Kelly Chen’s 2-Year-old Son Adjusts to Preschool

Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) went to pick up her younger son, 2-year-old Riley Lau (劉琛), from a preschool assessment class yesterday afternoon in Hung Hom. When Kelly brought Riley out the classroom, he looked shy but calm when he saw the press. Kelly explained that Riley has already been to school a few times and is used to the classroom environment.

When Kelly’s first son, 5-year-old Chace Lau (劉昇), attended preschool for the first time two years ago, he could not stop crying. Kelly said Riley also cried on his first day of school, but he quickly got used to it. Kelly explained that her husband, Alex Lau (劉建浩), is responsible for taking Chace to school while Kelly takes Riley. Kelly laughed and said that the boys have no complaints since they get to see both parents before leaving for school.

Although Riley is still too young to form complete sentences when he talks, he enjoys school. On her son’s favorite word, Kelly said, “Spider-Man. That’s his favorite word to say. He really likes him and is always pretending he’s shooting webs out of his hands.”

Recently, hacked nude photos featuring A-list actresses from Hollywood has taken the Internet by storm. Private nude photographs of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst were stolen from their own iCloud accounts and posted online.

Kelly said, “It’s terrifying. I don’t even trust my own computer at home. Nowadays you can even retrieve photos you once deleted. I wouldn’t share my photos.” She added with a laugh, “I wouldn’t take those kinds of photos anyways.”

As for her everyday lifestyle photos with her family, she said, “I usually put those in a hard disk. I wouldn’t upload those online.” What about the cute photos she would take of her sons when they are bathing? “Good thing they’re boys! It’s hard to avoid! It would be terrifying if those are leaked, but I don’t share them online.”


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