TVB to Remake “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”?

TVB’s numerous remakes of classic wuxia stories had viewers lambasting the station for being uncreative and tapping on old successes in a bid to revive flagging ratings. Recently, there was word that the station has plans for a remake of the classic wuxia series, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber <倚天屠龍記>, with a surprising cast lineup.

If true, this will be the fourth Hong Kong novel-to-screen drama adaptation based on the popular novel by Louis Cha (金庸). The 1978 original starred Adam Cheng (鄭少秋) and Liza Wang (汪明荃); the 1986 version starred Tony Leung (梁朝偉) and Kitty Lai (黎美嫻); and the 2001 version starred Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) and Gigi Lai (黎珈而).

Tsang Lok Tong

Here is a first look at the rumored cast lineup for the yet unconfirmed adaptation, which surprisingly includes Voice Entertainment singers: actor-singer Alvin Ng (伍富橋), Joey Thye (戴祖儀), and Tsang Lok Tung (曾樂彤) in the lead roles of Zhang Wuji, Zhao Min, and Zhou Zhiruo (周芷若) respectively. All three artistes are 26 years old.

As for the supporting cast, Pakho Chau (周柏豪) and Shiga Lin (連詩雅) are set to play Zhang Wuji’s parents, Zhang Cuishan and Yin Susu. Vivian Koo (谷婭溦) as Xiaozhao, Ginny Wu (吳若希) as Yin Li , Angela Hui (許靖韻) as Zhu Jiuzhen, Bella Lam (林泳彤) as Yang Buhui, and Lenna Yeung (formerly known as Griselda Yeung 楊卓娜) as Dai Qisi.

The remake and casting information circulated on the Internet, but have not been confirmed by TVB.

Source: Yahoo HK

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  1. “Will the rumored cast be able to fill the shoes of their predecessors?”


    The 80s version with Tony Leung is so memorable. I can just hear the theme song now with Anita Mui and Tony.

    1. @aidenchan Not very often to find someone who likes Tony’s version! It’s my fav adaption of HSDS too! The casting is good and the theme song is fantastic!

    2. @aidenchan
      I love that version too but I wish that Yammie played Zhao min instead. Kitty was ok but Yammie would have shined in that role. She has the beauty and acting talent to do well. That version was a classic.

  2. TVB offended Jin Yong in the past (think they changed the scripts without seeking his approval) and I heard he will not sell the rights to TVB again (unless his descendants decides differently)

    I’ll be surprised if they now attempt to surpass (not just the old) the versions China been producing (top notch dollars I have to say) but also to use artistes I’m seeing above.

      1. @longhair84
        i thought it was TVB version HSDS version with Lawrence and Gigi Lai and the crimson sabre 2000 was the ones that made Jin Yong banning TVB to redo any of his works cause they did a massive changing to the storyline without his consent?

    1. @conan2209 I didn’t know Flying Fox wasn’t a faithful adaptation and its probably my least fave wuxia series as well. There wasn’t really anything in the story that makes it stand out for me. It was a really bland story for me.

    2. @conan2209
      Yes, that was why Jin Yong banned them. The producers from China always asked for JY’s approval before they changed anything.

      Sorry but TVB cannot surpass China in wuxia productions. They are simply lacking too much.

  3. Forget it. They simply cannot compete with China when it comes to costume dramas. Plus HSDS 2019 was near perfection imo.

  4. Let’s just appreciate the line up for what it is and within TVB. Joey Thye is the best pick for Zhao Min. Her facial features and intelligence on variety shows showcase that. Bella Lam as the Yan Buhui is clever because she can do the sassy and pitiful characters well. Shiga as Yin Susu, Michelle Yim is a timeless beauty and Shiga is a beauty too, but Shiga’s feature might be a little sharp.

      1. @m0m0
        Good point but she is Mongolian which has a look that is not that different from a Han Chinese. I think Xiao Zhao also needs someone with a more exotic look too as she is half Persian.

  5. To push youngsters to stardom TVB need to remake ‘Legend of the Condor Heroes’ or ‘Return of the Condor Heroes’ really. Nobody at TVB has ever became a star overnight after appearing on Heavens Sword Dragons Sabre…

    1. @jimmyszeto hsds is the least enjoyable of the condor heroes trilogy because Zhang Wuji is not as likeable or colourful as Guo Jing or Yang Guo. Plus it makes sense for TVB to remake HSDS considering that China already as a RoCH on the horizon

      1. @longhair84
        I would not say Zhang WuJi is not as likeable. I actually love his character as he is very kind hearted and filial to his seniors and family. He has his flaws but so did Guo Jing and Yang Guo. I enjoyed the story too.

      2. @hetieshou
        Zhang Wuji I felt was very unlikable. Filial was a positive but confusion in love was rather annoying. He was a bit of a hypocrite in some ways…

      3. @jimmyszeto
        I found that a bit annoying but not really unlikeable. He was not as indecisive as you think as he did pick Chiu Man in the end. No one is perfect but overall he is very kind and filial. Like I have said, Guo Jing and Yang Guo has some annoying traits too. Zhang WuJi did have his flaws but I would not say he is unlikeable.

      4. @hetieshou I enjoy the story of HSDS very much…and I do love how Jin Yong’s male leads are flawed. I like 2 remakes particularly, Tony Leong and Deng Chao versions. Both actors were great as Zhang Wuji. I rewatch Deng Chao’s version most often as I love the actor acting as Zhang Sanfeng the most. And the filming location is So Beautiful!!! They really went to Wudang San to film. The filming location is beautiful. The only part I did not like about that version was the camera lighting…They deliberately choice a unique lighting style which is rather unnatural to my eyes.

      5. @hohliu
        I agree and love the story of HSDS a lot but of course not everyone is perfect. I like Tony and Deng Chai’s version the most too. Yes the filming location is beautiful. The lighting is a bit off. That was one of the things I did not like about some of the mainland adaptations.

        Do you like Bi Xue Jian? I love that story too even though many don’t like it. I loved the Bobby version and enjoyed the 80s version from TVB overall even though it was not accurate to the novel.

      6. @hetieshou I do enjoy Bi Xue Jian too. There is not many remake of this story. Bobby version was very good and I remember watching it on the traditional Videos players…LOL

      7. @hohliu
        Glad that you like Bi Xue Jian too as many don’t like that story much. It is one of JY’s least popular stories which is why there are not many adaptations of it. Which traditional video players are you referring to? Bobby’s version was not that old. It was made in 2007 I think. I watched it on YouTube.

    2. @jimmyszeto
      I am sick of remakes! But tvb remakes? Sorry but I will pass… TVB cannot compete against China when it comes to these wuxia productions. Tvb just does not have it when it comes to wuxia productions. The6 simply lack too many things.

      1. @hetieshou
        Yeh. I thought TVB had given up on wuxia ancient series. The computer effects aren’t good enough compared to China. Need to stick to ancient comedies or family sitcoms. Greed of Man needs a remake really. Would be interesting who could pull off the character of one of the best performances of all time by ‘Adam Cheng’…

      2. @jimmyszeto
        Yup but maybe TVB is trying to relive their old glory days which are long gone. It is not just computer affects but many other things. They just lack it all which is why they don’t make ancient wuxia series anymore.

        I agree that The Greed of Men really needs a remake. But I wonder who can do as well as Adam, Damien,Yammie and the rest of the cast? Did you ever see the remake of the Misadventures of the Zoo with Adam in the original? I am re watching that now and it brings back so many wonderful memories of the past. Adam and the cast were hilarious…

      3. @hetieshou
        Some of the acting in ‘greed of man’ was just out of this world and almost every role would be tough to re-cast. I’ve not seen. How was the Misadventures of Zoo remake?

      4. @jimmyszeto
        I agree and it would be hard to live up to the original cast. I did not watch the remake of the Misadventures of Zoo remake. I enjoyed the old version a lot but did not see the remake. I was going to ask you what you thought but I guess you did not see it. Do you plan on seeing it?

      5. @hetieshou
        Yammie was good in parts like as the schoolgirl and then the mother but she went too crazy for my liking. She kept sniggering when questioned in the court scene. It was as if she was really mentally unstable. You couldn’t tell that it was acting or it was just over the top…

      6. @jimmyszeto
        Oh yes that is why many were saying she went crazy for real due to that series. I still feel bad for her and what happened to her in real life.

      7. @jimmyszeto Her life story in the HK entertainment is definitely one of the worse…they destory her life with abused.
        Even her death is sad..

      8. @hohliu
        It’s a shame that it will always be an unsolved mystery to the public on what triggered Yammie’s mental issues, leading to her inevitable end…

      9. @jimmyszeto
        Many believed it was because she got raped, bullied, and harassed several times along with all of the tragedies she suffered which made her suffer mentally and physically. Her life was so tragic. I hope she is in a happier and better place now.

      10. @hohliu
        Yes and Yammie was one of the most beautiful and talented actresses that I have seen in a long time. It is so sad what happened to her. Her death was tragic too and any of us can easily just pass away all alone and not getting discovered until days later. Hope she is in a better and happier place now.

      11. @jimmyszeto

        The choice of Ting Hai would be very interesting indeed. I also wonder who can reprise the role. Both dubbers of Ting Hai get 7 fail votes in ‘Dub of War’. You can see how diffucult the role is.

        Maybe Wayne Lai can do it.

      12. @kidd
        Wayne has that powerful voice but he is aging and also does not have the height/build. I think this is one character performance that can never ever be repeated again…

      13. @jimmyszeto The Greed of Man remake is a great idea. How about Moses Chan for Ding Hai? I always think his earlier performances were good.. now it seems like he is going through the motions.. there was an earlier show where he went all crazy after Kevin Cheng killed his gf Gigi Lai.. can’t rem the name of the show..

      14. @arc78

        I remember this drama. I just check the title. It’s called ‘The Ultimate Crime Fighter’ (通天幹探). Now that you mention it, yes, Moses might be able to do it. TVB likes to cast Moses in comedic roles nowadays that I forgot his serious roles in all those Johnathon where he didn’t speak like Duk Duk Dei.

      15. @kidd yes that’s the one. It’s a great drama and kevin is convincing as the villain too. It’s also funny how the female leads were all related to Ekin Cheng, Maggie his former gf, Yoyo is his wife now and Gigi who starred in those movies with him.. those were the glory days of Hong Kong..

      16. @arc78
        Good thinking.Moses actually sounds like a good choice. We have seen Moses in ‘Ultimate Crime Fighter’, When Heavens Burn and Master of Play showing great emotional acting. However, Moses is at this stage of his career where he is just happy to coast through easy roles. It might take a huge character like ‘Ding Hai’ to reignite his passion. Such a complicated role though. Uneducated, righteous, delusional, crazy, oblivious, unorthodox, filial, invincible. Adam Cheng has never ever got enough credit which might be the best TVV performance of all time. People just mention that he’s unlucky in causing the stock market to crash whenever it gets re-broadcast.

      17. @jimmyszeto Why should compare with China? It’s a different language anyway. For canto, only tvb can produce the best canto drama on earth and the nicest theme songs ever.

  6. Good if true. The last China remake was abysmal. Had way too many slow-mo moments for my liking. At least the cast is youngish unlike the Lawrence Ng one, which I still enjoyed to be fair as everyone in that version were all pretty good actors (even the young Charmaine Sheh was bearable as Zhiruo). Anyway, if they do remake, I hope they go the route of the recent LoCH in China and have as very little special effects as possible.

      1. @longhair84
        Really? Everyone regards the 83 version with Barbara and Felix as a classic that none can surpass. Maybe I will see it to see how it is. Thanks for your recommendation.

  7. Please no. With that cast, they’re going to ruin a classic even more.

  8. TVB remaking an ancient series? I’m finding this quite hard to believe lol. Aren’t their props all piling dust if they haven’t sold them all off already in the last ten to twenty years?

  9. Just check out the youtube videos (moving pictures are more accurate depiction of their looks) of the 3 leads. I’m actually very OK with the casting. They might not be great beauties, but, their look are unique and show personality.

    Tsang Lok Tung is a good choice for Zhou Ziruo. She looks a bit like Idy Chan. So, she will do well as the soft on the outside, tough on the inside ZZR.

  10. Tvb please don’t waste money for this remake it’s not worth it and stop focus on the young actor who can’t even act well that’s why all the good actors left these days. I would like to see they remake some of the classic drama such as Yesterday’s Glitter, Down Lane Memorie, The Lady Fist similar to Mulan? File Detectives? The Turbulence Of Stances? The Bund? And Life is Beautiful. Only if they can find a better actor without focusing on those young actors too much.

    1. @cutie777 dont be a joker okay. haha. I dont think any china actors is any better than actors produced by Tvb. So it does not matter to train the young ones. China their speaking are not original more like dub one. TVB may not high technology in production but their acting and speaking skills top notch. China only to see their costumes, environment and face only.

      1. @xrc56
        I don’t agree as many actors from China are trained and educated in acting while the TVB actors are not. No way is TVB better than China in terms of acting and all. Maybe you like watching in Cantonese but TVB is not top notch in speaking and all. They lag behind China in pretty much everything..

      2. @hetieshou I too agree, the acting schools in China are notoriously difficult to enrol. The students need to have good foundations. Good looks are not enough. UK acting school are the same. Their training are very rounded.

      3. @hetieshou just your perception without evidence and intelligence. China drama although
        I rarely watch but the popular one all dubbed voice one, not their original voice. HK great actors all can act and speak in godlike voice with expression.

      4. @xrc56
        What the heck? Sorry but the dubbed voices should not affect their acting abilities much. Many dub their own voice too. If you rarely watch Chinese dramas then you don’t qualify to compare.

      5. @hetieshou I’ve watched many Chinese dramas. I’m also not a fan of the dubbing. I’d much rather prefer watching without dubs.

    2. @cutie777
      I agree and I am sick of Jin Yong remakes especially from TVB. JY banned them when he was still alive. He did it for good reasons too but sadly now that he has passed, they are taking advantage of his stories again hoping to relive the old glory days.

  11. I loved the old Tony, Kitty, Sheren, Maggie one. So many stars in it. I think Sheren was only 19 yo at the time.

    Even though it is hard to complete with China, I think TVB should do Wuxia again. Even if this remake is terrible, it will give the actors some name recognition. They need to build stars again.

    1. @potatochip
      Yes Sheren was only 19-20 years old in the 86 version.

      TVB has done way too many modern series as they are cheaper. Wuxia takes a lot more money and work. I wonder if TVB is willing to put out the money and efforts for a good production? I kind of doubt it as they are very cheap.

      1. @hetieshou Maybe TVB is using the support HK TV industry card for permission to use his books… TVB really deserve their downfall….the management is infamous for being Unfair to their artistes.

      2. @hohliu
        Yup and TVB has been terrible to their artists for decades so it is not anything new. They never learn and just for money and profits only but hey that is business. But some companies at least care for their artists and employees while TVB can careless.

  12. Instead of Jin Yong, they should remake Gu Longs tv series like Chut Toi Sheung Kiu or Against the Blade of Honour. I miss the wuxia series from Tvb even though they can’t compete with China. The 80s and 90s were the heydays

  13. Why is TVB casting singers for this drama?? They need people who can act. I dont even know if Tsang Lok Tung and Joey can act. Why isnt Zhang Wuji played by Kalok?

    1. @luye Kalok will at least draw in people familiar with Come Home Love, and at least he has acting experience.
      all these so called singers… Should go back to singing or whatever they do. Joey, Tsang Lok tung, Bella, even Jinny all have that same vibe ( big round face, big ish eyes).

  14. For the love of god stop remaking any of the condor trilogy, I’m so bloody fed up with so many remakes be it the first, second or third installment. Like holy crap, make something new, adapt other wuxia, stop remaking remakes of remakes of remakes.

    Look for other novel like what they did in the past with The Four. So many wuxia out there waiting to be adapted.

    1. @xystus
      I totally agree and there are so many Wuxia novels that have not been adapted yet. Why can’t they do those instead of remake the same old ones over and over again. It gets so boring and redundant.

  15. OMG……….why would u want to film a remake with a noobs they are to young in the field to carry this ancient drama especially with Jeannie eewww cringe

    1. @sherla1019

      The main characters in the story are young, in the range of late teens to early 20s. Of course the actors need to be young. These actors real age are already slightly older than the characters. How old should the actors be to be qualified to lead? Secondly, these popular well known stories are the best vehicle to promote/introduce new actors to the audience because they don’t need popular stars to carry the series. The story itself already has a lot of fans.

      China series use newbie actors to play leads in their novel adaptations and they turn out ok. LOCH2017 even turn it’s lead actors to stars. Why when it comes to TVB, even actors nearing 30 is still too young and not qualified?

      1. @kidd
        30 yo in tvb is considered very young. if you look at their history, even before their downfall, they always had 30 somethings playing college students and late 20s playing HS.

  16. no no no, really bad choice if this guy and girl will be the new lead. there are better choice really. good for tvb to make wuxia genre again but i rather see them to make a new novel wuxia than a remake of hsds for the thousand times.

  17. why a jingyong remake? tvb can never compete with china. they should do something more local, adapt ideas from local sources like comics. something original…

    1. @m0m0
      I am Sick of JY remakes from any company which is why I stopped watching all the remakes. It is so boring and redundant.

      1. @hetieshou
        i am so w/ you. every couple of years is a remake. i don’t get why the same old. he wrote many books but the ones they keep on remaking are the same ones. there are other famous authors in the same genre. anyhow, tvb should try something different consider the budget and quality of their production. leave the wuxia to taiwan and china.

      2. @m0m0
        I agree and my late mom used to complain about it too. My oldest brother said it was because they need the characters and story to make new actors and actresses shine which is true. But there is a downfall to it as they will get compared to their predecessors.

  18. There are already too much adaptations of Jin Yong’s popular novels already. They should adapt his less popular novels, other wuxia authors’ works, or come up with something original.

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