Kate Tsui and Tavia Yeung Face Off in Concert

Fierce competitors in this year’s TV Queen race, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡), had an early face off in a concert in Dongguan on Sunday, November 25. With Kate’s recent popularity rising, she pocketed $400,000 RMB for the stage performance. According to Face Magazine, Tavia reduced her price and made a “surprise” appearance for $200,000 RMB.

The concert in Dongguan also featured Louis Koo (古天樂), Andy Hui (許志安), Wong Ka Keung (黃家強), and Sherman Chung (鍾舒漫). Louis was the biggest star in the show and pocketed $1 million RMB, while Andy earned $800,000 RMB.

An inside source revealed that Tavia had originally asked for $400,000 RMB, but the show’s organizers were unwilling to pay the price. Finally, Tavia reduced her price and agreed to appear for $200,000 RMB. Due to the last-minute change, Tavia’s photo was unable to be added to the concert poster in time, thus surprising audiences with her appearance.

Tavia’s TV Queen Chances Slipped Away?

It was also rumored that Tavia’s popularity had declined since her “car-shaking” incident with Him Law (羅仲謙) in September. Tavia’s performance in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> was also overshadowed by Damian Lau (劉松仁) and Elena Kong (江美儀). With the drama’s ratings averaging 28 to 29 points, Tavia’s chances for TV Queen have declined.

It was speculated that Tavia knew beforehand the TV Queen award has slipped out of her hands, leading to her absence at the Anniversary Gala on November 19.  Although Tavia said that she could not attend the Gala due to her leg injury, she has attended several promotional events while limping.

With The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時 II> set to film in early 2013, TVB will allegedly broadcast the drama during the Anniversary time frame, allowing Tavia to win TV Queen next year.

Kate and Tavia Deny Rivalry

Although Face Magazine presented Tavia and Kate as bitter rivals, the pair denied the rumors. Tavia and Kate even pursed their lips and pretended to kiss each other on stage. Backstage, Tavia and Kate held hands while taking photos and chatted together frequently.

Regarding the leaked list of TVB Anniversary Award winners that claimed Kate will win the TV Queen and My Favorite Female Character awards, both Kate and Tavia said the news was not trustworthy and only based on the press’ imagination. Pointing out that the TV Queen will be selected through audience votes, it was impossible to know who will be the winner in advance.

Kate emphasized that she did not have any rivalry with Tavia. Kate said, “Tavia is my senior at work; I greatly admire her. She acted very well in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. I am very happy to be nominated along with Tavia.” Since another actress may end up winning the TV Queen award, Kate did not give herself too much stress, only thanking her supporters and colleagues’ acknowledgement of her work.

Tavia also praised Kate fore being a hard working artist and wished her luck in winning an award.

Sources: Face Magazine #288 via ihktv.com, Ming Pao

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    1. Nope lol, don’t find him appealing >_> Idm him in some series, but I’m not into him nor I find him handsome

      1. i don’t know but i just find the see-through suit really nice on him

      2. Same for me. I really like his acting and singing, but don’t find him handsome, infact don’t find most of the siu sungs handsome at all. Especially close up, they don’t look good at all.

    2. Nice pics of LF, better than his “chok” looks on album covers and other official photos 🙂

    1. Tavia did not release any albums. But, she did sing themesongs and sing in promotional events and fans meet. Singing wise, I think Tavia sings better than Kate.

  1. Kate pocketed 400,000 RMB while Tavia ONLY pocketed half of what Kate got (200,000 RMB). This really showed how Tavia’s popularity have declined.

    1. her popularity did not decline. it fact, it boomed in mainland since SSSS broadcasted. there are news and articles outside of jaynestars. the GMs of other stations invited Tavia specifically and also praised her.

      1. Yeah and Txb is hoping SSSS can get to top 3 of PPS but I can tell you never! HAL is having the highest place of 4th and at its half, it’s in 6th place already but where is SSSS at its half? 9th and now fall to 10th.

  2. the first paragra[h says 20,000 then second paragraph says 200,000.

    an article disguising its obvious dislike of Tavia, do you people seriously you can put down Tavia this trivial way? Her acting itself is reason enough for Best Actress over Kate. Popularity, Tavia has always led in this regard at TVB for many years. Heavens knows someone like Tavia deserves it wayyy more than Kate in acting and popularity.

    1. @ yeah, appreciate your opinion on this with thanks:-

      “Tavia’s TV Queen Chances Slipped Away?

      It was also rumored that Tavia’s popularity had declined since her “car-shaking” incident with Him Law (羅仲謙) in September. Tavia’s performance in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles was also overshadowed by Damian Lau (劉松仁) and Elena Kong (江美儀). With the drama’s ratings averaging 28 to 29 points, Tavia’s chances for TV Queen have declined.”

      1. IMHO beside actress Elena Kong outshine Tavia . Idy Chan acted better than Tavia

      2. Tavia Yeung acted quite well at the beginning before she married Chung Cheuk Man, but she was quite lame in her character after her marriage. She was a nice, soft-spoken, tame, obedient wife of Mr. Chung – too much a change for her Choi Fung Wong’s character. She was like another woman to me, not the same Choi Fung Wong. Therefore, she could not shine in her character any more.

    2. I actually thought Idy Chan was a little wooden and stiff in SSSS…

      It was her character that became soft/tame/obedient, not a change in Tavia’s acting. I feel Tavia is always consistently good and natural in her acting. =D

      1. “I actually thought Idy Chan was a little wooden and stiff in SSSS…”

        I actually thought she was very wooden and stiff. Mediocre actress but elegant. She is much better now than before. Am still hoping Andy Lau could have guest starred as Chai Yat Fai!

  3. Wouldn’t the difference in price be because Kate had to sing and dance while Tavia only made a short appearance?

  4. Must that Andy Hui, Wong Ka Keung and Sherman lead the show, right? Because at least these 3 can sing. The rest can’t. As much as I like Kate, she shouldn’t sing and should dance. Louis’s singing isn’t my cup of tea and the last one can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t perform.

    1. As much as I like Kate, then I have to say she can’t sing. Last time I was listening to her, I turned off the sound lol. She should absolutly keep to the dancing.

      1. I find her bearable compared to those that can’t actually sing.

      2. She can perform and make the audience exicited but sure that she cant sing. But if she sings song like Hit me its ok because she will dance more than sing. I often enjoy her performance as she can do it.

    2. I see that you find a way to keep your promise of not talking about Tavia if not directly address to by omitting her name while talking about her.

  5. Tavia Yeung was not professional. If she could have attended other functions and concerts, she should have attended the Anniversary Gala. She did NOT attend the Gala because she knew or thought that she would not win TV Queen award. Very unprofessional!! She did not attend the Gala last year either …… she went to S. Korea instead because she knew she was not in the race for TV Queen award.

    1. Actually it was TVB who ordered her to stay home since her injury was more severe at the time.

      1. That’s what we read. But isn’t it intriguing that she appeared if I’m not mistaken the next day (or two) in anor promotional event? To miss one Anniversary Gala is bad enough, to miss two in a row? If I’m Tavia, I will limp to the Gala and stick my face in front of the camera. At the very least, gain some sympathy votes. Just my opinion.

      2. Tavia appeared with high heels at a paid promo event the next day after anniversary gala.

      3. That was what I read about Tavia Yeung ….. appearing at a promotion the next day after the anniversary gala ……… not sure if she was wearing high-heel shoes or not.

      4. I believe the event was contract based. If she breaches the contract, that is by not showing up or dressing inapproriately for the event, she would have to compensate the organisers lots of money.

    2. I dun considered her unprofessional just bcause she did not attend gala due to reason she knew she would not win tv queen. It was company let her have rest at home since she dun have any performance. Wat the point she attend gala if she nothin to perform. Since the next few day function is money making opportunity, of cause she make her appearance.

      1. How do you know she has nothing to perform? I bet if Tavia was there, she would have been included in the dubbing section, like all the other high profile ones. And she won’t have to walk around, just sit in a chair. Her foot is injured but not her voice? Unlike Raymond who lost his voice, so Wong Cho Lam took his place in the dubbing skit, yet despite not doing anything, he still attended?
        And Rebecca Chu who injured her waist, was in excruciating pain, but still performed her difficult routine.

        Who is professional?

      2. No one here know whether she been requested or offered to perform anything hence I put my 2 cent tat since she does not seem have performance at tat day, and also the company let her rest at home, then I dun see the reason or need for her to attend gala.

      3. LF was supposed to do the voice dubbing?! Or are you talking about another Raymond? LOL.

      4. @simplitee
        It was from his manager or something, can check from weibo.

      5. a-pop, are you implying that Tavia, out of all those 5 fadans, and top siu sangs who are there, she’s the ONLYYYY one who doesn’t have anything to perform? Let’s see the list, Kevin, Moses, Wayne, Roger, Michael, Linda, Kate, all performed.. Even myolie, fala and ron made a special appearance by video, although they can’t be there physically.
        You don’t need to told explicitly to assume she would be performing if she’s there. ALl the others performed, Tavia can’t be the only one left out. So sorry you look down on your own idol… 🙁 I look highly on her status in TVB so I think she would be included.

      6. Tavia is a full fledge fadan, of course she would have something to perform. If Mandy Wong and Aimee Chan can appear 3 times (including the opening performance), its impossible that she would be a kelefe in the Gala? :O

      7. what LF lost his voice again ??? ohnoooooo!!!
        you really need to take care of yourself

        read this, http://img.tvb.com/p/weekly/file/805/805_26.11.2012.pdf
        does this not make you ‘sum tong’ LF, he is working so hard just for us.
        anyway it seems like the joke of what wong jo lam had said from LF’s previous concert ‘next time only let your reherse when you are actually performing your concert’ slowing becoming true. can’t believe LF only has, is it 2 week to prepare for this concert. ;(

  6. Isn’t this a Concert where people sing? Tavia can’t even sing–so yeah, I would think she would be paid a lot less.

    1. A majority of those that attended can’t sing either same goes for those actors turn singers especially in the HK industry almost everyone that acts sings as well.

    2. tavia cant sings?? then i suggest u to search on youtube n u will knw she sings better way much better than kate.. 🙂

      1. Her singing has no flavour, too plain, can use a straight horizontal line to describe her singing. And she can’t perform, can’t dance. Kate can’t sing, but at least she’s a good performer.

      2. Define ‘good peformer’? Dancing? Yes she can dance. I’d rather she not perform at all if she was to sing as well. Her singing is…LOLOL.

      3. Good perfomer is a person that can use the performance to make the audience feel exciting and being attracted in the performance, either by voice ir dance or talk or all. The plain, shaky or deadful performance wont be considered as a performance of a good perfomer.

        Kate is a good performer because she can use the dance to make the audience attracted and she can interact with the audience. In short, she can perform something, not standing or deadful walking in a plain voice like someone else. These deadful stand and walk bore me to death and these ppl should stay at home to sleep. Plus that their voices are nothing special, no favour like kcabc said. Some cant interact with audience but having good voice at least can make the audience exciting such as Janice Vidal. But not everyone is Janice Vidal.

      4. Kate shows her confidence in her performance, even when her voice sounds bad, that’s a good performer.

  7. Between Kate and Tavia, I think Tavia sings way better and deserves the BA award way more than Kate does.

    1. Tavia unlucky, as she being outshine by other actress in SSSS.

      Everyone agreed Kate made a breakthrough in H&L

      The question is not who deserve more..is at that particular year who acted well on the role. I felt Power Chan did extremely well in The Confident just like Kate did very well as Pat on H&L

      1. only people here says shes outshined. Elena did not outshine her as most of her scenes are cut.

  8. even tho i wish tavia would win it this year, if she doesnt then hope tvb will really put HC2 near anniversary to boost her chances of winning. tavia deserves this award. hmm but theres also TitS next year.

  9. I don’t think her chances are completely declined but I do think Kate has a little more of a chance then her. I don’t believe that Tavia only received half the amount of RMB Kate did. Kate and Tavia are both the new generation “Fadans” along with other tvb people. I do hope both of them get an award this year.

  10. Honestly, I think Tavia deserves to win the Best Actress award ‘cuz her acting is much better than Kate.

  11. It obvious some hk media have some issue with Tavia and most of their articles nothing fresh.I not surprise part of the content came from notorious Face. At least Mainland media have much more positive generated article and her popularity increase in there.

    1. V-link, a new system of counting the popularitt of artists in China by the noises in newspaper, the comments in forums like weibo or baidu (mostly use by Chinese) is a good reference. Kate’s name even can reach to no. 4 during the ending of HAL but you wont see her main competitor anywhere :p in the list now – when SSSS is airing. Its a proof to say that Kate’s popularity increased so much due to HAL. HAL is also welcomed in China. Now it is the highest rated Txb series in PPS (the most way Chinese watch Txb series online) and no series seem to have the potential to beat it.

      1. so????My post did not even mention anything to comparing popularity between Kate n Tavia n their series with wat so ever website tat u mention. I only refer Tavia popularity n I not even refering anythin about Kate in my upper post.

      2. yea except SSSS is also very popular in mainland, especially Shanghai. I doubt that Tavia’s popularity is decling and even if it is, her popularity in mainland is rising because of SSSS. Kate and her series is not the only one that is gaining popularity.

      3. Oh I have wrong referred post due to early morning. I replied someone else below who compared the popularity.

    She’s among the minority who was chosen for lead roles due to her acting skills and she toiled for ten years to reach the top position. Unlike most of the other fadans who entered TVB because of their looks, I think Tavia deserves more respect.
    Last year’s award ceremony was a joke.
    And I do not hope for the same this year.

  13. Tavia is beautiful and her acting above average, so, she should not give up on herself so easily and fight for a place in the coming awards.

  14. Tavia looks really beautiful in this pic!

    As for her popularity slipping after the car incident, what a joke. As if viewers are so naive !!!!

    1. This is the real world, where society judges people like that unfortunately…

    2. correction, travia did look normal before but not anymore, totally out in this pic

  15. by comparing the body shape, frame and height, kate will have better luck than travia

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