Kelly Chen: “My Sons’ Smiles are My Motivation”

Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) has always been known for being a strong, independent, and professional artiste. Though she has encountered many obstacles in her career, she was able to face them with a smile and always thought of others before herself. In such a heavy social media era, many celebrities display their everyday moments online. However, Kelly chooses to keep her personal life private and enjoy simple joys with her family.

As a recent guest performer at Sammi Cheng’s (鄭秀文) concert tour, Kelly shared, “I hope I can see everyone at the Hong Kong Coliseum next year, but we are currently working on scheduling. As well, there is a lot of preparation necessary to make the show amazing for my fans.”

Life Doesn’t Always Guarantee a Win

Born with beautiful features, Kelly found stardom early in her career. Aside from a successful career, she now has a fulfilling family and two sons. She shared that life isn’t always a win because there are so many obstacles that built who she is today. “In a time of hardship, I just remind myself that I tried my best and if something is out of my control, I let it go. I want to thank my team, especially my managers, for supporting me through everything.”

Her Sons Have Different Personalities

Aside from work, Kelly dedicates a lot of her time for her two sons. She would take days off to prepare her sons for their exams because she believes that family always comes first. She said, “My oldest son is now 10 years old. Like other parents, I am wondering where the best schooling is, if they are behaving, and if going overseas is a good idea. I believe that children need a strong family support system to overcome their obstacles.” In terms of her two boys, she believes her oldest is very calm, whereas her youngest cannot sit still and is very approachable.

Kelly just wants her two sons to have happy childhoods. She loves listening to her sons for advice and opinions, while maintaining her own views. Her oldest has opinions on how the house should be designed and what colors would be best matched for the interior. Her youngest is also artistic and cares for the environment. Though she doesn’t always agree with her children, they try to compromise.

To Kelly, her children give her the motivation to work harder. When she comes home to their smiles, she feels as if all her struggles at work has gone away. She has learned many stress-relieving strategies including maintaining a proper diet.

Maintaining Her Looks

In order to maintain her looks, Kelly puts a lot of effort into her skincare. During the summer, she always wears sunscreen and goes for a lighter makeup look. Despite her glamorous image, Kelly doesn’t like to spend too much time on makeup on a regular basis. Instead, she focuses on buying bags, but the struggle is changing bags each time. She refers to it as the struggle of happiness.

Source: Elle HK 

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  1. there’s are people with such lucky lives where everything seem to go there way and kelly is certainly one of them. born rich, successful early career, family. her current struggle is finding a new brand name handbag to wear every time and i go out with my reusable bag every time which is free.

    1. @m0m0 Lol. She not only has #firstworldproblem but os also #onepercent-er . She’s very fortunate indeed but at least she has put work and effort into her success. She has the talent and disciplinary, so kudos to her.

  2. Kelly is relatively down to earth, and the rarity of never having had any scandals during the course of her career is amazing. She deserves respect for her work ethic, unlike her wannabee actor brother who quickly disappeared from the entertainment world after a few romantic scandals.

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