Yu Zheng Plans to Adapt “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”

Fans are being pushed to their limits again after reports surfaced stating that producer Yu Zheng (于正) is on his way to adapt another Jin Yong (金庸) classic wuxia novel – The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber <倚天屠龍記>. Yu Zheng was earlier criticized for his flawed adaptations of Jin Yong’s The Smiling, Proud Wanderer <笑傲江湖> and Return of the Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶>, which is currently wrapping up post-production.

Yesterday, a netizen shared a screenshot of his conversation with Yu Zheng through their Weibo blogs. In their brief chat, Yu Zheng admitted that he has purchased the filming rights of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber and signed the contract last week. Yu Zheng confirmed this piece of news in a later media interview. He added that though the rights are purchased, he will not be working on the project anytime soon. He said, “[This adaptation of ] The Condor Heroes is already perfection. To do another Jin Yong drama, we need to come up with more creative ideas, so as of now I will not be working on Heaven Sword in 2014.”

Many netizens and fans of the original Jin Yong classics were unhappy with Yu Zheng’s announcement. One netizen mocked, “You called your own work perfection. Have you forgotten to take your medication?” Another said, “You and Mr. Jin Yong must be enemies. You are always ruining his works.”

One netizen expressed disappointment, “I do not support an adaptation. People who watch these Jin Yong wuxia [dramas] don’t watch it for the storyline, but watch it for the memories of the classics. I can only vomit at these adaptations.”

Another angrily expressed, “He ruined my Chongying [Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying], ruined my Little Dragon Girl and Yang Guo, and now he will ruin my favorite Zhao Min and Zhang Wuji!” and “Please do not ruin my goddesses! They are innocent!”

One netizen sarcastically said, “What? Another new The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber? I hope Fu Xinbo (付辛博) or Chen Xiao (陈晓) can play Zhang Wuji. Yuan Shanshan (袁姗姗) can play Zhao Min, Yang Rong (杨蓉) can play Xiao Zhao, and Michelle Chen (陳妍希) can play Zhou Zhiruo. That way Michelle Chen can still be seen as a goddess.”

Source: QQ.com 

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Oh please, I’ve had enough of his crappy adaptations. I don’t want him to ruin another masterpiece of Jin Rong.

  2. Seems like he is lacking ideas. Hence, all these remakes.

    But I didn’t watch all of his dramas except for gong 1+2.

  3. Hmm so that’s how he looks, says a lot about his pile of crappy work! But as audience, if ppl stop watching his dramas, it will discouraging him from botching more masterpieces.

    1. Maybe he dress up as xln or yg, or even the condor then I will definitely watch for the comedy element lol!!!

  4. He is like the villain if Wuxia world! He is probably doing the evil laugh right now!

    1. Sadly, I agree with you. His face reeks evil :/

  5. What’s he gonna do now? Turn Grandmother Golden Flower into Xiao Chiu then make her the main love interest?

    1. Maybe Zhang Wu JI will be a woman starring Yuan Shan Shan and Zhao Min, ZhouRou and the other girls will be male fighting for YSS love. LOL

    2. He will do the alternate ending, where zhao min is actually evil and don’t end up with the main guy, whereas the other girl is oh so innocent, misunderstood, and be together with him. His adaptation is not that original anyway -.-

  6. Oh no not another remake,especially one by Yu Zheng! I can imagine him changing ZWJ into a girl.

  7. omg more crap from him….
    when will he ever stop?????

  8. Hahaha, I can hear everyone’s collective groans.

    He’s already taken my second favourite (Smiling Proud Wanderer) and ran it into the ground. Now I’m scared for The Duke of Mount Deer. Why, Yu Zheng? Do you have a personal vendetta against Jin Yong?

  9. Argh!!! Damn it, can’t this jerk stop already? Too bad that Jin Yong is so old now and doesn’t handle his own business affairs anymore — I would have loved to see him yank the adaptation rights from bastard Yu Zheng like he did to other companies in the past.

    And I absolutely want to vomit each time Yu Zheng opens his mouth — that guy is so full of himself, it’s ridiculous! I’m not surprised in the least that he would use the word ‘perfection’ to describe his works because that’s how egotistical and arrogant he is. I heard him comparing himself to Oscar winning director Ang Lee during an interview last year and I just about wanted to wash my ears out!

  10. I think Yu Zheng should collaborate with Wong Jing one of these day and I think the reaction from people should be more fun to watch than the actual work itself.

  11. “One netizen sarcastically said, “What? Another new The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber? I hope Fu Xinbo (付辛博) or Chen Xiao (陈晓) can play Zhang Wuji. Yuan Shanshan (袁姗姗) can play Zhao Min, Yang Rong (杨蓉) can play Xiao Zhao, and Michelle Chen (陳妍希) can play Zhou Zhiruo. That way Michelle Chen can still be seen as a goddess.”
    are you serious? i cannot accept yuan shanshan as zhao min or michelle chen as zhou zhiruo. literally, they do not suit the role. i swear to god, the hong kong 2000 version is already the perfection of heaven sword. not gonna accept any other version.

    1. Really? I haven’t watched it despite it had many of my fav actors n actress as a few claims its not good? The only one I saw was with tony Leung and sheren tang.

      1. I personally did not like the 2000 version and felt first of all, Lawrence Ng as ZWJ was a big miscast. But there were some parts that they covered which the 86 version did not really cover. One part I remembered was the background story of Zi Yi long Wang. The 86 version did not go into as much detail as the 2000 version did in that aspect.

    2. I’m disagree cos 2000 HK version was worst because it’s doesn’t make no sense & did not take seriously like 1986 version.

  12. the question is that Jin Yong (金庸), did he that into money to sell the copyright to him…

    i have no respect for this guy but Jin Yong (金庸) too.

    1. Well JY is really too old now so I can give him a break but YZ is still young.

    2. It’s not up to Jin Yong anymore — he’s already in his 90s and pretty much signed off the management of his copyright stuff to a 3rd party company a long time ago…as long as Yu Zheng continues to keep up his ‘connections’ with that 3rd party company, they will continue to give him the rights to JY’s works (which means he can continue to ‘butcher’ them any way he likes). That’s the frustrating part of this whole thing because that means there’s no stopping Yu Zheng now…

      1. if that’s the case, i wonder if tvb will remake the old classics again?


    The world needs to spared from this fool’s “masterpieces”!

  14. I actually liked his version of Swordsman xD But idk I watch adaptations with an open mind and usually just watch it as a complete different story rather than a remake because I personally find the same stories boring.

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