Kelly Chen to Perform with Sons in Concert

Since her last solo concert in 2008, Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) will be returning to the stage and perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum in December. The concert is held to commemorate Kelly’s 20th year in the entertainment industry.

Initially scheduling five shows, an additional show has been added due to the sold-out tickets and popular demand. Kelly added that if tickets sell out again, she may consider adding another show.

Kelly’s two sons, six-year-old Chace Lau (劉昇) and three-year-old Riley Lau (劉琛), will be attending her concerts. In addition to their attendance, Kelly expressed that she may consider having her two sons join her on stage. “I want them to come on stage, but I’m worried that they will get throw a sleepy tantrum or get too nervous and cry.”

Kelly is thrilled by the enthusiastic reception towards her upcoming concert. Hoping to deliver a beautiful look onstage, Kelly has been working diligently with her stylists. A large production budget was created for shooting promotional stills and video clips for the concert.

Source: East Week

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