Kara Hui: “Austin Wai Died Due to Excessive Weight Loss”

Hong Kong martial artist, Austin Wai (惠天賜) died this week in Beijing at the age of 55. His sister, Kara Hui (惠英紅) confirmed Austin’s death, shocking many the public with Austin’s sudden death. It was determined that Austin had died due to recent excessive weight loss.

It was reported that Austin has been dead in his Beijing home for several days prior to being discovered by his manager. On September 21, Austin posted on his Weibo blog that he has not been feeling well.

Grieving for her elder brother, Kara will be traveling to Beijing to take care of Austin’s funeral arrangements. This morning, Kara will first meet her sister from Hong Kong, then arrange to have Austin’s body transported back to Hong Kong. Kara took two days off from her filming, but will need to return to Hangzhou the day after tomorrow. If the mainland Chinese government insisted on cremating the body, then Kara will deliver the ash back to Hong Kong. However, the final decision will remain with Austin’s children.

Austin Died Due to Excessive Weight Loss

As for the cause of her brother’s sudden death, Kara said it was due to excessive weight loss with over exercise, and the body failed to adapt accordingly. As Kara explained Austin’s death, Kara’s voice started to choke. She had called Austin’s manager to notify the police of his death.

“I had this uneasy feeling, so just for peace of mind, I decided to have Austin’s manager to break open his door to find out what is going on,”  Kara revealed. She received the bad news when her workday ended. Kara immediately contacted family members, relatives and friends, and asked for friends in mainland China for help.

Although Kara was scheduled to complete filming at 5 AM the next morning, it has now been cancelled and postponed. Kara arrived in Beijing at 2 PM, without an assistant and wearing plain clothing with a pair of sunglasses. As soon as she left the security area, a female chauffeur picked her up from the airport. She ran into Jacky Wu (吳京); the two shared a hug and a quick greeting and left in a hurry.

After that, Kara was taken to a government agency in the southern section of the Fifth Ring in Beijing to take care of Austin’s body. Kara’s sister and a few relatives were there waiting for a while. When all were present, the group conversed before entering the office. Smoking for thirty minutes and making small chat, Kara left.

Artists Express Grief and Sorrow…

At a press event, Michael Miu (苗僑偉) was shocked to hear of Austin Wai’s sudden death, and started reminiscing about their friendship. Michael said, “I recall when I was in The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung <楚留香之蝙蝠傳奇>, Austin was Chung Yuen Yat Dim Hung (中原一點紅). He was like a big brother to us. We have known each other for such a long time, but it has been a while since we communicated. I am deeply shocked to hear about his passing.”

Michael continued, “He is only a few years older than me…. I have seen Austin in movies the past few years; he was pretty fit and strong. I recalled he was still exceptional in his fight scenes and no body double was needed.” Michael said that he will hold off on calling Kara for the time being, to allow the family to grieve.

Veteran actor, Damian Lau (劉松仁) was also deeply saddened by Austin’s death. Damian said, “When I was filming Luk Siu Fung <陸小鳳>, Austin played my good friend Sai Mun Chui Suet. I did not know how to fight back then, so Austin also stood in as my body double. Like a lot of ex- Shaw Brother artists who went on to work for TVB, Austin was in great condition back then. I have not run into him for a long time. Currently, I am on location filming now, and will call Kara later.”

Michell Yim (米雪) said that she has known Austin for decades, filming with him multiple times. However, Michelle has not communicated with him recently, and only followed his recent developments via Weibo. Michelle expressed her shocked at Austin’s sudden death.

It was understood that Austin Wai’s body was cremated today in Beijing, China and will be transported back to Hong Kong later.

Source: Sina.com

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  1. Kara’s explanation on his brother’s death is bogus. You can not die from over exercising especially if your body is unable to take in sufficient food, nutrients, fluids and proper rest. Severe weight loss is due to his health issues. Since he was sick, you would not have the energy to sustain a lengthy exercise habit to lose weight.

    1. I would not say it is completely bogus, but since we are not experts or doctors, we should not say what Kara said is 100% bogus… She should know better than us, but of course even she can be wrong so what right do we have to say whether what is right or what is wrong?? Regardless of what the reason was, it no longer matters so just let Austin rest in peace…

      I am so happy know that Micheal still remembers their friendship and days when they acted in CLH. I actually immediately thought of Miu because he and Austin had great chemistry and friendship onscreen that I had a feeling that they were friends in real life too. Glad that I was right that they truly are…

      Austin did not play Sai Mun Chui Suet in Damian’s version of LSF. Wasn’t that played by Wong Yuen Sun?? Austin played that role in Alex’s version. However, it is great that he was friends with Damian and Mai Suet too. I don’t remember Mai Suet and Austin working together though… Ok, lets dig into my memory box..

      REST IN PEACE Austin! You will be loved and missed by everyone.

      1. Unless Kara was misled by individual(s) conducting the autopsy, I would be very suspect on overexercising as the cause of death.

      2. i strongly suspect the medicine has something to do with his dead. by using the wrong combination of medicine can cause fatal side effect to his body.

      3. I don’t think Kara meant that it was only overexercising… It was other factors too but of course, like I have said… We don’t know for sure and it’s not like it matters anymore anyways.

    2. Prolly a combination of several factors contributed to his death. You CAN die of overexercising. When your body is weak even simple walking become a hard exercise.

    3. As for the cause of her brother’s sudden death, Kara said it was due to excessive weight loss with over exercise, and the body failed to adapt accordingly.

      The body and it’s organs are constantly working and burning energy to keep you alive. If malnourished or malnutritioned then calorie intake is below calorie burning and so the body gives up. Even if you are sitting or sleeping you are still burning massive amounts of energy. I don’t see Kara’s explanation as bogus at all.

  2. His death could of been cause by something else, Kara probably didn’t want to share it, regardless it’s their family business. Reading this article sadden me. R.I.P

  3. Does it really matter why he died? The man is dead…let him rest in peace.

  4. “Veteran actor, Damian Lau (劉松仁) was also deeply saddened by Austin’s death. Damian said, “When I was filming Luk Siu Fung , Austin played my good friend Sai Mun Chui Suet. I did not know how to fight back then, so Austin also stood in as my body double. “

    What version of Luk Siu Fung was that? The 70s version I watch starring Damien Lau has Wong Yun San as Sai Mun Chui Suet. Austin played Sai Mu Chui Seut in the 80s Luk Siu Fung starring Alex Man.

  5. Austin Wai’s funeral was held today in Tuen Mun, Buddhist style… his ex-wife and his children pay their respects. Along with his sister and members of the family.


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