1. @littlefish you know what funny is? in this new copy of DSHS the old sifu (katy chow) is prettier than zhou zhiruo. (zhu xudan). actually the 3 main cast looks like kids and no X-factor.

      2. @littlefish
        My words exactly! I thought how funny it was and a coincidence that she is playing Zhu Zhi Ruo and is now playing the master. Strange…

  2. I’ve seen the two female leads from other dramas and they did not strike me as great beauties. Still, I think I will give this a shot, because I was sceptical about The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 and it ended up being one of my favourite Jinyong adaptations ever.

  3. While I am not a fan of the rapid and repeated Jinyong adaptations being produced like an annual event, these stills are a pleasant surprise. Except for Zhu Xudan, not familar with most of the younger cast. Yang Buhui looks sweet.
    Though I always think Zhang Wuji is wishy washy (love the ambitious Wuji in the movie version) and prefers Zhou Zhiruo to Zhou Min, may give this adaptation a try if there is no other better productions to watch then.

  4. Know none of these new generation Mainland actors, only Kathy Chow lol! Since she has portrayed Zhou Zhiruo in the past, it will be interesting to see her as Miejue.

  5. I will check this series out for sure. It’s one of my favourite wuxia of all-time.

    I can deal with the annual re-makes and “lesser” beauties as I am certain that this series will be better than anything that TVB churns out these days yet there are still plenty that watches TVB here.

  6. Will be watching the drama to see if it is nice. Zhang Wuji isn’t my favorite character, but Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre is my favorite wuxia book.

    1. @kk12345

      Thanks for your sympathies! I have to message you here I could not respond to your other message. It is hard but I try to stay strong. But I got to say, we can get the best of both worlds if we are in heaven (assuming it exists) as we could watch series with our loved ones in heaven.

      I like Zhang Wu Ji as he has a tragic life like me. He was orphaned at a young age, is kind hearted, skilled, humble,etc… I think many just do not like the fact that he is wishy washy in love. It is hard to pick when so many girls love you so deeply. However, he did pick Zhao Min in the end even though many would say that was not the best decision. But he went with his heart finally and I love his character overall. After all which character is not flawed?

      1. @hetieshou Heaven is a beautiful place made of jasper, emerald, sapphire, topaz and other beautiful jewels. It has streets made of gold. It is a beautiful place, but most importantly we get to be with our loved ones there. Not only our loved ones, but also our pets and friends that we once lost. But it is the waiting that gets hard sometimes. The waiting can be 30 years and longer.

        But at least the kids are there to comfort you and lend a listening ear.

        I use this website to see which shows are nice, it has grading for china dramas as well.

        I think Zhang Wuji is the most human character that I ever read about. He has a tragic past, is wishy washy. They are traits that I can identify with. Yang Guo, on the other hand, is unrealistic as there are very few people in this world who is young that is willing to wait for a girl for 16 years. Most people will get married to other people during the 16 years. I can’t bring myself to dislike Zhang Wuji, because he is very human.

        I like Zhao Min and Xiaozhao, who is the author’s favorite character in the book. Zhao Zhiruo is also pitiful, because of rejection from Zhang Wuji, she became evil. I actually like the girls, better the guy (Zhang Wuji).

      2. @kk12345
        Thanks but I honestly do not believe in heaven and all as none of us know if it truly exists or not. Even if it did, how many of us can truly make it there? I think we will not know where we truly go until we die.

        I like the character of ZWJ as he is realistic. He has a kind heart and many good traits.YG’s character is not realistic but it is just a novel so we can understand.

        Out of the 4 girls I like XZ the most as she is the most loyal and kind one. Zhu ZhiRuo is vicious but you feel sorry for her as she got rejected by the one she loves most. ZM is ok and I feel bad for her too but she is lucky that ZWJ chose her in the end.

      3. @hetieshou Lastly, I have to say Heaven is our permanent home, but earth is our temporal/temporary home. So I am excited to be there one day.

  7. So Emei turned Taoist now so some girls can look nicer without a bald head?

    I recognise Zhu Xudan from “Eternal Love” as the crazy demon queen.

    1. @elizabeth well to be fair, they wear ugly beanies to cover their bald head in TVB production, and Chinese drama must look good, so either way, none of the girls will have their head shaved so might as well go with the prettier style lol

  8. Does anyone know when this series is coming out and if there is any canton sub? I really like Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017.

    Li Ti Yong became my favorite Huang Rong. She is very beautiful, classy, witty, and smart.

  9. Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 just came out.

    Why did they skip Return of the Condor Heroes and jump straight into Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber?

    1. @skev1 Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao’s ROCH was randomly made in 2014. Probably a bit too soon for another remake, although you can be sure it won’t take too long. I think HSDS is actually okay as a standalone series.

  10. Omg, the 3 main leads faces look so much like one another. Same surgeon again? Lol. You can literally switch their outfits and hairstyles and they can take on one another’s character identity; can probably pass of as one another in real life too…

    Kathy Chow looks so much younger and prettier in this still than her recent TVB series. Good on the make up department!

    The series will be pass for me. I find Wuji character dumb AF. He literally forgot his mom’s warnings and how/who caused his parents demise. My least favorite WJ “hero.” I do like other premises and supporting characters though.

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