Kelly Chen Refuses to be a Tiger Mom

With summer coming to an end, Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) has refocused her attention to her two sons and preparing them for the new school year. Despite busily preparing for her concert at the end of the year, Kelly took time out of her busy schedule to pick up Chace and Riley from school.

Kelly said, “I don’t want to miss the chance of being a part of my sons’ growing up. [I will] try to balance both work and family. My family members are the source of my happiness.”

Unlike other celebrity mothers, Kelly will not force her children to attend prestigious schools or multiple extracurricular classes. With a more open-minded parenting style, Kelly and her husband, Alex Lau (劉建浩), focus on providing their two boys with carefree and happy childhoods. While many children are enrolled in extracurricular courses during summer break, Kelly and Alex instead took their children to theme parks and the public library for leisure reading time.

Not wanting to be a Tiger Mom, Kelly said, “I won’t force them to study hard and be at the top of their classes in school. Scoring average is okay. I didn’t have very high grades when I was in school either!” Kelly further added, “They also don’t need to attend a prestigious school. I didn’t graduate from a prestigious school myself. I just want them to know how to speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Their mom doesn’t even know any other languages!”

Serving as the ambassador for environmental protection causes, Kelly continues to promote the cause in her personal life by having Chace and Riley reuse their school uniforms from last year. Entering first grade and preschool respectively, the two boys appeared excited and energetic during their first week of school.

Source: East Week

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