Kate Tsui Joins the TV Queen Fight With “Bounty Lady”

Although she is not confident about winning, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) feels that she certainly stands a chance in this year’s TV Queen race.

With her new series Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> premiering on November 25, Kate is likely eligible for a Best Actress nomination at this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards. While it is still unclear how the public will receive the comedy series, its star Dayo Wong (黃子華) has always been a ratings guarantee and will surely draw in viewers once again with this highly anticipated comeback. The show’s debut just three weeks prior to the Awards will also give Kate an edge, though whether the buzz will be positive or negative will depend largely on her performance.

Regardless of her chances, Kate definitely seems more relaxed this year. Struggling to manage her sudden fame, Kate appeared nervous and emotional prior to last year’s Anniversary Awards, often tearing up during pre-anniversary interviews. Perhaps enlightened from that experience, Kate is taking a more stress-free approach this time, choosing to stay away from needless gossips and keeping an open mind. Despite repeatedly requests to comment on her fellow TV Queen contenders, Kate remains neutral, saying “Please don’t involve me [in these gossips]! Let me make it through the new year smoothly. I’ll be fine as long as I continue to have work!”

Even though she is less ambitious about winning this year, Kate has pledged to present her best self at the awards ceremony. At an event on November 12, Kate shared that she is consulting with her stylists to put together the perfect outfit for the Awards, and currently has eyes on a Vivienne Tam dress. She will also trade in her usual sexy style for something more elegant and beautiful, looking perhaps to upgrade to a more mature and feminine image.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Im sorry even Kate’s crying is so wooden. Linda Chung’s crying is so exaggerated. I really hope Joey Meng has a chance to compete!

    1. Many said Kate did very well in ‘Sniper Standoff’ crying scenes and also in ‘I Love HK 2013’

      1. her crying scenes in Sniper Standoff is very good in my opinion
        everytime she cried I cried with her

      2. yepp it was great. kate’s acting was realistic & I was so immersed into the drama I cried too 🙁

  2. I recently watched Highs and Lows in full. Like no skipping and actually sat there and watched it since I’m on vacation. Her role, Pat, was probably the best chance for her to win the Best Actress awards. Of course acting wise, she isn’t exactly outstanding, but she passed. However, the character would definitely live up to the award’s expectations.

    1. I personally think kate’s acting in Highs and Lows was awesome! Having a role as a drug addict in TVB dramas is a very rare opportunity and when I watched the drama, I cried 🙁

  3. Seems like shes relying entirely on My Bounty Lady. Not a great idea. I saw a couple of trailers for the shows and her acting is so exaggerated! Try again, Kate.

    1. yea, i remember seeing her and kennethi in a comedy years back. her acting was overly exaggerated. comedy seems to be her weakness.

    2. I disagree. Comedy shows are meant to be exaggerated, it’s funnier this way. But kate’s acting is very good overall!I hope she wins TV queen because in my opinion, she’s the only TVB actress who deserves it.

  4. I think TVB purposely broadcasts” “My Prime Lady” before the Anniversary Awards Ceremony in order to promote Kate Tsui more since her other drama series, “Standoff Snipers” was not that good. Furthermore, she is paired up with Dayo Wong, a veteran who could always guarantee high viewership ratings.

    A very good chance for Kate Tsui to win TV Queen if she acts well in it.

  5. ^^ she got nominated for Asian television awards for her role in highs and lows, but from past years actor/actress in a leading/supporting role either goes to mediacorp or TVB.. ♥

    1. Wow Asia award the last few years tvb artist has been getting the Asia awards

  6. well I think although Sniper Standoff is not a very good drama, but I think Kate acted well her role
    I hope Bounty lady will be good, because If the drama is not doing well, then a lot of people would immediately blame Kate (if it’s her fault, then I’m ok with it). I don’t want her to feel pressure and sad

  7. I thought this drama was suppose to broadcast next year? I guess don’t want to give it to Linda yet?

    1. Nah i think TVB is just trying to hype up the awards. If Linda had no competition, no one would watch the awards show since they believe she’d obviously win.

  8. Kate Tsui can act, but I think she can impress her audience more if she wears the proper makeup (without fake long eyelashes), hairdo, and outfits (such as high-heeled shoes and boots). It is one of the basic requirements of a good actress ………. to create a proper image to make her character look more realistic. Who can accept a heavy makeup, curly-hair beggar wearing high-heeled shoes?

    1. She puts me off when I see her portraying an inspector (a disciplinary workforce) wearing fake long eyelashes, long curly hair and high-heeled shoes when she is on duty and chasing criminals.

    2. Well, I guess actors are actors! They obv need to look their best in tv! Kate probably wears high heels to look taller! I don’t blame her tho! A lot a Chinese people want to look taller!

  9. Really? I have seen the trailers and it looks like the typical pretty girl role.

  10. Good luck Kate! we will support you forever! KATE’s awesome, talented in all areas so I love her! & Btw episode one of bounty lady was great. I almost fell off my chair laughing hehe

    1. Same! I think kate is a brill actor and deservs to win best actor this year! I support you kate!

  11. Kate’s acting is very natural and funny in BL. Support Kate to be TV Queen.

  12. Just finished watching episode 2,Kate and Dayo are hilarious. So far Kate does a good in Bounty Lady.

  13. To do well in comedy either you r a great actress with comedic timing or a very bad actress. I don,t think Kate is a great actress. Moreover days is a great comedien and a competent actor who like bobby makes his leading lady look good.

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