Pregnant Grace Chan Has Mood Swings, Will Continue Acting After Giving Birth

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) made her first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy on Thanksgiving alongside Kelly Chen (陳慧琳 ) at Carolina Herrera’s perfume brand event today. Glowing in a white off-shoulder playsuit with a huge flower hiding her baby bump and four-inch heels, the mother-to-be easily stole the spotlight with her chic appearance. Grace’s pregnancy and mood swings also became the focal point.

Although the 27-year-old seemed both excited and nervous about her pregnancy, she exposed she developed mood swings. “I hope I can spend each day happily,” Grace shared, “so I have to find a way to release stress and make myself happier.”

Hearing this, Kelly chimed in and shared she was often sleepy and took naps frequently while pregnant. Curious, she asked how Grace’s mood fluctuates. To this, Grace replied, “Every day I have highs and lows frequently.”

Will Remember Pregnancy Experience for Future Roles

For example, Grace would be watching a cartoon with husband Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and cry during the emotional scenes. However, Kevin calmly assured her, “It is normal for a pregnant woman to be emotional. You need to remember this feeling as an actress for you will have the opportunity to use it when filming.”

The actress revealed onstage that she still has a lot of characters she wants to play. She added she would continue working after giving birth. However, Kelly couldn’t help but interject, “You won’t want to act, it definitely won’t be possible. You won’t be able to part [with the baby], and you would not want to leave [the baby].”

Although Kelly contributed to the topic of Grace’s pregnancy during the event, Grace didn’t have the chance to ask Kelly for more pointers prior.  The young actress added, “but I’m really happy to meet her for the first time. I shared a joke with her earlier, and I think my husband mentioned it before, but Kevin would accidentally call me Kelly because our Chinese names are just off by one character. When I first met him, I let it go because I don’t mind being Kelly, but the third time he called me Kelly, I said, ‘Um, do you know my name is actually Grace?’”

 Will Give Birth in Hong Kong

When reporters asked if Kevin is treating her like a queen, Grace shared her husband is more careful and considerate now. Though, she added she is not too spoiled to begin with, and would not ask him to fetch her food at weird hours. “I am afraid to – I am afraid I’ll have to return the favor,” she said.

The actress also shared she will accompany her husband abroad for work in December as an excuse to go on a trip if it is safe. Grace said it has been over three months and her pregnancy is stable. However, she kept the news under wraps because she still needed to “cooperate” with the doctor. When asked if she was already pregnant when she got married, she chose not to respond.

Despite wearing an outfit that hides her bump, she shared she is already showing because she is naturally skinny. Although her outfit is on the sexier side, especially paired with the heels, which she only switched into when she arrived at the event, she said, “I’m very sensitive when I go out these days, and people look at my body specifically my waist or [chest].”

When mentioning Ben Wong (黃智賢) exposed Kevin shouted, “It’s so long,” while looking at the ultrasound, Grace already foresaw Ben telling his friends, so it wasn’t a surprise. Although they already know the baby’s gender, they will disclose it later on. The couple has already decided to have the baby in Hong Kong so it will be more convenient for their parents to take care of the baby. They will also let their parents come up with a Chinese name for their baby.

Source: Oncc

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  1. Everybody be like nooooo.

    Please just raise your child away from the media. We could deal without all your news .

  2. Kelly’s face is rounder but still way better looking at that age then the toothpick.

    1. @mike I almost didn’t recognise Kelly and also because the article has written her Chinese name wrong, adding to the confusion…

      Thank you Kelly for interjecting and saying what we are thinking: No.

      No acting after baby, please.

    2. @mike Concur.. without the ton of makeup, Grace is just plain Jane and a super skinny one at that. But I do notice some extra meat on her upper arm. Possibly boosting her meals for a healthy baby.

  3. Why she need to hide the baby bump? If she’s already telling the world that she’s expecting. I really hope she’s going to be a full time mom so we don’t have to see her on screen that much just like the other two Linda and Aimee. Oh boy why would you want to wear such a high high heels? She’s not afraid she’s going to trip over especially the heels are so thin and her pant are so long and the bottom are so big? Kelly Chen still looks good for her age.

  4. I had to laugh at Kevin mansplaining pregnancy to Grace and telling her to harness these emotions for acting. Um, those emotions are enhanced by hormones, how do you get those for acting? I understand that Kevin was trying to be supportive, but men are funny.

  5. Grace appears to be over 5 months pregnant if she already knows the gender of her baby. I suspect they got married because she became pregnant. Grace only told everyone that Kevin proposed back in December to hide the fact that they decided to tie the knot because she got pregnant.
    Don’t understand why those artists can’t be honest and just tell the truth.. as with Ruco and Phoebe. We all those that these two pairs wouldn’t have gotten married if the woman wasn’t pregnant.

    1. @moseenaddict Just like Linda Chung’s case lol. She too spun a story about how she and Jeremy had already registered their marriage before the actual ceremony to hide the fact that the wedding was shotgun. Ruco claimed thar he and Phoebe had planned to get married since beginning of this year and were already scheduled to take their wedding pics in London when she found out that she was expecting. His story clashed with Phoebe’s earlier version that she didnt know that he was going to propose when they went to London to take wedding photos at his suggestion on a whim, purely just for fun, which meant their wedding was not pre-planned as he had claimed. Grace refused to answer if she was pregnant prior to her wedding and dodged questions regarding the expected date of delivery. Kevin also said that he would let Grace answer questions pertaining to the pregnancy in case he said the wrong things lol, obviously have something to hide which might slip out accidentally. Point is, if these people feel shameful to have a shotgun wedding, then by all means please take proper precautions lol.

      1. @passingby I think that is the trend and style now ……. get pregnant first and then marriage. Nothing wrong really as long as they get married before the baby is born.

      2. @orchid123 indeed that seems to be the trend. If they don’t take precautions and then the woman gets pregnant, why do they feel that they have to hide the truth?

      3. @passingby Not sure about Ruco and Phoebe but I believe both Linda and Grace are Christians so it makes sense why they would try to hide it if they truly did get pregnant prior to marriage. Majority of people probably won’t care (I personally don’t) but no doubt there are people out there (maybe even their own friends and family, especially if they are particularly religious) who will condemn them for not living up to the tenants of their faith/religion.

      4. @llwy12 you may be right about the Christian thingy. If that is the case they should have learnt to wipe their mouths clean after “偷吃” (stealing food)lol.

      5. @orchid123 I don’t think it’s wrong if the baby is born before or after the parents get married, or even if there’s no marriage at all. Marriage is just a ceremony humans created. As long as the 2 parents decided to stay and raise the baby together that is what matter. I do get what you meant though; that’s how it was in the past and mostly in the present. Also, society does judge you.

    2. @moseenaddict Gender can be found out very soon in the pregnancy nowadays, even as early as 10-11 weeks (blood test that extracts baby’s DNA from mum’s blood). So can’t really be sure of how far along she is… Has she not motor-mouthed her due date?

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