Kate Tsui Uses Sexual Relations With 64-Year-Old Boss to Advance Career in “Lives of Omission”

Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>has been airing in Hong Kong for one week, capitalizing on the popularity of Michael Tse’s (謝天華)“Laughing Gor” character. The first week of broadcast had average ratings of 29 points, peaking at 33 points.

The current installment of Lives of Omission was not a continuation of its predecessor, E.U. <學警狙擊>. As the newly added villain, Bosco Wong (黄宗澤), shares numerous screen time with Michael Tse in Lives of Omission. Although such scenes were attractive, the real climax rested on Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) character, who was Bosco’s lawyer girlfriend. To push her career higher, Kate used sexual relations with her boss, Yu Yeung (于洋) to her advantage. In addition, Bosco will take Fala Chen’s (陳法拉) character as hostage, which will likely lead to her death. As a result, Fala may not be included in the upcoming Laughing Gor film in September.

Kate Tsui Collects Yu Yeung’s Semen Sample

To establish her name in the legal world, Kate Tsui decided to seek the mentorship of Yu Yueng, a lawyer who specialized in defending triad members. In an interview, Yu Yeung revealed the critical plot points, “Ho Ho (Kate Tsui’s character) wished to advance her career and was willing to exchange herself for it. However, Ho Ho did not truly engage in sexual relations with me. She secretly drugged me and arranged to have another woman substitute her in bed. Ho Ho even collected a sample of my semen to blackmail me!”

Triad member, Bosco Wong, thought that Kate and Yu Yueng shared sexual relations. When Bosco discovered that Yu Yueng was not a licensed barrister, Bosco vowed to destroy the man and his reputation. Kate and Yu Yeung’s bed scenes were eagerly anticipated by everyone. However, Yu Yeung said, “We only touched upon the scene briefly. We only touched each other’s faces and did not even kiss. I’m 64-years-old already! Even if I wanted to film passionate scenes, I’m an old man now and can’t handle them anymore!”

Kate and Bosco’s Relationship

In episode three of Lives of Omission, Kate was willing to trade her body as a form of tuition reimbursement to repay Bosco Wong’s financing of her university expenses. Many netizens praised Kate for her passionate scene. Although Kate loved and hated Bosco’s character, the pair became sexual partners and eventually got married.

Fala Chen’s Tragic Death

Portraying Michael Tse’s superior in the police department, Fala Chen’s initial dislike changed to love towards him. The pair shared frequent intimate scenes and Michael often saved Fala’s character from danger. In one attempted rape scene, Michael confronted a group of triad members and rescued Fala Chen. Although Fala escaped a rape attempt, her character did not have a good ending. Bosco took Fala hostage and pushed her off a rail. Unfortunately, Laughing Gor witnessed Fala falling to her death!

New Laughing Gor Film

In September 2011, Shaw Brothers will film a new Laughing Gor movie, which will focus on Michael, Bosco, and Kate’s characters. Due to the death of Fala’s character in Lives of Omission, she will not be featured in the film version. The new Laughing Gor film will be handled by TVB Producer, Tommy Leung (梁家樹), and Eric Tsang(曾志偉). Although the film centers on Laughing Gor, the main goal was to boost the popularity of Bosco Wong. In the new film, Bosco’s screen time may even supersede Michael!

Source: Face Magazine

Jayne: There is a lot of sensationalism tied to Kate’s character. I really thought the collection of Yu Yueng’s semen sample was too much though….  Based on the script, Kate and Bosco’s characters are very compelling and even steals the limelight away from Michael and Fala.

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  1. i like kate and bosco’s scenes in LOO. i think its rather cute… in watever weird way that is Lol

  2. So many sexual and intimate scenes in this series? Will it border to PG13?

    I felt that the Aimee rape scene in TOT already very border on PG13 especially when they show the actually ‘rape’ scene. Might actually disturb some young minds or even older minds.

    Kate character sound villainous.

    1. I think Kate’s character in LOO is perfectly tailor made for her. She’s suitable in portraying evil and schemy person. I also agree with Jayne that the LOO’s story seems to help Bosco in increasing his onscreen time more than Michael. I’d feel dissappointed though if the this brand new LOO is meant to boost Bosco’s popularity because Michael is the first and main reason to watch Laughing gor.

      1. Veejay, don’t be disappointed too early :). Rumors are rumors until it’s proven true. From my POV the storyline of Lives of Omissions are still putting Michael first and foremost as the central figure, based on what I’m seeing and the spoilers that I’ve read.

      2. hehe, just hope Michael will take the lead from beginning till end ^^

  3. I’m definitely enjoying Bosco and Kate’s scenes more than Michael and Fala. Fala isn’t that convincing as a Madam. When she tries to speak her lines with professionalism, her speech cannot be heard at times.

    This will probably be my favorite work of Bosco to date! 😛 When I heard that there would be another Laughing Gor film, I’m like, “please, no!” But when I heard TVB has intentions of boosting Bosco’s popularity more, then that’s a different story.

    There’s still room for improvement in Bosco’s scenes, but he’s doing quite well now. 😀 Btw, really love how he has his hair wrapped in that hat (or whatever you call it).

    1. Same here, Fala doesn’t convinced me either as someone professional like Superindent or higher in the police ranking? To be someone at the level, she/he has to be firm/strong/convincing and tough inorder to administrate his/her staff. Fala in LOO somehow resembles a langmo more than a police officer imo.

      Bosco definitely looks hot in LOO with his street look and “chok” looks hehe. however Bosco as villain is still pretty fresh for me to accept probably because bosco’s roles in most tvb series are mostly good boy/son/man bla bla etc.

      Kate is perfect in this role, I mean she’s good as someone evil and schemy and with the story about her collecting semen of her superior would probably escalate her level of evilness in the series.

      It’s refreshing though to have someone like Bosco as villain =D really anticipate to watch the following LOO’s later part.

  4. Before the series started, I thought that Bosco and Kate would steal away the limelight, but now that I’m watching it, Laughing is still the best part of the series. I think the female scene stealer is going to end up to be Elena Kong. She’s only shown up for a few minutes so far I’m excited to see more of her. I also feel like Laughing and Bosco have more chemistry together than Laughing/Fala and Bosco/Kate. lol

    1. My favorite chemistry is Michael/Bosco.

      I’m not one of Laughing’s ardent fan, Laughing isn’t my cup of tea so what holds me until now is not Laughing, but a combination of many aspects.

      1. FACE magazine again is full of feisty tabloid remarks and allegations..Take it with a grain of salt

  5. Gard, I replied too much.

    Jayne, are you watching this drama? Based on what I’m watching, Bosco/Kate and Michael/Fala storyline are told differently and will strike at different group of watchers. So for different watchers, different couple might have “limelight”.

    Bosco/Kate storyline start with them as an ex-couple in a halfhearted forced relationship of love and hate. All their scenes are serious and contains no humour element.

    Michael/Fala storyline start with them as the girl being cool but later moved by the guy’s kindness/heroism/charm towards her. Their scenes contain a balanced mix of serious and light hearted moments.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m not watching this drama for any of the romantic relationships 😛

    1. Masaharu,
      I have not started Lives of Omission yet, but that’s the next series I plan to watch. The trailers make it look very exciting and has a grittiness characteristic of films.

      From the synopsis, I am most interested in Bosco and Kate’s relationship and Bosco’s scenes with Michael. From the trailers, Bosco’s eyes have a hard look and full of anger. I like this intensity!!

  6. I think this role is made for Kate haha, she suits it well. Thinking that no other fadans could handle the role, and that’s probably why in the beginning, Kate’s busy for filming FH3 and did not want to take part in LOO but finally, she still filmed this.

    1. Fala can do it if she has not taken the madam role already. Fala played a lot of vixen characters when she first join TVB.

      1. Fala played the vixen but not evil role. Her vixen role change at the end that she regretted what she had done. I like her the most like in Heart of Greed 2 when she played mute and deaf.

        Any roles after that is just so so and boring to a point you have to fast forward.

    2. This must be why Kate’s screentime is less than many supporting roles but still look tailor made for her.

  7. Agree with you! Kate will make a good madam in this show, since she has acted in countless amounts of police roles. Though i like Kate’s role as Paris. Very suits her type in my opinion!

  8. Kate’s screentime is way less from supporting roles….from beginning to Episode 7.

    Im satisfy, so far. 😀

    1. Yeah but I definitely think her screentime will increase soon. Looking forward ^.^

      1. No! TeeVeeBee, please decrease more screentime on Kate… FOR THE BENEFIT of Kate’s fans!

        😀 😀 😀

    2. Sounds good. I’d rather look at Fala than Kate. No great acting but there’s a pretty face.

  9. you can tell that this series was pretty much to boost bosco because he’s seems to have the most intersting role and breakout role in this series. They were just using laughing to boost up bosco

  10. I’m not watching this show specially for the romantic parts since this is an action type of series. But I’ve watched all parts aired so far. I’d say Laughing and Bosco “pairing” really looks the best here. No wonder Michael Tse said he had a lot of chemistry with Bosco ^.^

    1. @edmwer,

      U know for both Michael and Bosco’s offscreen personality, I have doubt that Michael can get along well with Bosco. Michael seems like a friendly, outgoing and playful artist to me and Bosco is cool, fashionable, outgoing and playful too. I guess the two can talk about fashion and women in most of their free time LOL.

  11. “We only touched upon the scene briefly. We only touched each other’s faces and did not even kiss. I’m 64-years-old already! Even if I wanted to film passionate scenes, I’m an old man now and can’t handle them anymore!” by Yu Yeung.

    Ok I wanted to point out earlier on this sentence by Yu Yeong is really LMFAO!!!

    1. Well I’m glad he couldn’t take the excitement too b/c I think it would look awkward.
      Like in ghetto justice, they actually had Jessie shum kiss the older actor that plays georgie’s (jazz) dad. I didn’t think that was necessary but the old guy was probably happy.

      1. HAHA, i always think those older actors who get a kissed or hug, etc from younger female artists are lucky too.

        I wonder how would these female artists feel after having kissing scene with these veteran artists hehe. would they quickly wash their mouths with listerine?

  12. Hey, does anyone know what Ron’s rumored gf, Vianne Zhang, said about Kate on Weibo?

    1. What does Viann said about Kate? Does this mean Kate really has something with Ron?

      1. I wonder what she said about Kate. I really want to know! lol. I do like Kate and Ron together.

    1. his latest photo taken on 10 aug shows him without one. maybe he’ll grow it? not sure though.

  13. Kate has like half of Fala’s screentime but in term of acting both are so-so. Kate may get more screentime later when she started the affair with this boss. This role does sound tailor made for Kate!

    1. I lol’ed at the tailor made part. you mean the bed scenes? 😉

  14. LOL I could see her doing this in real life. Kate is a horrible actress. Shes the worse. Her acting is so bad lol.

    1. haha i didn’t even finish reading the headline and already i thought that’s how she got screen time lately

      1. I heard Kate’s screentime not much and Fala got a lot more. Thank GOd! Fala at least is pretty!

  15. Has this episode showed yet? I’m on episode 7 at the moment where i live. If it shows i will go lol over it. I am guessing Kate (Paris) will have more screen time soon when this episode airs… Hooray (:

  16. I watch the first 15 mins for episodes 2. So, I didn’t manage to see Bosco and Kate. Only the CIB team.

    I have to agree with everyone who say Fala’s madam is unconvincing. I don’t know what is her problem. Is it her accent? Her accent never bothers me before, but, it does here. Even though she’s a madam, she does not sound authoritative or professional.

    1. it’s probably her voice. i don’t think her voice is loud enough and too high.

    2. Kate first appeared in the first episode.

      Bosco and Kate both of them won’t have much appearance for the first week(“Soy sauce”)

    3. She has no toughness in that character. That is her biggest weakness.

  17. Watched the recent episode from yesterday, Fala shot a criminal and she looks like she has never release any gunfire before..I guess it tells why TVB gave Fala this “madam” role which is meant to show this madam/boss of michael is someone unconvincing and lack of experiences in the police force. My point is, ok i could understand why Fala doesn’t show us the convincing side for being a the superior of Michael because she’s lack of experiences.

    1. Or you can say TVB never meant to convince anyone in the first place that Fala is an experienced and capable boss. I guess it tells why we’re all so unconvinced with Fala’s role as Michael’s boss lol.

  18. @AC, @lol, @Mika: Viann said Kate’s lips are like sausages, and “Ron does not need a person without quality like you to support him, go and find another man to be your partner”….
    She is jealous of Kate… You know, Ron praised Kate so much in the interview of them recently: http://asianuniverse.net/forums/Ron_Ng_We_were_a_couple_on_day_one_t292857.html
    Viann said those words after this report was released. Kate’s fans were angry with her, so were Ron’s fans..

    1. @maria,

      Poor kate who got bashed by Viann on weibo, is it weibo? lol.. anyway.. if the allegation is true, than Viann is really a jealous person haha.

      1. yes, on her weibo… She deleted the tweet she implied “Kate’s lips are like sausages” (on Aug 7) after getting bashed by fans. And a lot more comments she delivered on Aug 8 exposed her jealous and crazy mood 😛

      2. @Maria,

        I wonder why Viann is so scared of kate, keke..Viann already got two big bombs tangling always on her body that Ron likes most Lmao. and Viann’s feature is wayyyyy prettier than Kate in a cuter and angelica way.

      3. @Veejay: why do u think Ron like big boobs while those boobs are fake/plastic haha… But Ron’s fans (who I know) thought that Ron already knew that Viann herself contacted reporters to take photos of them at the airport, thought they broke up. And Ron said so many times, he like the girls who know how to take care of his family, so I think Viann is not that type of girls Ron likes.

      4. But after that (the photos in the airport), Ron was still quoting Viann’s weibo :P. He dun seem had an argument with her until recently.

      5. @Maria,

        My instinct tells me that Ron prefers busty women lmao.. instinct lo..

        I never have good impression about this viann woman..not sure why but i notice that most of these mainland models with busty figure are usually attn. seeker and gold digger… xD

      6. P/S: Kidding: Now Ron can come back to LF and then cheers to 2R fans, lmao~.

      7. Viann = Mavis 2.0

        Same plastic.
        Same jealous tendency.

        Ron and Ray really have same taste in women.

      8. If in the next few months, pix of Ron and Viann appeared in Next, Face or relative mags, we’ll know who advised Viann :P.

      9. @Kidd,

        Hahahaha ~ 2.0 is better than the original one. Viann is much prettier than Mavis.

      10. @ Chriselle: Lookin’ at Mavis’s new pix and I think different. Mavis looks prettier.

      11. @Fox,

        Do you have the recent pic of Mavis? From the pics I’ve seen of her, she seems to look different in every one. I think if I were to run into her on the streets, I wouldn’t be able to recognize her. Lol.

      12. My internet is sucky so will send you later when I’m at home and have better internet.

      13. @ Maria

        “yes, on her weibo… She deleted the tweet she implied “Kate’s lips are like sausages” (on Aug 7) after getting bashed by fans.”

        Once you post something controversial deletion won’t do. People already screencap her comment. 😀

        I saw it in baidu Kate’s forum.

        What she said is 老天保有香肠姐姐远离我的视线.

      14. Haha, yes,right, remind me of the screencapture button. Ctrl PrtScreen.
        Before I post my pictures on QQzone and photobuck and disable the “Save As” , but haha! That won’t work, people can screencapture your pictures if they cannot right click save as.

      15. Anymore comment to make ppl know she was implied Kate? The sausage sister isn’t clear enough.

      16. I agree with @Fox that this comment isn’t enough to vindicate Viann of a “crime”! Heck manx, the “老天保有香肠姐姐远离我的视线.” or rather in English, “God please bless that sausage sister would leave my vision line.” could be implying to Viann’s own stung or swollen sausage lips, for all we know! Oh and for the record, if there is a need to know, I’m not a Viann Zhang fan but more of a Kate Tsui fan! 😡

      17. Unless in Kate fans’ mind, sausage sister = Kate so whoever mention of sausage sister = mention of Kate :P.

      18. @Ah K
        Would you mind translating these?

        And then, a fan commented that tweet of her: “@张馨予 任何人对你都没有先入为主的成见,爱@Ron吳卓羲 时大家就都选择接受并爱你,但是当你给ron和kate扣上了莫须有罪名,更从而迁怒某人,在微博上冷嘲热讽,对fans的咒骂。真的让我想起了清宫剧中为了争宠而不择手段的女人。我们爱ron,但是作为kate的粉我们是有底线的。推荐你看一下#金枝欲孽#”

        then she commented back: “你们有接受我爱过我?呵呵,那可能是你不知道真相,她们是怎样伤害我的,这些都只有我最清楚”

      19. @Maria,

        Is that commented by Viann herself? just curious cuz I’ve been to that website before so not sure.

      20. type wrongly one character. Type again


        Maria said she got more entry. I didn’t check. You guys can go and check her weibo and see.

        Here’s the baidu thread where you can see the screencap.


      21. Sounds very sour. Now I blv that Viann is thinking that Ron and Kate cheated on her back :P.

        The comment of the fan basically said that Ron fans accepted Viann because he chose her but Viann accused Ron and Kate, then they got mad.The fan also said that Viann cursed the fans. She also mentioned that the fans love Ron but also like Kate. She felt tat Viann is like a woman in Qing palace who is fighting for the love (of the king) and like she is watching War and Beauty.

        Then Viann replied that the fans to accept her love (implied that she dun need tat). Then she guessed that the fan dunno the truth so dunno how they hurt her. Only she can know (the truth) the best.

        Lol, is it a direct reply to the fan? If yes, then we have basement to doubt. Go to check Viann’s weibo.

      22. @Maria:

        Have translated as per your request, hope it fulfills your expectations lol although Fox was nice enough to already translate it for you, heehee!

        “To @ViannZhang:
        No one thought of you as having top priority for entering first (aka the theory of first come first served), when you love @RonNg, everyone will learn to accept it and love you as a result too. However, when you labelled Ron and Kate with this inexistent charge/crime and indirectly aggravating someone in turn, tweeting your tweets that stink of cynicism and sarcasm over Weibo and even going as far as to curse and swear at his fans, it deeply reminded Imperial Dynasty dramas where the concubines did not think twice about resorting to underhanded means, just to win the King’s favor. We love Ron but as Kate’s fans, we have a bottom line. Recommend you to watch #WarandBeauty (harshtag) 

        Viann’s tweet in reply to the fan’s tweet above: 
        “You guys accepted me and loved me? Ha ha (coldly laughs) then it could be because you do not know the truth, how they (Viann used a character that referred to a bunch of females not male) have hurt me, all these only I myself knows it best.””

        *Phew* The person who tweeted this is excessively good in her Chinese, so many classic phases used! Reminds me of why I only look at photos posted over Weibo and never the tweet lol! And this girl somemore harsh tagged “War and Beauty” and recommended Viann to watch it lmao! #Winning

      23. Oh yeah, it should be “…it deeply reminded me of Imperial Dynasty dramas where the concubines did not think twice about resorting to underhanded means, just to win the King’s favor.” not “it deeply reminded Imperial Dynasty…”

      24. @Ah K,

        First thanks for translating this juicy news of Viann expressing her jealousy to Kate. It seems like Viann acts like an airhead without thinking deeply of how damage her word may harm Ron’s and Kate’s fans and eventually damage her own reputation. Haha I like how things going so far (on Sadistic mode) xD

      25. @Veejay @Maria:

        You’re welcome! Lol, I also think Viann behaves like an airhead, obviously someone with a not-so-high EQ for getting agitated so easily when provoked and her answer in reply doesn’t sound very intellectual at all.

        If anything Viann, if the “they” you are tweeting about is really referring to Ron and Kate then I suggest you should follow what Anita Yuen did when rumors of Charmaine Sheh and Chilam Lam first broke out, go to the set and make sure no hanky panky is going on after filming.

        Although seriously, Ron only thinks of Kate as a guy and they are just good brothers man, if Ron wasn’t even interested in Kate after filming together for so many years now, what makes you think he will be interested in her out of a sudden? Although, if you are still worried, you should try to befriend Kate, as the saying goes, “Keep your lovers close but keep your enemies closer”, maybe Kate can even help you keep an eye on your man instead?

        And super ROFL at the fan for tweeting the “first come first served” concept lol, indeed there’s no such thing as first come first served in the concept of love. If a man’s gonna cheat on you, there’s no way you can stop him, he’s surely gonna find some way or another to cheat! When a love’s gone, it is gone manx!

        And yeah Viann’s indeed an airhead for offending Ron and Kate’s fans cause no. 1, she’s a small potato with a name only in Mainland while Ron and Kate are both quite a big name in the household of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China, if Ron’s fans were to gather and scold her, I think she can already drown in their saliva and no. 2, by offending Ron’s fans, of course Ron will be unhappy with you cause fans mean everything to a celebrity, without their support, they will be nothing! and face it, you don’t mean to think that Ron will ever forsake his fans for you right? if so you are naive to think so, well at least I don’t think he will and no. 3, silence is golden – always play the victim game and never the name and shame game, just by keeping quiet, people will think of you as the long-suffering girlfriend and will naturally sympathize with you.

        That aside, I do wonder what Ron sees in Viann since she’s not exactly virtuous (wasn’t she involved in some sex photos scandal), is rumored to have plastic surgery (so she’s alleged not a natural beauty but maybe like Raymond, Ron likes her for her “assets”), she’s not exactly very mature and clear-headed in her thinking (proven from her retaliation tweet to Ron’s fan)

        Hmm…but it’s a strange thing indeed, I noticed that most men likes airheaded (or rather “bimbo”) and cutesy girls in general, why is that? It seems that men don’t like to date highly educated, mature in thinking and intellectual women as they do not like to date someone of equal “status” because they often want to have their pride and do not like to be challenged in thinking and everything else. Maybe it’s their chauvinistic mindset at work or maybe that’s why they say opposites attract? I wonder whether Ron is such a person…hmm!

      26. @ Fox @ Chriselle

        I also think Mavis is better look than Viann.

    2. or maybe Ron suddenly feel like having original dish now after fedup with plastic body? xD

      1. Veejay,
        I think long distance relationships really challenge one’s trust in the other dating partner. Imagine every time you call your boyfriend, you can’t reach him and may not know where he is and who he is spending time with.

        Due to the amount of time spent apart, it may also challenge one’s fidelity. I’m not questioning Ron’s fidelity, however, I believe it would be very tempting for someone such as Ron in a long-distance relationship to pay attention to attractive women around him.

        I do believe Kate must be involved with someone, maybe not Ron though.

      2. @jayne,

        yeah long distance relationship sucks..I hate that always. My friend used to date this california dude over the internet chat and she wasted 5 yrs on him after she found out he’s married with kids xD that’s y I never like long distance relationship even if my fate is destined to have one..I’d choose to reject it

      3. Veejay,
        “yeah long distance relationship sucks..I hate that always. My friend used to date this california dude over the internet chat ”

        I’m sure your friend must have been devastated. Dating from the internet also increases risks of the person being a fraud because if you do not have any common friends together, it is more difficult to check out whether his story is true or not. However, one lie usually leads to another and the liar will eventually emerge.

        I simply reject long distance relationship for practicality reasons. Spending time together, going on dates, doing physical activity together, hugging, etc. are such enjoyable aspects of being with someone. I feel that in a long distance relationship, you end up missing the other person too frequently.

      4. @Jayne: I feel like that you are so sure that the realationship between Ron and Viann are true??… But I dont think they are true. Ron even said “The only thing I can’t accept is getting married while being pregnant”, thinking he likes traditonal values… Feel like Viann is not the type of girls he likes hehe

      5. Maria,
        Viann posted photo of herself at Ron’s apartment in December 2010, which sparked rumors that they were dating. Ron picked up Viann at airport when she traveled to Hong Kong and allegedly stayed at his place.

        Perhaps you may say that Ron and Viann are friends only, as it will be difficult to find concrete evidence. However, given Ron’s celebrity status, I think he would be more careful as to which women he invites back to his apartment alone. Picking up her luggage, opening the car door for Viann seem to be gestures that Ron takes care of her, gestures that a boyfriend would do.

        Unless Ron and Viann admit openly, then we will have to read between the lines in the news. My instinct is that they have been dating for almost a year now.

      6. Maria, I know you are died hard Ron fan, but I think it is true. There are many photos of her and Ron together, he even pick her up at the airport. She also guest in his house.
        Sometimes we just have to accept that our idol is not perfect, Lol!

      7. From wat Ron and Viann replied and posted on weibo, I blv they are dated. Maybe their relationship is having trouble now.

        Oh come on, only Ron knows the best how Viann is.

      8. Jayne, oh maybe, but as a public figure, she says negative about Kate openly on her weibo, what will people think about her? I think she is bad. I think she is just like another Mavis Pan.. Ron had better know this. Poor Ron!!!

      9. @jayne,

        Agreed on the part where internet relationship increases the risks of the person being a fraud because if you do not have any common friends together, it is more difficult to check out whether his story is true or not. Some of the women who got duped by these tricksters ended up taking their own lives for really unworthy reasons.

        that’s y I never encourage any of my friends, relatives etc to engaged in any long distance relationship if possible. it’s really a waste of time sitting at home chatting to a Box

      10. Veejay,
        “that’s y I never encourage any of my friends, relatives etc to engaged in any long distance relationship if possible. it’s really a waste of time sitting at home chatting to a Box”

        I think meeting a dating partner from online dating sites, such as eharmony.com, are okay. Several of my friends met their marriage partners through the internet dating service. They had to fill out a 500 question questionaire, which tests your intention to find a serious partner and the number of questions is supposed to also filter out any inconsistencies in responses and draw a truer profile.

        It’s okay to meet online as long as the person doesn’t live too far from you and you can meet up in person, therefore avoiding a long distance relationship. However, there is always the chance of fraud because of no common friends. However, you need to also trust your judgment and through time, a better picture of the person should emerge.

        Of course there are always people who use online places to hook up and have physical relationships. Just make sure you use credible dating site. Veejay, I know you are married so this doesn’t apply to you personally.

      11. @LeilaFan: You are wrong, Im not a fan of him, but support him not to date Viann haha..
        And yes, maybe they are in trouble, I mentioned that, Ron replied her on weibo, but deleted the newest one.

      12. Maria,
        “Viann says negative about Kate openly on her weibo, what will people think about her”

        Perhaps Viann may just be a little jealous of Kate, who gets to hug Ron in many newspaper photos and kiss him passionately in “Forensic Heroes 3.”

        Coupled with fact that Viann may only see Ron 1 to 2 days in a given month, such a long distance relationship really tests one’s patience and trust. Even if Viann trusted Ron not to be attracted to other women, she may not trust that other women will not throw themselves at Ron.

        It’s too easy to give into the destructive aspects of a long distance relationship. Hope Ron and Viann manage theirs well.

      13. @Maria,

        I dont think Ron is that clueless of Viann’s true nature as you think. Ron certainly know Viann’s true character very well if Ron and Viann have dated for more than a year like what Jayne said.

        And pls don’t type like Ron is some kind of angel or some teenager who hasn’t reach his puberty, he certainly knew about the papparazi photographing him fetching Viann from airport. Even if Ron wrote on his weibo that he prefers innocent girl who care for family doesn’t mean Ron doesn’t like girls like Viann. He never admitted he hate girls like Viann xD

      14. Even if they are in trouble now, it’s just to strengthen the theory that they dated.

      15. I agree about the Internet dating, there plenty of places to met people besides Internet. school, Univeristy, clubs, Bars, mutual friends, work … etc..
        Back then when I went to school in Los Angeles, where there are 40,000 students at my university. That are plentys of boys in there to meet, no need to meet Online. Plus majority, almost most all of internet relationship rarely work out.

      16. @Maria,

        Lol, what were some of the things Viann said to Kate on Weibo?

      17. Chriselle, I mentioned above..
        And Viann even commented to a fan: “Do you guys know my feeling as my positon? They are just finding the way to hurt me, but only me who understand the situations/things the best”
        Im wondering if she was implying “they” as Ron and Kate?

    3. Vivian… How can you say such thing? lol. Thats kind of rude. I read the interview! Yes Ron did praise Kate alot and Kate praised Ron also. I would be pretty angry if i was Kate or Ron. Haha. xD Thanks @ Maria

      1. Plastic doll Viann is jealous of Kate because Kate and Ron praised each other. Viann is rude. Ron should dump her.

      2. @ Vivien
        I know right? Ron should just dump her. I don’t want Ron to suffer like how Raymond Lam suffered from Mavis… lol but if Ron loves Viann its his choice. But i recommend him not too xD

    4. @Ah K
      Would you mind translating these?

      And then, a fan commented that tweet of her: “@张馨予 任何人对你都没有先入为主的成见,爱@Ron吳卓羲 时大家就都选择接受并爱你,但是当你给ron和kate扣上了莫须有罪名,更从而迁怒某人,在微博上冷嘲热讽,对fans的咒骂。真的让我想起了清宫剧中为了争宠而不择手段的女人。我们爱ron,但是作为kate的粉我们是有底线的。推荐你看一下#金枝欲孽#”

      then she commented back: “你们有接受我爱过我?呵呵,那可能是你不知道真相,她们是怎样伤害我的,这些都只有我最清楚”

  19. Well maybe not Ron… Ron and Kate might take it as a joke? Don’t know… I can tell that Viv is jealous of Kate

    1. I never like Kate’s acting but Viann is going overboard. ROFL now she’s an overjealous plastic doll.

      1. I find Kate’s acting quite good xD Haha my opinion though. Yes Viann is going over board. I don’t know much about Viann but is she a model or a actress?

    1. Aw, thanks for the clip Fox. Definitely like seeing this side of Kate being so warm to fans.

      I don’t know, but I’ve always heard bad rumors about Kate’s personality even though I personally love her for being a hardworking artist. In the past when I didn’t like her acting much, I still admired her strength and she seems to have the tough girl image which made me adore her. 😛

      Haha, was this right after the Lives of Omission promotional function where she wore her PINK shirt? Lol, she took it off in this video!

      1. It’s after HKC concert of LF. She changed to a Chok Tee which is used by everyone in the concert team (and sell to fans, too).

        Lol, if I know she’ll go to his concert, I told her to treat us a drive. The Tsuen Wan station is very hard to find.

      2. yes, I thought like you before, thought she is so strong, not that friendy but when I become a active member at katetsui.hk, seeing exclusive photos, videos she posts for fans, I changed my mind, I finally know that she is warm, whinny, not that strong..
        And yes, after LOO promotion event, she changed shirt to go to see LF’s concert. That’s exclusive shirt of LF Light up my live concert too.. On her shirt, Ah Fung wrote: “dearest 子珊妹”.. Cute!!

      3. @Fox, yes, Im considered as her fan, but not die hard fan 😡
        And I love the three Kate – Ron – Raymond so much since they were under the same manager, they are so close.
        And Kate is the oldest, but among them, Ron and Ray consider her as the youngest – as their little sister haha

      4. I feel funny with the word die-hard fan. How to consider a fan as die-hard? Lol, dun tell me being die-hard fan = harder to die :P, then I’ll wannabe a die-hard fan, haha. Just kidding.

        2RK trio is also my fave. Lol, I’m also a mini 2R fan, haha.

      5. @Maria,

        Do you know the weight of Kate Tsui? just curious.


        Thanks ya for the quick translation 😀

      6. @Veejay:
        haha, I dont know, but when meeting her in person, she looks so skinny… I never thought she was that skinny when seeing her through clips, photos… haha… Thinking that she is just around 100 pounds or less haha

      7. @ Veejay
        According to the TVB’s website, her weight is 48kg or 105 lbs…

      8. @Maria,

        I think most of the tvb artist like linda, natalie, elaine yeow, tavia, fala and kate are skinnier in person. You can see their slander figure with slim arm already onscreen that’s y I’m curious to find out Kate’s weight in real lol. Less than 100lbs is like 45-48kg maybe?

      9. @Maria,

        for someone like Kate @ 5’7ft tall, 48 is really skinny. I guess they looks better onscreen if they’re skinny. Christine Kuo looks curvy onscreen, wonder whats her weight in real lol!

      10. @Veejay: quick translation of wat? I dun translate anything in the clip because it dun have a content. Just a clip of her.

      11. @Fox

        Quick translation of this “Sounds very sour. Now I blv that Viann is thinking that Ron and Kate cheated on her back 😛 .

        The comment of the fan basically said that Ron fans accepted Viann because he chose her but Viann accused Ron and Kate, then they got mad.The fan also said that Viann cursed the fans. She also mentioned that the fans love Ron but also like Kate. She felt tat Viann is like a woman in Qing palace who is fighting for the love (of the king) and like she is watching War and Beauty.” thanks.

        Gtg now, Thanks maria for the Info. 42 is reallllllllllly super skinny for someone 5’7ft

      12. Ah this. I’ve just realized tat it’s in the same page, hehe.

      13. I don’t know why some people use the word “die hard fan”, LOL!! But it just means that you are “extreme fan” “obsessive fan” “#1 fan” of someone.
        I would say I am a “die hard” fan of WWE Wrestling Entertainment.

      14. @Fox

        What happened between Wong Jing and LF fans today? What did Wong Jing said?

      15. @Fox

        Ignore question above. I just found what Wong Jing said.

      16. Well, my comment on die-hard fan is just a joke, only tat :P.

      17. 100lbs = 45kg, if Kate 48kg then she just a big above 100lbs which is quite thin.
        For Chinese, I prefer Liu Tao, have meat on her skin. For Americans, Beyonce have a nice a-s-s and big boobs, much more attractive than skeleton skinny, maybe it is a trend in HK to be thin.

      18. @ maria

        I finally know that she is warm, whinny, not that strong..

        Ron also said she’s whinny. What does whinny means?

    2. Thank You Fox! Aww Kate is quite cute in the chok outfit! I agree with Chriselle post that she is a hard working artist xD

      1. Welcome. And I admire her figures. Nice shape.

        Stand next to her, I look smaller :P.

      2. Your lucky to meet her xD Next time i go to Hong Kong id like to visit the TVB television station. Haha.

      3. Well, the TV City aka TVB television station won’t give you much chance to meet “stars” :P. I dun go there unless there is function and I have ticket. This place is far and… scary.

      4. Oh really Fox? It looks bright on TV xD Maybe i will change my mind. Haha. Thanks for the heads up

      5. Inside is bright, but you can’t get inside unless you have someone introduce you to get in or ticket to the show (will be in the hall in front of the gate, can’t go further to the studios). Then if stay in front of the gate and wait, it’ll be… scary as this place isn’t for residence. It’s industrial zone so only companies, factories there. Not much public transports as well.

    3. @LeilaFan
      yes, “die hard” fan means that, no need to analyze every single word, right LOL

      1. @Maria:

        Haha you mean me? *Raises hand* I do admit that I like to analyze every single word but it’s cause I’m afraid that I would leave something out when I’m translating cause sometimes Chinese words tend to be warped when translated into English words!

        I know it can get quite annoying lol but it’s my habit! 😀

      2. No Ah K, sometimes analyzing every single words to help you understand an issue carefully, avoid misunderstanding… but “die hard” fan, I meant it’s a phrase already, and people all consider it like a crazy fan or sth.. so no need to anaylize it any more hehe

      3. @Maria:

        Ohh I see, lol sorry for misinterpreting it! I’m a Kate fan too but not those “die hard” fans that would chase her across the island, fly to Hong Kong and attend her concert and buy all her CDs and posters lol! Not so hardcore! 😛

      4. @Ah K
        one thing I want to tell u after reading your long long comment above that Ron hasnt said he considers Kate as a man, on the contrary, he always think Kate is much like a lady (he said it in their latest interview report). I remember the only time, he said he and Kate are “brothers” on the day their dating rumors was “in the oven”, but he noted right after that, that Candy (their manager) told him to say that, “I did not want to say that, Im afraid she would be hurt” =))
        btw, im really enjoying reading that comment of you, haha, Im wondering whether Ron is such a person too …hmm! haha
        Would you mind giving me your Yahoo ID Chat? I want to chat with you/ If you dont want, it’s ok too 😀

      5. @Ah K
        And the difference between Ron and other TVB siu sangs (like Raymond, Bosco)who are a bit familiar with Kate is Raymond, Bosco always says they think of Kate as a guy openly =)) but Ron has not said
        And if Ron and Kate are true (there is a little chance though) but then it will not out of sudden at all because Ron and Kate are just become closer and closer recently (since last December I think)

      6. @Maria:

        Oh yeah, now that you mentioned it, I remember reading the recent interview with Ron Ng and Kate! I think he said that she has become more girly in recent years in that interview heehee! 😛

        Lol, Bosco said that?! Maybe he said that so that Myolie wouldn’t be jealous of their intimate scenes in “Lives of Omission”!

        Haha I can’t believe you actually read my long-winded comment! I would love to chat with you but I don’t have a yahoo account! Will definitely notify you if I ever sign up for it k! 😀

      7. @Ah K: HK is a quite good place for a tour (but not for a life). Go there for a trip is kinda good. However, I dun have any plan to live there. I prefer my current place more. BTW, if have chance, I recommend you to go there for vacation.

      8. BTW, Ah K, if you use MSN, you still can use it to chat with a Yahoo ID.

      9. @Fox:

        Oohs, thanks for the heads up, now I know haha!

        Oops but I can’t give out my MSN address on such a public platform as that address’ linked to my FB account and other personal stuffs lol! Please kindly pardon me @Maria!

        Thank you for the recommendation @Fox! Actually, I have been to Hong Kong for a vacation with my family five years ago. I remember Hong Kong as a cosmopolitan city but I felt that the cost of living there was rather high. In fact, I was rather shocked to learn that their prices, even after converting back to our local currency, could be even more expensive than our prices back at home. Talking about the simplest stuff, a bowl of fishball noodles in Singapore would only cost us around S$2.50 (back then before inflation kicked in) but in HK, I was quite alarmed to learn that it costs us S$3.80.

        And during our visit to Hong Kong, I also had some communication barrier since I haven’t learnt any Cantonese then and thinking that all the staffs of any decent US stores in Hong Kong would understand English, I happily went into “Billabong” but ran out soon after, cause the sales staff was asking me something in Cantonese that I didn’t understand lol plus I was young back then.

        I also noticed how polluted Hong Kong was, how bad the traffic was and how, true to the TVB drama scenes, truck drivers would cursed at you if you didn’t cross the roads properly lol!

        That being said, I do love Hong Kong for it’s food, dim sum is damn. good. there and I remember I left the place with a good impression of their beautiful night scenery and great porridge (I ate the best fish skin and boathouse porridge I have ever eaten in my entire life then, it was unforgettable as the quaint eatery was a hidden gem near my hotel)

        Although, word of caution, don’t ever act smart and try to follow the TVB dramas and go to those “da pai dang zhi char” stalls to eat, they charge dishes at a total ripoff price! Some of them are a tourist trap cause they charge any price they want -_-“

      10. @Ah K: Things changed? Because I’ve just been to Singapore recently and if convert the price from HK$ to S$ then in Singapore, thingy are more expensive.

        😛 I find HK is quite clean. I dun talk of Mongkok but in other places, it’s very clean. Cleaner than a lot of places I visited.

        Keke, I always look for the price before going into a restaurant. Lol, I’m poor and still dreaming of rich handsome guy, lol lol.

  20. At first I’m like oh no….. not another “laughing gor” !! havent they milked his popularity dry by now? Frankly quite sick of it.

    So glad they will be focusing on Bosco & Kate.

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