Kelly Chen’s Sons Make Surprise Concert Appearance

Two surprise guests performed with Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) on the fifth night of her Let’s Celebrate! world tour, which commenced on Friday, December 18 in the Hong Kong Coliseum. Her two sons, 6-year-old Chace and 3-year-old Riley, went on stage to perform with their mother.

2015 marks the 20th debut anniversary for Kelly, who has sold 20 million records across Asia since 1995. Kelly semi-retired from the industry after giving birth to sons Chace in 2009 and Riley in 2012; her Let’s Celebrate! world tour is her first concert tour since 2008.

On the fifth night of Let’s Celebrate! in the Hong Kong Coliseum, Kelly brought Chace and Riley to the stage to perform her classic single, “Starry Dream of Love” <星夢情真>, which was also the title of her first Hong Kong Coliseum concert in 1997. Both Chace and Riley swayed to the music, although Riley did look rather shocked to be on stage at first. This is both Chace and Riley’s first official appearance together with their mother.

Fans were excited to see the two little boys, and many noted that 3-year-old Riley seemed to resemble his mother the most. Joey Yung (容祖兒) and her mother were also among the audience, and the Cantopop queen wrote her own fan account of Kelly’s two sons on her Facebook. She said, “Went to support Kelly today, and saw her two super cute special guests! Har Gau (Chace) and Xiaolongbao (Riley)! So heartwarming~~~I’m so envious!”


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  1. Always been a fan of Kelly! Glad her little ones are doing well. Was sad when she lost her twins but was so happy when her next one was delivered with no issue. Wishing her continue success for sure!

  2. Always nice to see celebrities bring their children on stage, especially with their permission and not forcibly by the paparazzi camping out for pictures. Anyway, I did hear a clip of her younger one speaking jibberish. I wonder if he was just nervous and didn’t know what to say or if that’s how he typically speak? Or I could just be thinking too much based on my education/training in the psych field. Either way, wishing Kelly nothing but the best for her family.

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