Kelly Cheung On Working with Bosco Wong: “I Grew Up Watching His Dramas”

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) play a couple in Flying Tiger 2 <飛虎之雷霆極戰>, and although the pair oozes chemistry on and off screen, Flying Tiger was actually their first collaboration together.

The two grew close after spending time together in England, where a portion of the series was filmed. Kelly shared, “I didn’t have many scenes in England, so I spent most of my time just waiting for [Bosco] to get out of work. We’d go out to eat together. I actually grew up watching his dramas,” she added with a laugh.

Bosco said he and Kelly were actually from the same neighborhood in Hong Kong, but Kelly and her family eventually emigrated to the United States. Bosco then said he should’ve recognized her, to which Kelly said, “When you were in high school I was still a baby! How could you recognize me?”

“I really played myself,” said Bosco with a sad face.

In Flying Tiger 2, Kelly plays Bosco’s popular high school classmate. Asking if she was also popular during school, Kelly said, “Not at all. I was really into rock bands and playing video games. I was a tomboy. No guy liked me. It wasn’t until towards the end of high school when I plucked up the courage to ask the popular guy to prom. But instead of dating, we just stayed friends. I’m still friends with him till this day.”

Bosco said, “I was actually really chubby as a kid, so I was definitely not popular. It was my last two years, after joining the swimming team, when I lost the weight. People like to say that those who were fat as a kid would glow up in adulthood.”

“That didn’t apply to me,” said Kelly with a laugh.

Bosco praised Kelly for having an easy-going and friendly personality. “I definitely want to have an easy-going girlfriend. Someone who isn’t too calculating or narrow-minded. Honestly, [Kelly] has a great personality. Gives me a little mixed feel. She is truly a goddess in my eyes. Unfortunately, she already has a boyfriend. I asked her to introduce me to her friends, but she doesn’t have anyone for me!”

“He is very picky,” explained Kelly. “Give me some time.”

Bosco and Kelly share many interests, but there is one barrier. “When I was hospitalized for my leg, Kelly visited me and brought video games. Unfortunately, I don’t play them, so that’s where our interests divulge,” he laughed.

Kelly and her non-celebrity boyfriend, Brunyez, are both avid video game players, and have dated for many years. Brunyez is half Japanese and half English. Asking if marriage is on the way, she admitted, “I used to want to get married in my twenties. I’m thirty now, and I still can’t see myself getting married anytime soon. We’re very happy, and we don’t feel rushed.”

On the other hand, Bosco is feeling the rush. “I’m at the age where people are asking me if I have plans to get married or have kids. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a single household, but I never really had the dream of having a picture-perfect family. My mother also never really cared, so I never really cared.”


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  1. Bosco, to be honest, even if she were single, she said she grew up watching your dramas….I think that’s just her polite (or not) way of saying NO hahaha

  2. The way she said it, I thought it would be a bigger gap. They are only 9 years apart.

    1. @ohmygoshy True, but why did she say he was in high school when she was a baby? Not many 9/10yr old high schoolers. Unless she was just exaggerating.

  3. They’re only 9 years apart and grew up watching his dramas? Oh please!!! She sounds like Aaron Kwok father in-law oh I grew up listening to his music!!!

    1. @cutie777
      it’s true, he was in his 20s when he debutted. she was only 11. so from 11 to 18 is technically still growing. exaggeration would be somebody referring to their 20s as “when they were little” but that’s not the case here.

  4. kelly looks more mature than her age. so it might sound exaggerated look wise but age-wise, bosco is her senior by many years

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