Aaron Kwok’s History of Dating Twentysomethings

Clockwise from left to right: Anna Kay, Kabby Hui, Rainky Wai, and Moka.

After breaking up with Lynn Hung (熊黛林) two years ago, 50-year-old Aaron Kwok (郭富城) has been romantically linked with several young models. Unlike his usual tendency of keeping his love life private, Aaron openly admitted to his relationship with 27-year-old Shanghainese model, Moka, recently. With his youthful looks and well-built body, the pop king never had a shortage of romantic rumors with rising young stars.

Aaron was rumored with the below women in the last two years:

Anna Kay (葉子淇)

Months after splitting from Lynn in 2013, Aaron was dating mainland artiste, Anna Kay. At the time, the 29-year-old was spotted entering and spending the next 30 hours in Aaron’s home. However, Aaron refuted these rumors and stressed that the pair were merely friends.

Kabby Hui (許雅婷)

Aaron was subsequently rumored to be dating pseudo-model Kabby, whom he followed on Instagram. These rumors were further fueled when it was reported that Aaron visited the 21-year-old model-turned-actress on the set of What’s Up Girls.

Rainky Wai (蔚雨芯)

In addition to Kabby, Aaron was also rumored to be dating 22-year-old singer Rainky. The busty singer admitted that she met Aaron through her dance instructor, Sunny.

Miss R

In January, a Japanese exchange student, known by the pseudonym of Miss R, publicly shared voice and text messages with Aaron. This brought their relationship to light, and Miss R further revealed that she met Aaron at a party and became friends on social media.  Miss R claimed that Aaron had cheated in their relationship with a model known as “M”.


After the Hong Kong paparazzi snapped photos of Aaron and Moka on a date together, Aaron announced his new relationship. Stating that they have been together for less than a year, Aaron quickly came to Moka’s defense when netizens slammed her with plastic surgery rumors and her materialistic past. Aaron stated, “Everyone has a past. I also have a past.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. good for him. rich, handsome, fit, talented. this guy can get any women he wants.

    1. @mike

      Agreed! Hate how the Chinese media attempts to insinuate that there is WRONG in OLDER MEN dating YOUNG WOMEN. As long as she’s legal, and the feelings are mutual, there’s NOTHING wrong with it. Those who see problems with it are likely women that have issues with self-esteem and self-confidence because MOST MEN will never complain about sleeping with much younger women.

      1. @anon got me thinking with your last statement and your comment below….are you guy who likes dating women 10+ years your junior? NOT judging, just curiously asking. Anyway, while I see no wrong, but would personally never date someone that is literally the same age as my dad, I see where people get “disgusted” or what not. Yes, she’s legal, but in other people’s perspective, their age gap is pretty much a “daughter-father” relationship. However, if feelings are mutual, what right do we have to judge…Not starting a fight for the record.

      2. @akinu

        I’ve never dated anyone over 10 years less of my age because I am not old to begin with, but am open-minded, tolerant, and understanding enough to know that it shouldn’t be an issue if the right individuals come together. At the end of the day, we have no right to judge their relationship, despite of the fact that they are celebrities, they are humans too.

        I have many friends that work in the industry, perhaps why I have a better understanding of their situations.

      3. @anon i was just curious. please dont be offended if i sounded any way offensive. like i said, i see no wrong in people dating/marrying people beyond their age because im the result of a man marrying a woman 17 years his junior so if i said i was so against it, wouldnt that be saying that im against what made me? lol

        it’s good to be open-minded and understanding…the world needs more people like you. honestly, dont understand why neitzens and what not are going crazy and bashing down poor Aaron’s new girl. Yes, people are too good at forgetting that celebrities are humans too.

    2. @mike, i absolutely agreed! if you got the looks, the money, and charm, why not have fun? i’m sure both party are having a good time together anyways. one of these days, i’m sure aaron will settle and we’ll hear it first from #jaynestars! lol!

  2. Aaron is SINGLE, and he likes them young, and LEGAL. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Good for you Aaron. Keep em young!

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an older man romancing a younger woman, as long as they care for and love each other. If a man is younger than his lady and they love each other, hen love and happiness to them. However, in Aron’s case, it appears to be a deliberate action of seeking out women young enough to be his daughter. Aaron had no intention for the longest time of settling down and building a le with a respected matured woman like Andy or Jacky did. I wonder if he is suffering rom low self related issues and is afraid of getting involved with a more matured woman who will be too matured for him and will not put up with his issues. He deliberately looks for ve, very young women. The man obviously has some issues going n there. Maybe he is afraid of growing old and depend on dating these young women to prolong his youth.

    Speaking of youth, has anyone notice his face looks youthful and smooth but there s an unnatural stiffness to his face. Aaron cannot smile properly anymore and his face, though handsome, lacks the ability to display emotion. It is called too much plastic surgery, too much botox. The man is deathly afraid of getting old.

    Will he ever grow up, find the right woman, whether she be very young woman, or a more matured woman like 35ish, and have a kid or two?

    As @Hetieshou says……………”Time will tell”.
    P.S. These words are just the worded opinion of the writer and were typed without malice or hatred, though they may be the words of ignorance, Just my penny worth of opinion.

    1. @abc123a i agree with your penny worth of opinion lol. i do notice that his face doesnt look very natural. he looks rather different from when i saw him during my childhood. and agree, he looks like he got botox overload because he seems very stiff, and i mean STIFF in every picture i see him now and when he appears on shows and what not.

    2. @abc123a

      So what if he is purposely hunting down young girls to sex with? As long as it’s mutual, I see no problems with it. Not all relationships need to be serious, and leads to marriage. If they are straight FWB then so be it. We don’t have the right to judge as it’s a business between those two only.

  4. Lol. Aaron such a sugar daddy. Since he’s in his 50 already hope he’ll find a serious one soon instead keep changing a new girlfriend.

    1. @asian2015

      Maybe he doesn’t want to change and likes to keep things fresh and casual.

      Long-term is not for everybody and not the only path to happiness.

  5. Just to say, I am not against relationship with huge age difference.

    I felt why netizen are against or dislike the relationship, might be caused by her being materialistic (claimed by netizens) or high profile image(selfies here and there). If Aaron was to date a low profile person who is more humble or down to earth, I guess that many would not be so worked up. Even if the age gap is larger?

    At Aaron age, netizen might felt that he is already at the age to settle down. Of course, they would prefer him to choose a humble person that is able to look after the household. Netizens are just expressing their concern in misunderstanding ways…haha

    1. @alien I really doubt it… I think netizens in general just like to complain and find fault with their idol choice. So even if he find someone humble, they are bound to find something wrong with her!

      @abc123a my guess will be botox… don’t think he got ps as his face/feature look the same but everything is just very tight!

      honestly don’t see an issue with them being together..both just having fun and if they really become serious then hey good for them!

  6. I dislike relationships where there’s major age disparity, like 20+ years. It says a lot about both ppl who are willing to enter into these kind of arrangements.

    For the woman, maybe she finds his financial security attractive… But does that mean she likes him for him? And I also think these women are naive and only think about the now and not the future. When they’re 50, these husbands of theirs will be in their 70s and above…what do you think that means for them?

    For the men, it says something about their sense of age. If they primarily date women much younger than them, maybe they want to maintain and keep that youth, hence they are completely aware on some level of their aging bodies and mentality. Either that or they’re so immature, they can only be happy in relationships with women physically & psychologically immature too. It also tells me that they don’t think about the future either cus they think their aging bodies can match up to their women as they age. Marco Ng ring a bell?

  7. @coralie

    You’re reading way too much into this. Some men don’t wish to commit and prefer young women, just like how some older women prefer young men. They can find them attractive because of their youth or their sense of playfulness (which imo, diminishes in people when they age). Just because they find these traits attractive that doesn’t make them lesser.

    Some of you (and I don’t mean you specifically), need to get off that high ladder, take off those colored shades, and observe everyone around you with equal footing. That pedestal ain’t too good for ya.

    1. @anon some ppl dont read further into situations that can be explained…you’re one of them.

      And sure, some ppl have something called preferences, but even preferences are something that’s learned rather than innate. There’s always a reason for something, even if ppl aren’t aware of them. Or just prefer to ignore it for lack of self-reflection.

      Really well-adjusted ppl dont go looking for kids fyi

      1. @coralie

        “some ppl dont read further into situations that can be explained…you’re one of them.”

        Oh I can, but unlike a woman, which I am certain that you are. I don’t complicate simple matters.

        “but even preferences are something that’s learned rather than innate.”

        When it comes to preferences (attraction), you realize that gay men are born gay right? That’s INNATE, not something they “learn” over the course of their life. The same analogy can be applied here. Just like some men prefer slim women, other younger men prefer older women, vice versa. As long as it’s legal within fine print, it’s none of your business.

        “Really well-adjusted ppl dont go looking for KIDS fyi”

        Moka is 27. That is a YOUNG ADULT. Since you can’t make this simple observation, I don’t feel the need to reply further.

      2. @anon there’s a genuine genetic component to gay men. It’s obv different than ppl who grew up under influences of their world, like women, for example. Hundreds of yrs ago, men loved chubby women. Nowadays? Totally diff.

  8. I have several gfs who are dating or married to men a couple of yrs younger than them. I’m not opposed to it, as it’s only a few yrs difference (not that they give 2 craps what anyone thinks anyways), but let’s just say these ladies are dating younger for a reason. One of the most apparent example is a lady who is an absolute control freak. She cant date someone her own age or if she does, they won’t last. So she opts to date younger…for men that are easy to mold and easy to control and easily impressionable. I mean…it’s exactly what I see with these huge age disparity cases.

    And before someone marches into a rant about how I’m an outsider and I know nothing – save it. My parents also have a huge age gap so I know firsthand how stupid it is to marry someone a lot older or younger than you. Not worth it

    1. @coralie I think it really depend on the person. My mom and sis both married people that are older then them (10+) and they do not have any issue. My sis actually dated people who were younger then her/same age and her hubby who is 15 yrs older. so she it really not the age the matter the person she felt most comfortable with.

      1. @happybi I respect that. Less than 20 yrs difference is the best. Beyond that, i dont think it’s worthwhile because both Individuals are at totally different phases in life. When one partner is 50, the other is going to be 70+. I’m not saying it’s not doable, because there are marriages with even greater age disparity, but honestly think about it. At 70+ yrs old, you probably don’t have the physique nor stamina to handle a still active middle age life. And the middle-ager will most likely resent that. Then what will become of the relationship? And the kids who have to live through that?

      2. @coralie That is true.. but honestly don’t think Aaron nor the girl he is dating is looking at something long term IMO… some people just prefer things that way…

  9. @Coralie, I see exactly where you are coming from you said

    “really well adjusted people don’t go looking for kids”.

    I could not agree more. For years, Aaron has ben trolling for women young enough to be his daughter. He has psychological issues going on there.

  10. So much blaming and shaming on Aaron’s part because he is a man and is older, at the same time, Moka is being victimized like she’s being taken advantage of.

    BS! Let’s face it!

    It takes two to tango, Moka is a young adult that can make her own decisions. This isn’t a case of child abuse, like some or one of you is attempting to imply. They both know exactly what they are doing and they are completely OK with it. There’s no point of discussing about their future, as they may not even be looking into that. It appears that they are having fun and living for the moment, then that may be enough for them. Stop inflicting your own moral values and standards on them because you’re not god, and who’s to say what you believe in is right. But the amount of male shaming in this thread is unjustified which led me to this post.

    1. @anon yeah perpetrators who keep lauding the virtues of dating old uncles obv don’t want ppl to rain on their parade. Well, for everything positive you see, there’s also the opposite. And to ignore either side of the discussion is just dumb.

      I don’t think Aaron is dating a child. I’ve already stated before, she’s old enough to make her own decisions and has had enough life experiences to decide her own fate. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have “issues” like I stated above or that Aaron doesn’t have issues either.

      1. @coralie

        “Well, for everything positive you see, there’s also the opposite. And to ignore either side of the discussion is just dumb.”

        I’m observing from both sides. I am just saying that you shouldn’t be so condescending, preaching your own beliefs like you’re right and that it’s the “right” way to live life, and that the way they are living is wrong. Because in the end, you don’t have a say in their lives. IT’S A BUSINESS BETWEEN THOSE TWO. Catch my drift?

        “I don’t think Aaron is dating a child.”

        You called her a KID, or at the very least, you INSINUATED that she was. Scroll up.

        “But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have “issues” like I stated above or that Aaron doesn’t have issues either.”

        We are not qualified to make a judgement whether they have issues or not.

        I hope you understand my points by now.

      2. @anon yes I do. Your validation or at the very least, agreeance to this kind of relationship is in fact YOUR opinions and judgment on them.

        If you think you’re above shoving your opinions on us, you’d be wrong too.

        Everything is an opinion but that doesn’t mean our opinions don’t have merit. I didn’t say this type of relationship is WRONG, I said I don’t like it. So why do you care if I do or not?

      3. @coralie

        “Your validation or at the very least, agreeance to this kind of relationship is in fact YOUR opinions and judgment on them.”

        When did I agree to their relationship? I’ve been advocating that we shouldn’t judge their relationship. Just because I don’t see anything wrong with their relationship (aka. on the fence) that does not mean I am showing AGREEANCE to it.

        “also well kid might be exaggerating but it’s true for so many uncle relationships these days, it sickens me. Jay Chou ring a bell?”

        Again, you’re placing assumptions, just because there’s a wide age gap, it doesn’t mean it’s an uncle and niece relationship. No one knows unless you’re Aaron and Moka, and Jay and Hannah.

        “So why do you care if I do or not?”

        This is a stupid question to ask because you’ve been responding to my comments as well. The same question can apply to you.

        We are in a discussion forum afterall. Perhaps it’s for discussion? *sarcasm*

      4. @anon that’s precisely my point. You come here stating I am judging them but at the same time, you go advocating how what Aaron does isnt wrong. Well, it’s not wrong but it isn’t RIGHT either. And then you proceeded to state that you havent dated women that much younger than you, but youre open to the idea and wouldnt like to be judged for that. Well, that’s already your implicit response and agreeance to what Aaron has done. And I’m not saying it’s wrong either but I don’t like it, hence I don’t know what your problem is with me dictating my opinions on the subject. And yes, precisely because this is a discussion, you and I can state our opinions without being told either of us is wrong, unless it’s factually proven.

      5. @anon also well kid might be exaggerating but it’s true for so many uncle relationships these days, it sickens me. Jay Chou ring a bell?

      6. @coralie I agree with you. No one here is judging Aaron. We are all just writing our opinions and observations. If our opinions are wrong and judgemental , then so are those of the people who accuse us of judging Aaron. It does not take a therapist or psychiatrist to see that Aaron is afraid of growing old, hence the ps , botox overload and the insatiable need to continue to look for women young enough to be his daughter. I am not God, never said I was, and don’t want to be. Just making an observation in writing form.

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